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[Close report] We went to GiriGiri Girls at 8AM to see the filming of Yui Ga Dockson’s MV

Suddenly, this article starts with a dazzling image.

The person in the middle in the JK uniform, she’s the protagonist of this article, GANG PARADE member Yui Ga Dockson.

Explaining to people who aren’t familiar with, GANG PARADE is an idol group formed in 2014 with 9 members currently. They are recognized by their member union strength and dance performance.

Their history, they started as the 2 member unit Planime with former BiS member Kamiya Saki and after withdrawals and admissions, the group passed by two name changes, POP and GANG PARADE. The current members are Kamiya Saki, Yumeno Yua, Yamamachi Miki, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco, Yui Ga Dockson, Terashima Yuuka, Tsukino Usagi, Haruna Ba Chiin.

Their newest single “GANG 2” got 1st place on Oricon’s daily ranking, they are on a roll. People who haven’t seen the MV yet should do it.

From GANG PARADE Yui Ga Dockson will release her single debut “Like a virgin” on 6/12. Before that she’ll also perform a solo live on 6/10 at TSUTAYA O-WEST, tickets were SOLD OUT in the blink of an eye.

But in the first place, why is Yui Ga Dockson having a solo debut?

The office responsible for the groups GANG PARADE, BiSH, BiS and EMPiRE, “WACK”, hold an election with all it’s artists. There somehow like a booby prize, Dockson won a solo debut from WACK’s indie label “WcDONALD records”.

Dockson is exactly what you would call a lucky girl. The artist photo and song were revealed, creating a great repercussion. With a peculiar photo with a close resemblance to the extremely popular style “ganguro” from late 1990’s to 2000’s, and the song is an eurobeat melody with what is called parapara.

Lately, the new eurobeat song from DA PUMP “U.S.A” MV had over 5 milion views (as 2018/6/11), even in clubs eurobeat is coming, and suddenly rising. Surely also riding in this period wave is Yui Ga Dockson.


- Good job today on the filming! The song is quite intense, how did you think the theme of the video?

Honma Kazuki: It’s like I was already captured by the tune. Because it has a trance feeling and it’s parapara, there was nothing else but KuroGal!. I’ve been a fan of Black Diamond, I often see their videos, I thought I had to go with that.

- Why did you chose the place GiraGira Girls as the location?

Honma Kazuki: I searched for a lot of places with a club vibe but, among those this was the strongest one. To show Yui Ga Dockson, felt like there was nowhere else but here.

- How was to actually film?

Honma Kazuki: My head was dizzy from all the informations (laughs). The place by itself is incredible, the performers themselves are also incredible, that is wrong and what is good…. Often when you shot an idol MV, the standard is to use white illumination in order to show their skin in a pretty way but, this time it was black. The evaluation criteria for that was really hard.

- Honma-san also shot the MV for “QUEEN OF POP” from POP era but, your view of the world is quite unique.

Honma Kazuki: It is. This time when I was asked I was told “There’s no one else but Honma-san to this song”, part of me was happy, but there were also complicated feelings (laughs). Well, it couldn’t be helped. I’m really grateful it was said that Honma=Flashy. Honestly, (something I film) there are few pretty things. Because we filmed nicely, I will work hard on editing now!

- The number of informations will increase…

Honma Kazuki: Yes. Because I don’t normally like shooting on-the-spot. Here I’ll add one thing or another like CG, I’ll increase foolishness by 300%, I will give my best towards a somehow unknown feeling, in order to show it to the public!




- After the MV shooting, how was it?

Yui Ga Dockon (under, Dockson): There’s only the presentment that something really great will be created, it’s been a while since I was this thrilled.

- How long has it been?

Dockson: It has been since I found out about BiS audition. It feels like the era is changing.

- You are not from the parapara era, right?

Dockson: I know about it. Because I always admired and liked Gals, I’m really happy I was turned into a real Gal. I’m, happy.

- What are your impressions after actually getting in contact with Gals?

Dockson: They are nice! They are nice and funny. Everyone, it feels like they are Coco (Partin Coco). It feels like there are a lot of Coco’s, it’s was really fun.

- How are you facing your solo debut?

Dockson: I want to attend Music Station with this song together with GANPARE (GANG PARADE’s abbreviation). Also, I think I want to create a new generation with this song, so after the bubble it’ll be Gal! Now, everyone who liked something ended after you learned about and got interested. Because this is starting to begin don’t be late. Get on it and let’s build this era!



It was a constantly busy MV shooting. During the dance parts Dockson and BLACK DIAMOND would become serious, filming while checking and discussing their positions and expressions with director Honma. After the shooting, looking at the finished music video of “Like a virgin” after the abnormal CG and editing of Honma director, I want you to change era! It was a filming of a pro who deeply wanted that.

The time when we left GiraGira Girls was 15h. The sun was bright, it was a weird experience like we were brought back to reality from a different place.


Interview and editing: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada