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GANG PARADE Exactly because the 9 with strong personalities sing “unlike” songs “CAN'T STOP” qualities come forth

Members: Kamiya Saki, Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuuka, Yui Ga Dockson, Tsukino Usagi, Haruna Ba Chiin
Interview: Miyazaki Hiroki


The 9 members gang idol group GANG PARADE with the concept of “everyone's playground”, will release their 2nd single with the new lineup titled “CAN'T STOP”. Until now the girls that sang a lot about themselves talk about the leading track that is “a song towards the whole world that will make you feel kindness”, the original coupling song that will make you have fun every day, furthermore the memories of Summer Festivals and their thoughts about the tour final in Zepp Tokyo, we hear it all from all the members. What is “Baby Superman” that one member discovered about during the interview?


- I would like to look back to your activities since your last appearance in Skream!, the most recent was TIF (“TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL”) on 8/4. The setlist was “Plastic 2 Mercy” 5 times in a row like the established WACK practice and then “BiSBiS” (*cover of BiS song). Especially “BiSBiS” I believe there were members with special memories of it but, could you talk about how you faced it, what were your thoughts on the stage?


Saki: There was the fact I was from BiS before, last year I was in BiS for 1 year because of the trade (from 2017/4 to 2018/3 Kamiya and Aya Eight Prince from BiS went on a rental trade, Kamiya to BiS, Aya had activities as GANG PARADE member), so the part I wasn't together with GANPARE (GANG PARADE) members, the part I have to cover from now on, the “feelings that are connected even without words” that everyone must feel, there were parts I thought that are important from now on. With this timing being able to sing “BiSBiS”, I think there was a moment in the live I was able to connect with the members. With the audience as well but, personally I sang “BiSBiS” with a really good feeling, I felt I could to take back the 1 year I wasn't here. I could really feel the 9 of us coming together, because even singing “BiSBiS” I forgot about myself in BiS and sang as GANG PARADE, so I was really happy about that, I thought it was good I could sing with these members.


Coco: Until now there wasn't really collaboration songs, this time in the big stage that's 'TIF” all of WACK could perform, I think we were able to show something that wasn't just a cover. The members who failed BiS audition (Coco, Yuuka, Dockson), we had in our audition curriculum to make the choreograph to “BiSBiS”, we were supposed to maybe have a chance to sing it, because we went that far…… It was deeply moving we got to sing it officially after joining WACK, to sing with Saki-chan and the current members in an original formation and line division, we were able to receive this opportunity because we worked hard for 2 years after failing. I thought about a lot of things while singing, such as dreams exist.


Dockson: Something I was surprised about like “Aa~!” was the fact that the world view and understanding of the lyrics were more fitting now than when I aspired to sing “BiSBiS”, I entered the song. It was really like “I know~”. I thought “we came so far as GANG PARADE but we could feel close to “BiSBiS” lyrics”. That was strange. Like it came so fast, I simply was surprised that a future where I could sing it would come, I was happy, it was fun.


Tsukino: Among the 6 songs of the training audition (*WACK training camp audition that happened on 2018/3) set there was “BiSBiS” but, to me a song that makes me remember of the training camp is “BiSBiS”. We were able to perform at “HOT STAGE” at “TIF” but, I was really happy I could dance to a song that brings memories in the same debut stage of Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) that also brings me memories, it was the most fun live so far.


- I mentioned this before but, performing “Plastic 2 Mercy” 5 times in a row became an established practiced of WACK in “TIF” but, does everyone have different feelings towards this setlist compared to the regular lives?


Saki: We forget we'll perform it 5 times so since the first we're feeling like “let's die”, we don't confirm with everyone but we faced it after talking like “that's it”, “we'll die, right?”. But there's nothing really special ab out it, right?


Yua: Yes. The image of continuing finishing with one “P2M” (“Plastic 2 Mercy”) song, finishing with one “P2M”.


- Physically seemed like you were exhausted.


Dockson: That is really scary (laughs). The feeling of overcoming the fear before it started was really important.


Saki: Everyone's arm hurt even now.


Dockon: It hurts, it hurts.


Yuuka: I can't raise my arm…….


- Haruna-san felt unsteady in the second half, right?


Coco: I saw footages of Haruna but it was really something (laughs).


Haruna: I thought I was going to die.


Yua: But you got more physical strength than before.


Dockson: Haruna worked hard because her mother came to see.


- That's right, what did you mother said?


Haruna: I was told a lot of things by my mother when I debuted but……


Everyone: A lot (laughs).


- What were you told?


Haruna: I was told on LINE something like “it's from now on” but, this time for the first time she sent a LINE like “you worked hard, I was really moved”, I thought she became able to feel like that.


