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GANG PARADE Haruna Bad Chiiiin, first interview “I put my life in line and successfully passed”

From 2018/03/12 ~ 18 the agency that manages BiS, BiSH, GANG PARADE and EMPiRE hold a training camp audition. In a harsh environment where everyday someone would be eliminated, marathons every day in the morning,  dance examinations, on the final day 03/18 there was a free event on Osaka Castle’s concert hall where the announcement of the members who passed took place, and so 2 new members joined GANG PARADE.

One of the successful members was Haruna Bad Chiiiin, then known as RisoRiso. During the cooking examination she stood out by arranging and decorating after the theme “Jungle”, on the last day for her PR she sang about her complicated family relations to the melody of the nursery rhyme “Mori no Kuma-san” causing a great impact. Haruna, who until now had only encountered negation from the adults. Facing WACK auditions by putting her life on line, this is the first interview with the girl who successfully passed.

Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Sotobayashi Kenta



- Haruna-san, what kind of childhood did you have?

Haruna Bad Chiiiin (under, Haruna): I hated school, I would dash and run away from class, leave home, I wan’t a proper human being.


- What was there in school that you hated so much?

Haruna: The teacher was gross. Looking wise to but, it was a really annoying teacher so I hated it, I dashed away during class and ran away to my grandma’s house.

- This was around which year?

Haruna: The first time I ran away from school was at my 3rd year of elementary school. The 1st and 2nd year I was like floating around, just carrying my legs to school, I was told the way I held my knapsack was gross, I was bullied. That time I thought “the way I hold my knapsack is gross”, I didn’t feel anything, only later I would realize that was an insult.

- Even so you kept going to school.

Haruna: I went to school but, I was always at the infirmary. During the upper years I would just go straight to the infirmary. I would talk, sleep, eat and go home.

- Did you learn anything?

Haruna: Archives. But it wasn’t fun so I cried.

- That time, what was the most enjoyable thing?

Haruna: Enjoyable thing… Hmm… Going to a flower park during junior high. On my 1st year of junior high I had 2 friends, so the 3 of us went to the flower park. I went to the jet-coaster by myself while the other 2 watched.

- How were those friends like?

Haruna: One had the face like anpanman. The other one had the face like a tanuki.

- (laughs). I really understood the face features but, how was they personality (laughs)?

Haruna: Ah… One of them was really talkative, the other one wouldn’t say a word.

- Why did you become friends with the 2 of them?

Haruna: I wonder… Because they talked to me? So we started talking and our houses were close, we would often play in someone’s house. We also went to a flower park.

- The flower park memory is strong.

Haruna: Is a memory just strong enough to remember.

- (laughs). You entered junior high, was there any change?

Haruna: The junior high life, it was the worst. I was teased by the teacher and stopped attending school. At school I would just be on my phone and when I was caught I was told “You don’t have any merit living” so I got troubled. Also, I joined the wind instrument club but, in the contest if I mistook a note I would be called out by the teacher, “Because of you we didn’t passed the contest”, so I quit the club. From there I stopped going to school and started to become a yankee.

Haruna: I would go to school with my hair blond or red. I would fight over things, there was a time I got really angry. I got into the school at 8pm went to the class and threw desks and stuff out of the window, wrote bad things about the teacher in a letter and sent it, etc (laughs).


- There was no one you could really trust.

Haruna: There wasn’t.

- The 2 friends you talked about earlier, how did it turn out?

Haruna: Since I lost my temper and stopped going to school we didn’t talk anymore. Because I didn’t go to school there was nothing to talk about.


- By the way how was you relation with your family?

Haruna: Lately we’ve been friendly but, until a while ago we weren’t. Because I ran away from home they got angry at me, they got angry when I went to grandpa and grandma’s house. One time I said to grandpa “Give me 80.000 yen”, then I got run into grandpa’s car.


- You said that during the audition (laughs). On the last day you sang about your family relations to the melody of “Mori no Kuma-san”, did your family watch the niconama?

Haruna: Seems like they watched some of it. But my grandpa and relatives don’t know that I joined GANG PARADE. I told grandma because she was supporting me. Because other people in the family didn’t give me OK to become an idol, I didn’t tell them. I didn’t tell I would participate in the auditions, because it’s not a proper household. It has been like that since I was little.



- Why did you think about applying to WACK auditions?

