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GANG PARADE Can GP Maika x Tsukino Usagi "I want to keep moving forward non stop as 9 of us, the challenge is to keep looking above" [SPECIAL INTERVIEW]


WRITTEN BY Usami Tomoaki VDC editorial department / PHOTOGRAPHY BY Shuujiro

With the concept of “everyone's playground” the 9 members idol group [GANG PARADE]. Passing the [WACK combined audition] held March this year, Tsukino Usagi who became a new member. Also, participating in the [WACK combined audition], looking at new members closely is Can GP Maika. This is an interview with the two girls about their impressions of each other, the members growth and group changes during the REBUILD TOUR.



With the concept of “everyone's playground”, Kamiya Saki, Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuuka, Yui Ga Dockson, Haruna Bad Chiiiin and Tsukino Usagi, the 9 members idol group. With the previous unit planime being formed in 2014, and after 2 name changes, they started activities with the current line up on 2018/4/17.


GANG PARADE all members interview publication on [VDC Magazine 010]

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- First, Tsukino Usagi-san introduction by Can GP Maika-san, please.


Can GP Maika (under, Maika): Tsuki (Tsukino Usagi), while having this very good looking beauty everyone knows just by looking at her, I think it's really amazing how she doesn't neglect the effort. I think that if you have a good face, usually you let yourself be spoiled and gets negligent. But, that didn't happen even once. I was with her since the WACK (the girls agency) combined audition that Tsuki passed. Even among the many candidates, Tsuki would remember the asked dances properly. Her hard working aspect, it hasn't changed since the beginning, she has it even now. Her character seems reliable, her waking is also splendidly tight but, suddenly in a weird timing, she thrusts something with a loud voice (laughs), there's also a part of her that seems to be out. It's a charming feeling.

- Continuing, Maika-san introduction by Tsukino-san, please.


Tsukino Usagi (under, Tsukino): Maika-san, she makes a lot of choreography among GANG PARADE, I constantly think she's supporting us even with her performance. … Also, her face is pretty!

Maika: I don't want to be told that by Tsuki (laughs).


Tsukino: No no no (laughs). That and, she likes unequalled ikemen.


Maika: Yes (laughs).


Tsukino: That's, she likes ikemen recognized by herself and others. But, it's just slightly different from what you call this type of ikemen (laughs).


Maika: That's wrong! Everyone just says that (laughs).


Tsukino: When Maika-san says “that person is ikemen”, there are times they are not ikemen at all. While having the facade of supporting GANG PARADE with her performance, her interior is quite girly.

- GANG PARADE, it's a group with the “cool” image but, within that Maika-san seems to be the most lady like.


Maika: Really? (laughs).


Tsukino: Indeed! I understand. Maika-san's performance is feminine, I think it's charming.


- Tsukino-san, what did you think when you heard Maika-san introduction of yourself?


Tsukino: Reasonably, I think she was right to the point. Specially, I was really happy when she said I'm a hard worker.


- Tsukino-san, if you are given a challenge for example, are you the type to tackle it the same day?


Tsukino: When I don't do things I don't do them at all. I'm the type of person who didn't submit homework (laughs). But, when I really have to do things I'll do it.


- During the audition you entered the side of “I must do it!”, right?


Tsukino: I did. I knew there was dancing examinations. The day after that, there was an e-mail asking to remember the 6 songs, so I thought I had to do it and remembered substantially. Because there was a similar training camp audition last year, I saw all the videos of that time.


Maika: That's admirable. Really.


- What Maika-san think hearing Tsukino-san introduction?


Maika: I thought she pays quite the attention. Because I perform aware of showing femininity, I'm happy.


- Next, I want to hear about the REBUILD TOUR (the 9 venues national tour GANG PARADE went on from July to September 2018, their biggest one man tour so far), from Maika-san perspective, how was Tsukino-san growth during this tour?


Maika: Tsuki, since the audition she was fast at remembering. At the debut live too, because she had a performance anyone would think she surpassed average mark, I thought it would be hard to grow from there. But, during the tour she used a pantyhose (she used a pantyhose in her head every time during the short story of the tour), after passing these things, I felt her way of showing facial expressions changed a lot.


- Tsukino-san herself, how do you think you changed?


Tsukino: As Maika-san said, at the debut live, on the other hand of feeling it was still some way to go, I thought I did the things I could do in my own way, there was the thought of what should I do from now on. Among that, there was the fact I used a pantyhose in my head during this tour (laughs). The aspect I'm supposed to grow, obviously the performance but, I thought that showing facial expressions was just as important, I'm now more conscious about the expressions.


- Until now you didn't had the experience of dancing if front of people, right?


Tsukino: I didn't. That's why I decided to clear the challenges one by one. I want to absorb member's skills too.


- Maika-san, how did you feel the group changes during the REBUILD TOUR?


Maika: At the debut live of the 9 members, we were desperate about showing “showing the 9 of us”. Even so going on tour at 9 places, the time members spent talking increased a lot, talking mutually about our feelings even with trivial things, I felt the bond between the 9 of us was intensified. That also influenced our performance, I believe got closer to the place we're aiming.


- Now I want to talk about the challenges of GANG PARADE, how does Tsukino-san think?


Tsukino: I had the great perception that we were able to finish one REBUILD at the ZEPP TOKYO tour final, when we all talked after the live it was like everyone was feeling the same way. During the MC I said “From now on the 9 of us, I was to keep saying Body & 9 Soul forever!” but, it's exactly like that, I want to keep advancing non stop with the 9 of us, I believe that keeping looking ahead is our challenge.


- That MC was really cool.


Tsukino: Thank you. Actually, I didn't had the OK until before the rehearsal on the same day.


Maika: When we gathered in the morning, because she still didn't had the OK her face was like she was going to die (laughs). But it was good (laughs).


- How about Maika-san?


Maika: After the ZEPP TOKYO live ended, I felt the value that the fans and staff give to GANG PARADE went up a little. But, because there are a lot of times I miss confidence, I'm discussing things with members, having a little more confidence, working hard believing we did everything we could. From now on too, in order this value doesn't decrease, absorbing the aura of popular groups, we'll show that too ourselves, I want to be able to advance even higher.


- When the two of you met for the first time at the training camp. Please tell us your first impression of each other.


Maika: When I first saw Tsuki, I wondered if it was really ok for this girl to be in a WACK audition (laughs). She was cute, could do anything. It was an unusual type at WACK auditions.


- After activities together for over half a year, how is this image?


Maika: The fever hidden inside Tsuki, I always feel it when we're together. Probably, there'll be a lot of things she'll be troubled about but, I want to work hard with her.


- What did Tsukino-san think about Maika-san?


Tsukino: When we first met at the training camp, it was during lunch, Maika-san screamed something (laughs). I thought she got the death sauce but she screamed “Tomato” (laughs). I thought she was really cute then. On the other hand, I had the impression she showed us the difference of status between an amateur and a pro with her aura and performance.


Maika: No, it wasn't such thing (laughs).


- After half a year how is it?


Tsukino: Even now this image won't change. Also, she's reliable like a mother or a big sister but, yet she's such a girl. Looking at Maika-san, I thought “Idols are also girls” the most.


- Thank you. I'm looking forward your activities more and more.


Maika / Tsukino: Thank you.