Coco: Nice story.


Saki: You worked hard.


- What does everyone else think looking at Haruna-san?


Tsukino: Haruna's influence is really cool. We too got exhausted by the 4th (“Plastic 2 Mercy”) time but, with Haruna's influence I thought “I have to do it”.


Saki: It's like “It's still not enough~!”. Her expression was cool.


Haruna: That's is. It was good I could do it.


Saki: The audience too said “Ooo~!”.


- I believe it was a nice influence. In “TIF” there was also SAiNT SEX (unit formed by Saki, Yua, Miki, Aina the End and Ayuni-D from BiSH, Go Zeela and Aya Eight Prince from BiS) and HOLY SHiTS (unit formed by Maika, Cent Chihiro Chitti from BiSH, Peri Ubu, Muropanako and Toriaez Hana from BiS and MAHO EMPiRE from EMPiRE) performances.


Saki: Regarding lives it's 3rd or 4th time for SAiNT SEX but, now it's like we' finally feel like a group, crossing the hedges of the groups we don't know if there will be a next time or not…… We did disband once, so I didn't think we would perform again.


Yua: It was a miracle comeback.


Saki: Just when we're finally formed it ended, after the live too, right?


Yua: We felt reluctant about the farewell.


Miki: We finally became like a group but, it turned out like “will we be able to do it one more time?”.


- Maika-san participated in HOLY SHiTS.


Maika: This time it was the debut but, in the same day we performed live, had a special meeting, it was busy. Compared to SAiNT SEX, HOLY SHiTS has a lot of new members, plus it was the first time members from so many groups were put together…… Depending on the group a lot of the ways are different, the space between people on stage for example is different. There was that, I thought it was incredible to be in the group for so many years. In GANPARE the feeling on stage goes smoothly without saying but, there wasn't that.


Coco: Cool. GANPARE is cool.


Tsukino: Self praise (laughs).


Maika: I seriously thought it was great to be in a permanent group. But it was fun. I received a lot of motivations from other groups, so I want to do it one more time.


- There was also the solo performance of Dockson-san.


Dockson: I also thought that after the end of release events I wouldn't have another chance to do it. It was a miracle comeback.


Coco: Nevertheless you were alone in a crowded Zepp DiverCity (laughs).


Dockson: This time in a big stage, moreover the WACK special stage. I thought there were probably a lot of people looking forward to SAiNT SEX, HOLY SHiTS, Aina-chan (Aina the End) and Matsukuma-san. Among that how cold I make them have fun. Thinking about how I could get the audience excitement for the next stage to detour a little to my own, I thought about the flower trick.


- Flower.


Dockson: That's it. Because it was a special stage, I prepared a special ilusion.


- People were talking about it.


Dockson: Is that so? I'm glad.


Miki: That day it was the climax (laughs).


Yua: That time I laughed the most.


Dockson: That flower I bought at Amazon but, it's was smaller than what I thought from the pictures…..


Everyone: (laughs)


Saki: That was good.


Coco: That surrealism was good.


Dockson: Watching TV I imagined a huge stick would come out but, I was surprised at the mini-size of rising like a flowerpot.


- Reversely that was good.


Dockson: That itself, well if it was fun then it's ok.


- Other members watched from the second floor.


Yuuka: I exploded with laughter.


Dockson: Everyone watched it, seems like Muropanako from BiS enjoyed it so I was happy. Everyone said it was fun.


Coco: It's amazing to be able to cause such excitement in that situation. Before when she performed her solo live (“Like a virgin” like was held at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST on 2018/6/12) there were back dancers but, this time I wondered if it would be ok alone….. As expected.


- Did you train it solo?


Dockson: I trained the muscles of my entertainment brain. I want to value the sensation of thinking on how others can enjoy.


- Now I would like to talk about the new single. The leading track “CAN'T STOP” is an unusual song to GANG PARADE's singles, it's a fresh and calm song. With the title of “CAN'T STOP”, before listening to it I imagined it would be an intense song, so in a good meaning I had my expectations betrayed.


Yuuka: Me too listening to the title “CAN'T STOP”, I was surprised it was a different melody from what I thought it would be. We sang a lot about ourselves so far but, this time while being it about us, it's a song towards the whole world that will make you feel kindness. The gratitude towards the people close to us, it's a song that makes you feel those things.


- How about Miki-san?