Haruna: At first I was worried wether I could pass, but I thought “I want to!” so I said it to my mother’s older brother and he told me “You can’t pass”. I was offended and that lit up a fire so I applied. I thought I would show him wrong.

- You were denied a lot of things from adults just like that, right?

Haruna: Because I didn’t go back home for about 5 months I wasn’t trusted. I was told they would fill an investigation report, I really didn’t had any contact.

- What did you think during those 5 months?

Haruna: What did I think… There was a lot happening that time. I was bored, I hated it, I thought about that, so I came home and became an idol.

- Did you liked idols?

Haruna: Everyone says “I admired OO” or “I love OO” but I wasn’t like that at all. I didn’t even like being in front of people.


- Among other auditions, why did you decide to apply to WACK?

Haruna: They are people who have influence, even though just a few would be selected among thousand, I thought it would be incredible if I passed it. I didn’t want to do the same thing everyone else around me was doing. In a way, I applied because I thought it was nice they did only weird things.

- When applying, there are a lot of people who doubt until the last minute, you didn’t had any doubts?

Haruna: I thought “If I send it early Watanabe-san will see it” so I send it several days after the announcement. At first the result would come via e-mail but it never came so I thought I failed and gave up but, when I looked at old e-mails I saw the one saying I passed it.


-Did you have confidence to begin with?

Haruna: Zero. That’s why I thought “Really?”. The next phase there was a lot of feedback. Watanabe-san looked at me so I thought “Is he really evaluating me?”. But I got nervous so I kept saying weird things like “I can cook meat and potato stew” (laughs).

Haruna: Because you can finish it without thinking I like cooking. Because my mental goes down easily, I support it with cooking. When I’m cooking I think things like “Let’s cut the carrot this big”, so I can finish without thinking about bad stuff. Everyday around 20h I have a mental break so, even if I don’t want it a trouble period comes.

- After 20h what happens?

Haruna: I start to hate everything. Even in days that everything went fine, I start to feel embarrassed and everything become pointless. Reversely is like Cinderella. I’m like an always negative girl.

- So to ease that down you cook.

Haruna: I even baked cookies at midnight. While crying. During self-introductions, everyone only says things like “I’m ~~, I came from OO, nice to meet you”. But I thought that Watanabe-san wouldn’t look at me unless I said something to stand out, so I said what my ability was. I thought I would fail if I said the same thing as everyone else, I was desperate, I would pass it.

- You wanted to pass?

Haruna: I wanted to pass. I also saw footage of the eliminated candidates. I thought I didn’t want to be in the same situation as them. But, I don’t think really I’m suitable for an idol. I think I chose an occupation I’m definitely not suited for.

- What is not suited?

Haruna: You are extremely evaluated, right? No matter how much you work hard. You will always be told something. Good things and bad things. I can’t help but feel irritated and angry.

- For example, even if someone says a good thing you get irritated?

Haruna: Even if I’m said “You are ~~ so it’s good”, I end up thinking “You know only 1% of me”. You know nothing. Look for more things you can’t see.

- In this meaning, the all the camp was was an evaluation, right?

Haruna: That’s why I couldn’t help but hate it. Why do old men I don’t know keep telling me things?

- Those small details and feelings, you didn’t talk about them with your family?

Haruna: I did say “I want to pass it”. What my mother says usually is right, like she’s a witch. When my mother went to a spirit medium seems like she was told “You have this power”. She can even tell when earthquakes will happen. So I was told by mom “I can see your figure on stage, so I think you will succeed”. She’s a real witch so I believed it. Before the training camp I would go every day to a shrine, write a wishing picture or draw my luck, I wished everyday for the same things like “I want to pass the audition” “Please let me borrow your strength”. I looked up shrines with good luck and went to those. I wrote the same thing in all shrines.

- Haruna-san believes in the supernatural force?

Haruna: I can also see it, spirits and stuff. That’s why I believe it. When I was little, I lived in a worn out house in the middle of the forest but, in the living room there was a white one. In the park playground nearby too, there was one hanging from there. I’m not in danger or get hurt or anything but I can see it. I was told by my mother but, seems like my great grandma’s ghost is haunting behind me. My great grandma, she’s really strong. Aunt is protecting me.


- Before the camp began you were gathered in the port, how did you feel?

