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GANG PARADE Kamiya Saki x Haruna Bad Chiiiin “Not killing individuality, making it GANG PARADE's weapon” [SPECIAL INTERVIEW]


WRITTEN BY Usami Tomoaki VDC editorial department / PHOTOGRAPHY BY Shuujiro

(from left) Kamiya Saki / Haruna Bad Chiiiin


With the concept of “everyone's playground” the 9 members idol group [GANG PARADE]. Passing the [WACK combined audition] held March this year, Haruna Bad Chiiiin who became a new member. Also, the member from GANG PARADE previous unit, walking along with GANG PARADE is Kamiya Saki. This is an interview with the two girls about their impressions of each other, the members growth and group changes during the REBUILD TOUR.


With the concept of “everyone's playground”, Kamiya Saki, Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuuka, Yui Ga Dockson, Haruna Bad Chiiiin and Tsukino Usagi, the 9 members idol group. With the previous unit planime being formed in 2014, and after 2 name changes, they started activities with the current line up on 2018/4/17.


GANG PARADE all members interview publication on [VDC Magazine 010]

The continuation of the interview about their performance, [GANG PARADE oneman live at Zepp Tokyo] blu-ray release on 12/11 and others will be publicized on the free magazine “VDC Magazine 010]


- First, Haruna Bad Chiiiin introduction by Kamiya Saki, please.


Kamiya Saki (under, Kamiya): Haruna is the genius who appeared in GANG PARADE. Even in the opening video of the REBUILD TOUR final live just like she said “A Baby Superman will be born”, it's the first “baby character” in WACK (the girl's agency) (laughs). …… The room with and without Haruna, the group's mood is completely different. Because of Haruna's schedule there are times she can't come to rehearsal but, I think when Haruna is not around GANG PARADE is not completed. The “baby factor” that Haruna has, makes GANG PARADE round in a good way. I think she has the talent of warming the atmosphere. Also, she's my toy (laughs).

Haruna Bad Chiiiin (under, Haruna): My arm is (laughs).


Kamiya: She's the owner of an angel arm. Speaking about performance, the dance no matter what it is, it becomes Haruna Bad Chiiiin, inserting the tight dances so far in GANG PARADE, I believe she broke it in a good way.

- Now Saki-san introduction by Haruna Bad Chiiiin, please.


Haruna: Before I joined GANG PARADE, Saki-san was in a trade with BiS, I thought she was coercive. If she was an animal, it would be like a purple spider. Sometimes they appear in your house don't they? Like they'll appear once in many years.


Kamiya: I never saw one (laughs).


Haruna: A long time ago, a big spider with a purple poisonous color appeared in my house. I thought I would definitely be stabbed, so I went out to buy insecticide. …… somehow, I had this image. But since I joined GANG PARADE half a year has passed, I don't have this image anymore, now the image is of someone who walks their dog everyday in a paddy field in Saitama or something.


Kamiya: I became a human from a spider (laughs).


Haruna: Before I only knew the Saki-chan during lives.


Kamiya: Even now during lives I'm a purple spider? (laughs).

Haruna: Yes. There are songs that fit this image. But now it's a fuzzy and warm impression.

- So from Haruna-san's perspective, what image do you think Saki-san is in charge of within GANG PARADE?


Haruna: GANG PARADE, the appearance is of a lot of yankees, right? Saki-san is the boss. In GANG PARADE everyone shows their yankee side and fight but, everyone gets beaten up. Then someone calls for help and lastly Saki-san appears, and defeats all the enemies, something like that. Being overwhelmed, like “so what?”. Like the last boss.

Kamiya: I see. Well, I'm happy (laughs). It's a unique way to exemplify it but, she spoke so smoothly, is this how it looks like. From a spider I became a human (laughs). I'm happy.


- First she looked scary but, Saki-san has the leader image and is gently, now you have the image of her loving a dog, is that it?


Haruna: That's it. She seems nice with animals. Really, the image of going to a walk fuzzily and calmly.


- Saki-san when first met Haruna-san, what image did you have?


Kamiya: Because I saw the live broadcast of the audition, this impression was strong. At the training camp I thought she stablished herself with a strong characters but, after joining, maybe she was nervous during the first practice, she seemed a more normal girl than I thought. Now it's not like that though (laughs). At first, I thought perhaps she had more common knowledge than expected.