Miki: When I heard it for the first time, I thought it was a song that cleansed my soul. Along with that the lyrics were also like “you're not alone, let's go with everyone”, exemplifying in shapes it would be a round, soft song. Like you said, I think it's an unlike song to GANPRE but, exactly because the 9 with strong personalities sing “unlike” songs “CAN'T STOP” qualities come forth. Singing it normally it feels good, this time too mainly Saki-chan choreographed it but, everyone does it together, it's a choreograph that if the audience imitates us I believe it will definitely be a wonderful scene, specially in the chorus I would like the audience to do the choreograph.


Yua: I want to do it soon.


- How did Saki-san thought about the choreograph this time?


Saki: I started to work on it after hearing from everyone what were their images (regarding the song) but, like Yuyu (Yuuka) said before, not about ourselves, like feeling the audience, the topic of “a song that makes you feel everyone more than ever” appeared for the first time. Kindness, youth, a lot of keywords came out, so I thought it would be nice to make that the main, I choreographed it having this as the base. GANG PARADE has a lot of songs with dancing melodies or with a lot of counts but, this time we choreographed it while singing it without making counts, so it was like watching a drama, like the daily life, you can enjoy seeing the members being playful. Even doing the movements together, you can feel the stage even closer, I think it's a nice choreograph.


- This time the lyrics just as you said have parts that feel are towards people. “Everyone's different, everyone's fine” it's a verse that make you tear up. More than getting excited you listen to it carefully and dances with everyone, is that the image?


Saki: It's not the image of waving your hand but, I think if you see it you'll become cheerful. It's like if it's in festivals for example during the sunset whether or not you're exhausted you can sway like “Aa…..”.


Dockson: At the places everyone get's excited it's like “Waa~” getting excited smiling, then when song ends and before you notice there's a tear…… like that.


Everyone: (laughs)


Maika: Yesterday when I saw us dancing in rehearsal, it was too good that tears fell.


Saki: Suddenly it was like “it's good……. (tears)” (laughs).


Maika: I sincerely thought “that's nice”. When I imagined performing this song in a big stage or festival the tears ended up falling. It's this much of a good song so I want everyone to anticipate it.


- Do you think you'll cry even in lives?


Saki: If she sees the floor she'll probably cry.


Maika: I'll cry. Really. Yes.


- Other than the choreograph, how is the singing part?


Saki: The feeling of the recording was different from so far.


Coco: Yeah, it was difficult.


Saki: The guidance to sing it was of singing it like a flat level. We put feelings into it but, because ti was like not putting too much feelings nor getting too excited, until now there were a lot of chorus that felt like going “WA~!”, I want to sing it with caution while thinking “how should I express it”.


Coco: The tension was difficult, I was told to sing at “82%”. The order to sing putting 80% of feeling into it was difficult but…… But, it came out nicely.


- It might be a difficult question but, being set at 80% how were the emotions of the remaining parts?


Coco: The remaining 20%? Hmm….. I think that giving 120% when we're told 100% is one of our specialities but, we have to do other expressions. Every time when new songs increase we are told “a song unlike GANPARE” but, “CAN'T STOP” is a song inexistent so far, in order to show a new adult face I held down at 80%…… That's why the remaining are the 20% of “adult composure”.


- Thank you. Next I would like to hear about “RATE SHOW” but, the title “RATE SHOW” has a different spelling from the night sessions at the movies called “LATE SHOW”. “Rate” means “Ratio” and it's the “Rate” with this kind of meaning.


Coco: Eh, I didn't know……. (laughs).


Dockson: Eh? Wait! Rate?


Miki: Wasn't it different ever since the lyrics?


Yuuka: I thought “it's on purpose”. It turned out the not “late” one.


Dockson: “Rate” like “Exchange rate”?


- That's right.


Dockson: Ah! Is that so! Hee…


Miki: I thought you noticed.


Coco: I didn't noticed it!


Miki: Why are you angry (laughs).


Maika: ……. Even with the explanation now I don't quite understand.


Everyone: (laughs).


- It's Yua-san's lyrics, with what meaning did it become this title?


Coco: Saay it.


Dockson: What meaning is there?


Yua: It was a jointed work with Matsukuma-san but, what I wrote in the lyrics he brought to the title.


- So, the reason to change to the “R” of “RATE” was discussed with Matsukuma-san?


Yua: I thought I just didn't want to say night.


Coco: Ah, is that it.


Yua: I didn't think it would interfere that much (laughs). I wanted to write the dreams and nowadays, because I made the chorus the nowadays, and A-melody and B-melody to feel like dream, I thought it's not just night. But because what I wanted to say was late I searched “late” and both “R” and “L” appeared, so I thought going with “R”.


- I see. This “RATE SHOW” it's has a unique musical feeling to it, it's an interesting song following the recent coupling songs “toro ikura uni tabetai” (from BREAKING THE ROAD single released 2018/2) and “Lai le” (from GANG 2 single released 2018/5).