Haruna: When I thought I would leave one week with all those people I didn’t know I thought “Impossible!”. The first and second day were really hard. I was told by Watanabe-san “You’ll fail”, I didn’t want to fail. During the camp it was really hard.

- When the eliminated of the first day were announced, how did you feel?

Haruna: Girls from the same age as me failed but, I thought “Wow… You can really fail”. But I kept only visualizing myself on stage, I didn’t even imagined myself going home. When I asked the girls who were eliminated they were like “I want to go home” “I’ll just leave”, everyone gave up. It’s like I was different from those girls, I came to pass by putting my life in line. It was at a level like if it ends I might as well die. When I saw those girls I thought “You came with such feelings”, I thought as long as I don’t give up I’ll pass!. Because I kept thinking it I succeeded.

- You risked on the audition to this point.

Haruna: I really felt like I would die if I failed. I didn’t want to do anything, it was really like I was sick of living.

- Sick of living even so young.

Haruna: There was really a lot of things! When I had my downfall there are only things I decided not to talk about. Because my emotional was really bad, I thought if I failed I would just jump from the port and swim far far away. It would be really bad if I had failed.


- During the auditions, they were the days you worked the most in your life, right?

Haruna: I worked hard. Because there have been things worse than the audition, I remembered those and was able to work hard. By nature I don’t exercise, because I was always around the worst places, I was sad when people passed me during the marathon. But, because I had worse things in the past, compared to that it was really ok.

- Is there any good memory from the training camp?

Haruna: When we built the Jungle. After the training camp ended I talked to Ayuna-C but, if we hadn’t made the Jungle we wouldn’t be here right now. To make the Jungle wasn’t a bad choice.

- Why did the Jungle was born there?

Haruna: When the both of us talked, the “Let’s make a jungle!” idea came, Ayuna-C agreed. Ayuna-C said “Let’s make a cute jungle” so we bought socks and pompom and made a jungle. The result was really cute. We only built the jungle because of Ayuna-C. If I was alone it wouldn’t have been fun. Because Ayuna-C built it with me.

- How did you feel when you came in contact with active members of BiSH, BiS and GANG PARADE?

Haruna: I thought they were pro. Really. Specially Maika-san (Can GP Maika), she’s so kind she’s fighting for 1st 2nd place of nicest people in mankind. I was surprised by that. I thought wow there’s really someone this nice about everything.

- Did you decide earlier that during the last PR you would sing “Mori no Kuma-san”?

Haruna: I didn’t decide anything. I thought I should do something. I thought I should sing. I thought everyone would do some performance, but I was the only one who sang. First of all I had the jungle, so I thought I should pledge to the jungle. I think it came to me because I was cornered.


- On the last day, you went to Osaka, and got on a stage in front of 3000 people.

Haruna: There was a lot of people I was surprised. But I thought I couldn’t trust anyone (laughs). I can’t trust people who comment “wwwww” on niconama.

- After the camp what kind of person was Junnosuke-san?

Haruna: I thought he liked to pretend he’s a psychopath. Even though he is a good person with great kindness, I thought he liked to have fun in that way. What he thinks is weird but, he’s kind, and he can openly express his feelings. I respect him.

- What did you think when it was announced you would join GANPARE?

Haruna: Because I didn’t think I would be called, I was surprised. My life actually changed. I felt a new possibility. I can’t sing or dance, I’m not naturally positive but they let me join, I thought “I wonder what Watanabe-san is expecting from me?”. Certainly, feels like Watanabe-san is thinking a lot of things.

- You also thought about the meaning of you joining GANPARE.

Haruna: I did. Maybe they want me to become an explosive person. Because during the camp I was always in the lower ranks, they are expecting an explosion from there.

- What’s GANPARE’s image?

Haruna: They are always chattering. But, there a lot of meaning in that, it’s a group with a lot of history.

- Haruna-san, what do you want to do after joining GANPARE?

Haruna: Because there a lot of people with high expectations about GANG PARADE with me and Tsukino Usagi-chan, we talked about how would be nice if our admission had a meaning. Because we were trough the same things, I can talk to Usagi-chan about the hard things during the training camp. I don’t want to end just by joining it.

- As Haruna Ba Chiin, what do you want to do?

Haruna: The thing I want to try is to have a cake shop. It’s ok if it’s after I’m old but, as GANG PARADE I want to stand in a big stage. It will certainly be difficult but, I think I should give my best.