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WAgg vol.10 Naruha World “I want to become someone who’ll bring something new to GANPARE”

Idol training project Wagg, managed by the same office of BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE and EMPiRE, WACK. Their debut was on 2018/9/9, their main activities in fixed stages and SNS continued and on 2019/3/24~30 for 7 days they participated on WACK training camp audition at Ikijima on Nagasaki (Except Love all 7 participated). Naruha World was the first one to be promoted to GANG PARADE.


During her first interview Nauruha World didn’t say many words. Even though there were things she wanted to say, her words were somehow unclear. Even so, the things she really wanted to say, her strong feelings from the bottom of her heart were conveyed by her straightforward eyes. This girl, in the 7 days training camp audition, became able to be confident and express her feelings honestly. We bring you the precious interview of Wagg’s Naruha who will become GANG PARADE’s Naruha.


Interview and text: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photo: Sotobayashi Kenta


The will to pass the training camp became stronger everyday


- On 2019/1/3 Wagg members declared on stage of WACK koushien their participation on the training camp audition. Honestly speaking, Naruha-san had any doubts whether to participate or not?


Naruha World: At first, because Wagg wasn’t known the feeling that we had to participate in the training camp was strong but, honestly there was a period I had doubts. I asked for advice from my parents, talked to other members but, I thought that if I decided to not go I would regret later. The worst thing would be to question myself “Why did I go?” or “I should’ve gone”, so I decided it was better to participate.


- It was the first time you were surrounded by so many cameras in the niconama live, right? How did it feel to be filmed all the time?


Naruha World: I was conscious about it. Because I was filmed all the time I should not complain. I thought it was scary to have all my daily life seen by everyone.

- Wagg started as some kind of research group, said to have the possibility to be promoted to senior groups but, you didn’t have that sense of reality until the training camp, did you?


Naruha World: Indeed. I didn’t.


- Middle audition when the word “promotion” first appeared there was the realisation “Ah, this is also a fight for promotion” but, when did Naruha-san feelings of being promoted and joining another group became stronger?


Naruha World: Honestly, it wasn’t like that at first. Every day cadets would be eliminated, members would feel down, and among all that I kept remaining there. It was important to spread Wagg’s name but, if I thought about myself I would hate to go home, the will to pass the training camp became stronger every day.


I must change here, I had this feeling


- On the second day of the training camp Marin Ba’s name was called, wasn’t it? Our names can really be called…… Some sort of uneasiness feeling was born, wasn’t it?


Naruha World: At the time of the announcement I was really nervous. I was really afraid my name would be called that day. Anxious and nervous and a lot of things were mixed, I could barely sleep all days.


- After the training camp, what was the most difficult thing?


Naruha World: In the beginning I wasn’t really proactive, at the interview with Watanabe-san I was told I had to come forth myself. I knew that but I couldn’t change my actions, so the times I thought about that everyday were really hard. Wonder that if perhaps from others perspective I changed even if a little.

- On the 4th day of training camp during the dance practice you were suddenly called by Watanabe-san, right? “Don’t have any regrets”. What was your mental state?


Naruha World: That time we had to make the choreography for “WACK is FXXK” from scratch. In my group there were a lot of girls good at dancing and good at singing. Even though everyone was thinking hard about the choreography, only I was desperately trying to follow, I also couldn’t talk about myself properly so it was a situation I was half crying. Because my name was called that time, I thought Watanabe-san was watching me so I started to cry a lot. But, my manager told me “It’s a good thing you were noticed now”, so I started to feel I had to change there.


- You left the gymnasium once and didn’t come back for a while.


Naruha World: I was frustrated, sad, so I cried outside. Once I started crying I couldn’t stop, so I had to forcefully turn the switch and go back.


It turned into the stage I had most confidence until now


- While going through the audition, did you have confidence you would go until the end?


Naruha World: Honestly, I didn’t have any. I couldn’t be filmed by the camera, say anything, I thought I wasn’t standing out. That’s why I couldn’t show my appeal other than during the marathon. Because I lived one week thinking it wouldn't be weird to be eliminated, I couldn’t possibly imagine I would stay until the end but, I was really happy I did.


- During the 3 minutes speech at the niconama appeal on the 6th day of the training camp, you stood in front of the camera thinking about what you would talk about.


Naruha World: Because I couldn’t stand out until then, I thought I should say everything I wanted to. Until the very last minute I thought about what I should do but, what I did during the audition, what I wanted to do from there, I thought I should convey just that. I said I wanted to be promoted to a senior group.

- What were you feeling facing the WACK EXHiBiTiON free event that happened on the last day at Ikijima, the same stage of training camp?