Coco: It's GANPARE like.


Saki: It came faster than the leading song. It seems like Matsukuma-san sent it himself, I'm really happy it seems there's a theory that Matsukuma-san really looks forwards GANG PARADE's coupling songs (laughs).


Coco: Seems like the image of the next song is already decided.


- I was surprised, Matsukuma-san can compose such a song.


Saki: It's amazing, isn't it?


Dockson: The variety is incredible.


- Melody wise is a song completely unseen so far that I'm excited for asobinin (term for GANG PARADE fans) reactions, is there any way you would like them to listen to it during lives?


Coco: Asobinin were trained with “toro ikura uni tabetai” and “Lai le”, so I think they'll accept “RATE SHOW”.


Dockson: I think they should enjoy it the same as ever. Because there's a musical feeling it's ok to dance, it's ok to watch, it's ok to sing, it's a song perfect for “playground”.


Saki: “CAN'T STOP” is a song that has the “one feeling” like “everyone”, I think that opposite to it “RATE SHOW” is a unique song that shows everyone's personality and chattering “playground” even more obviously. It would be nice to enjoy the both poles that are “CAN'T STOP” and “RATE SHOW”.


- Singing manner too, there's the uniqueness of turning into serifs some times. Because it's a singing you don't do normally I believe there were aspects you weren't used to but, was the recording difficult?


Miki: It was incredibly fun.


Yua: Not worrying about the tempo singing as you wish, it felt like we could sing like we wanted, we each sang like serifs.


Saki: Just only Tsukino……


Miki: Tsuki's (Tsukino) singing was completely decided (laughs).


Saki: Like the “hann hann” in “Lai le” (laughs).


Coco: The singing that has some “nn” to it.


Tsukino: That's it, during the recording Matsukuma-san told me “sing like in “Lai le””, I desperately tried to remember and sing it. Listening to the final result the peculiarity was stronger than I imagined (laughs).


Miki: Matsukuma-san, when Tsuki was recording he kept saying “cute…… cute…...”, it was really fun (laughs).


Tsukino: Including that I was also able to sing freely, I would be happy if you listened paying attention to it.


- Even not paying attention to it we can hear it (laughs). That singing isn't natural, you are aware of it?


Tsukino: I completely remembered “Lai le” and sang it.


- Even in lives it would be that way of singing, right?


Tsukino: Yes, I will give my best.


- Then, the part in this song that starts with “Welcome Ladies and gentlemen.” is specially outstanding, there…..


Dockson: That's me. Because it was a free song I was also able to become a lot of things. I thought “for the first sining style I could do it like an old man”.


- Did you have a specific character you imagined?


Dockson: Holding a cigarette, he doesn't have some hair, he's properly wearing a party suit……..


Saki: Like a tris high ball old man?


Dockson: No, it's different.


Everyone: (laughs)


Dockson: Like the chairman of a casino or magic show……


Yuuka: Like the one in “Greatest Showman”?


Dockson: Don't know that.


Everyone: (laughs)


Dockson: Like the chairman of a small exhibition, I created in my mind the slightly malicious chairman of a circus.


- This part too you'll put in practice during the live.


Dockson: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.


Yua: I laugh every time.


Dockson: After that I thought we could say “Let's Go!!” in a much more good feeling so I was conscious. In a feeling like the party is gonna start.


- In the lyrics there are phrases that elude to GANG PARADE like “playground” or “Currently dashing trough life”, in a certain meaning it felt like somehow the theme song for the current GANG PARADE. The songs were written by Yua-san but, what was your image, your feelings writing it?


Yua: Phrases like “Playground” and “Currently dashing through life” were written by Matsukuma-san in the temporary stage, those temporary words themselves were the lyrics written with Matsukuma-san image of GANG PARADE. I got into the song so those were words I wanted to leave there, leaving that I wrote connecting with words that have my own image of “night” and “nowadays”.


- What does everyone think about Yua-san's lyrics?


Dockson: Wonderful. Everyone also wrote lyrics for this song. I also had confidence I thought “it'll definitely be mine” but, when I saw Yuapipi's (Yua) lyrics I thought “this is completely splendid”, it was a great lyric.


Yua: Thank you.


Yuuka: I thought “Google dependance” was amazing. Like “can you think of such lyrics?”….. You can't, right? Ah… it's incredible.


Everyone: (laughs)


Dockson: It pierced my heart. Like the nowadays part was telling me things. I too will immediately Google (research).



Getting rich quickly in Dubai, let's go with that!