Haruna: I was really nervous. The day I first met all the members, me and Tsukino (new member Tsukino Usagi who joined in April with Haruna) did recordings, so we got late to the rehearsal place. Until we got to the rehearsal, we would talk while walking “what do we do, what do we do”, we went to the practice thinking a lot of things. We were both overly nervous.


- It has been half a year since Haruna-san joined, was there a change to this impression?


Kamiya: While having common knowledge, Haruna has something different from other people, I think it became easier for her to show that. There was a time she said something that startled me, we went to eat together and I asked her for her opinions about the group. Then, Haruna held the same feelings of one of the members and said “But, if Haruna was OO-san I think it would certainly be painful”. There are a lot of times I'm startled by these genuine words of Haruna. Haruna has a foundation of being left unnoticed by other people so she's the one who can recognize the simplest feelings the most, I understood that.


- Haruna-san said Saki-san is gently but, this haven't changed even now?


Haruna: But, there're times she's scary. How should I put it, there are times it feels like she has 3 different personalities.


Kamiya: Ee, that's amazing.


Haruna: I really love observing people, I watch while imagining things. Saki-san, before the live, during the live, during practice, when she's walking, there are about 4 personalities.


Kamiya: How are they different?


Haruna: Today she's in a bad mood or, something good happened or, maybe it's a day she doesn't want to meet people, Saki-san is really easy to understand. I comprehend it a lot.


- This, do you also understand it with other members?


Haruna: Yes. But Saki-san might be the easiest to understand. Like today is this kind of feeling, etc. She's someone easy to understand in that aspect.


- Next I would like to hear about REBUILD TOUR (the 9 venues national tour GANG PARADE went on from July to September 2018, their biggest one man tour so far). The period between the debut live until the tour final on September, I believe the 2 new member grew a lot but, what does Saki-san think looking at Haruna's improvement?


Kamiya: Technical dance and such, of course it really feels like she became able to do it but, more than that she became able to give her best performance during her singing parts. Also she has abnormal big dance moves. This is incredibly funny. For example, there's a part in [BREAKING THE ROAD] refrain we dance in a more rock-ish way but, Haruna dances like her neck is about to snap, this connects to something good. I think this tour built this type of quality in Haruna.


- What does Haruna-san herself think? You said your debut live deserved 64 points.


Haruna: That's right. Quite a failing score.


- How many points was the tour final?


Haruna: That time I didn't have my own evaluation so there was no score. But dancing big, I'm not consciously thinking about it, I realized it by seeing live footage and being told by others. Even in practice, I know there's something different from everyone else but, I'm stretching my arms and legs like everyone else, I'm supposed to be properly doing the movements but, I really feel there's something different.


Kamiya: That is a good thing though (laughs).


- Haruna-san's fresh performance during lives really drew attention. Can we say as GANG PARADE it's ok to show individuality during performances?


Kamiya: It is. If it was the GANG PARADE before I went in a trade to BiS, I think I would really want to fix that. During the trade I realized other qualities other than being uniform, reversely GANG PARADE members too, with new members, I think understood there's not just one way to show GANG PARADE. That' why not killing Haruna's individuality, I believe we turned it into a weapon for GANG PARADE. The good things Haruna has come out involuntarily and that's interesting. There are a lot of times I'm dancing behind Haruna but, there are times I'm like “Do you put your hand dow this much!?” (laughs).


Haruna: Recently, when I was moving my hand and feet moved at the same time, I was surprised myself (laughs).


Kamiya: We also have fun ourselves. During lives, if I see Haruna in the corner of my eye, it's like “What is this movement!” (laughs). But, me and other members have fun, probably the audience has fun too. At GANG PARADE performances I think Haruna is in charge of the amusing factor, so it's a new essence.


Haruna: I wasn't really conscious about it but, I'm happy it seems to be like that.


Kamiya: But one time, when I said this to her she was ashamed and fixed it.


Haruna: Because I was told “It was quite something”, I thought it was bad and tried to moderate it, so I was told “No, do it!”.


Kamiya: It was like “Why didn't you do it today? It's a waste, even though you can do it!”. Since then she's been fully doing it.


- Thank you. I'm looking forward to your increasing activities.


Kamiya . Haruna: Thank you.