Naruha World: Because the live was right after the training camp ended, I thought I should do it with a confident face. There was also the fact I remained until the end, it turned into the stage I had most confidence until now.


- Wagg so far had fixed stages and SNS submissions as their main activity, there wasn’t any link between songs and the group story but, by going to the stage after the training camp, I believe it turned into a live with story and feelings towards the songs.


Naruha World: I performed remembering the things the seniors taught me and what I thought myself. I did it with the objective to smile all the time at full strength but, when performing at WACK EXHiBiTiON remembering that I was taught those things, it turned out a little different than usual.


I was happy they received me warmly


- At the training camp results after all groups lives ended, the promotion of Naruha-san to GANG PARADE was announced. What were your feelings standing on that stage?


Naruha World: There were 3 Wagg members who remained until the end but, I was really surprised because I didn’t think my name would be possibly called. Furthermore, to GANG PARADE-san. I had the feeling if it would be OK for me to join but, I said I wanted to be promoted so that was my objective. There were happy feelings, and complexity of being the only one called out of the 3. Because the other 2 also said they wanted to be promoted. I thought I should work for the 2 of them as well.


- What image did you have of GANG PARADE?


Naruha World: They are sharp and cool, their presence is incredible, an existence out of reach. When I became the same group as Miki-san during the training camp, she saw me closely, while listening to a lot of stories, she was someone admired and couldn’t reach but, I started to think it would be nice to join GANPARE. That’s why I was really happy. This is the start, not the goal but, I’m really honored to be able to start in GANPARE.

- When I interviewed Miki-san I said that if you think about it she was in Naruha-san’s team a lot of times. Did you feel that?


Naruha World: I did (laughs), 3 or 4 times we were in the same team but, because I like Miki-san I was happy. I was taught a lot of things and was encouraged. When I was anxious she called me a lot of times.


- Is there any deep impression of the exchanges with Miki-san?


Naruha World: Because I’m small, I had to come up with a scheme to show my movements bigger than others. There Miki-san thought with me about what I should do like, moving my hair a lot, during choreographies with hand movements to stretch them like I wanted to grasp something far away. She told me to scream once to raise my voice volume, she was really reliable.  


- When your name was called, what did you talk about with GANG PARADE’s members?


Naruha World: They said a lot of “Congratulations”. I was happy they received me warmly. At first when my name was called, even though I should go to the members, just by hearing my name I entered a state I didn’t know what I should do. Even so they told me “Naruha, let’s work hard”. The fact they accepted me was what made me the happiest.


I want to confidently say “I am GANG PARADE”


- What did Wagg members say to you?


Naruha World: “Congratulations”. Everyone was definitely supposed to have complex feelings. I was happy that even so they said “Congratulations” or “Give your best” or “That’s nice”. I love all those people.


- You said Saayaito-san cried, didn’t you?


Naruha World: She waited for me behind the stage. She hugged me tight and cried with me saying “Congratulations”. When we had just started in Wagg, there was a time only 2 of us were in practice. The only one I could open my heart to was Saayaito. Until then there were times I wondered if it was ok for me to be there but, the one who was with me since the beginning was Saayaito. She was the happiest about my promotion, she hugged me while saying “Give your best”. I was happy but, when I think we’ll be separated, it feels lonely as excepted…… There were also those tears.

- There’s 1 month remaining of Wagg activities. How do you want to pass it?


Naruha World: I want to talk properly with each member. Until now there wasn’t really occasions to talk with each one. I want to make this month a strong one. I want to treasure it. I have a lot of things I want to talk 1 on 1.


- What does Wagg mean to Naruha-san?


Naruha World: There are only people I’ve never met so far. It’s really stimulating. They are people who changed everything about me. Before I joined Wagg, I entrusted everything to others but, here I must do things myself. They asked me “What do you think?”, trying to make me their comrade. I was really happy with that.


- How do you want your last stage with Wagg to be?


Naruha World: I want to make it a live people will think the time I was in Wagg was the best. Maybe make them think it was good I was part of Wagg.


- Your debut live at GANG PARADE will be at Hibiya outdoor one man. The scale is really big. Facing that, what are your feelings?


Naruha World: My heart is beating fast. Because it’s the time I’ll be seen as a GANG PARADE member, I will work hard to properly fit there.


- After Wagg activities Naruha-san achieved growth but, after joining GANG PARADE what self do you want to be?


Naruha World: Level up more than when I was in Wagg, I want to become someone who will bring something new to GANG PARADE, I want asobinin to see me as a GANG PARADE member quickly. There are a lot lacking in dancing and singing so, I’ll experience among seniors and be taught, I want to confidently say “I am GANG PARADE”.