- By the way, in the past 2nd Skream! Interview (Special GANG PARADE number Skream! Magazine the 2018/2 issue publicized on 2018/6) Coco-san said remarks on “toro ikura uni­ tabetai” “I want to hit in America”, on “Lai le” that “I want it to spread on China”, what ambitions do you have for this song?


Coco: At first I had an ethnic image. America and China, next I thought it would be Arabia or India but, because it resembled the intro BGM song of the multi-millionaire app I use when I opened it, the image of casino or dangers of the night became stronger. Speaking of a hidden ambition it's not getting rich quickly but, I thought it had this flaming feeling, That's why “toro ikura uni tabetai” was America, “Lai le” was China, then going back to America again to Las Vegas.


Everyone: (laughs)


Coco: It's ok if it's Macao too, or Dubai.


- It fits the Dubai image.


Coco: Dubai is good, let's get rich quickly in Dubai, let's go with that!


Everyone: (applauses)


- Then, once again what is your impressions of this piece after it's finished?

Maika: Because both songs were inexistent to GANPARE so far, you can see again another aspect of the new members, I think it's a piece you can feel their growth.


- Thank you. Now, you're in the middle of “GANG PARADE “REBUILD TOUR””, there's the final at Zepp Tokyo on 9/20, please let us hear the feedback from the tour and thought on the final.


Haruna: Thoughts for the tour. It's “From Summer's baby to Autumn's lady”…….


Coco: Extremely personal (laughs).


Haruna: The aspect of evolving is big. Now I'm in GANG PARADE as a baby.


Everyone: (laughs)


Haruna: I want to change, I want to graduate from baby and become like an adult.


- I think it's ok if you are like a baby.


Haruna: I want the audience to see me in a different way.


- Is there an image you are aiming for?


Haruna: While remaining myself I want to take out the baby part.


- What's the baby part?


Haruna: Somehow I'm seen as a baby. I don't understand it myself, when I'm seeing videos indeed it's small and round…… rolling softly.


Coco: Small and round (laughs).


Haruna: This aspect I want to remove, personally.


Saki: It's cute.


Dockson: It's ok to be a baby, forever.


Tsukino: The strong will to grow is important.


- Instead there's the path of growing while leaving the baby aspect.


Coco: Growing up while being a baby is so opposite I think it's an amazing thing.


Miki: It's the strongest, you'll have both.


Haruna: Baby……. Superman.


Everyone: (laughs)


Haruna: I'll go with that!


- You want people to focus on you becoming a “Baby Superman”.


Haruna: That's it, personally.


Dockson: Is baby ok? If you are super.


Haruna: Yes.


Dockson: You said “No no” when you were told baby.


Haruna: It's important to accept.


Coco: There are a lot of people in WACK but, there're no babies.


Haruna: Indeed. I'll build the “Baby Superman” frame.


Coco: “Baby Superman” is nice. I'm really jealous.


Haruna: That's good, I found it. I can see the direction.


Dockson: Can people see that at Zepp Tokyo?


Haruna: Yes, at Zepp Tokyo.


Coco: Now it's a baby, you are currently becoming the “Baby Superman”.


Haruna: I definitely want people to come see the “Baby Superman”.


Miki: People will really want to go see that (laughs).


- Aside from “Baby Superman” how's the tour to the group?


Saki: Because it's turning out nicely slowly, if we can think about properly making each and every stage a good one without any pride, I see hope in making this a good tour. Continuing to value each and every stage and sharing member's feelings I think it'll become a good final.


Coco: The final is a bigger stage than “GANG 2” at Zepp DiverCity (one man live that happened on 2018/4/17).


Dockson: I want to fill it.


Coco: During Zepp DiverCity we were cornered, of course we were desperate to show that this was the start of current GANPARE, to succeed, now we came to the place we can think about “wanting a lot of people to see”, “filling the venue”.


- Now lastly, please leave a message to the asobinin as well the readers of Skream!.


Dockson: Readers of Skream!, asobinin, everyone who haven't seen GANG PARADE yet, at any rate come 9/20. Just 9/20, more than work, going out plans, more than school…. It's no good to skip school. I think it's not good to miss school but, more than anything I want everyone to give preference and come see us at Zepp Tokyo. At Zepp Tokyo the Super Baby…….


Saki: “Baby Superman”.


Dockson: “Baby Superman”! Sorry Haruna. “Baby Superman”, the beyond of Tsukino's pantyhose (performance of putting it in her head), passing that I believe we can show you the current shape of GANG PARADE, please definitely come to GANG PARADE's Spectacular Show, the one man final of “GANG PARADE “REBUILD TOUR”” at Zepp Tokyo! Look forward to it!





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