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[Series compilation]GANG PARADE Vol.6 Yumeno Yua “There’s no meaning if we don’t make a live that people think is the best so far”

GANG PARADE, 7 members group from from WACK, same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 2017/5 an indefinite trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince happened; they released their first album with the new formation with Aya and had an overcrowded huge success live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. Since 2018/2 they are on a tour of 8 cities; on 2/20 the last single with these 7, including Aya, will be released; on 2/23 the tour final at Mynavi BLITZ will take place. Then on 3/3 the rental trade will end and a closing ceremony will take place at BiS one man live <BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??>, on ¾ at Ryoukoku Kokugikan. In the midst of this shocking situation we’ll publish GANG PARADE individual interviews. Sixth one, Yumeno Yua appears.



As a member since POP era, the predecessor of GANG PARADE, Yumeno Yua came pulling the group. Moments of weakness, having painful memories were a lot but, since being in last year’s WACK training camp audition, the times she smiles increased. The redoubled hardworking girl who possesses a strong belief, in this interview talked about the inside of her hear in a straight honest way never done so far. Without being resigned to the current situation, she wants to show the best thing constantly with her full power. I give you Yumeno Yua’s interview.


Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada

Edition assistance: Okamoto Takayuki



- Looking back now, during WACK sousenkyo, how was your mental state?

Yumeno Yua (under, Yua): Hmm…. Because I thought that BiSH would have an advantage based on fan parameters, I thought about how I could enter the higher rankings among the other members that weren’t BiSH. I had the dream of the solo debut but, with myself that faced the dream, I spent that time thinking about how I could realistically keep going on steadily.

- Yua-chan made a submission on twitter on the early stages. Did you swing from joy and worry every middle result announcement?

Yua: No, I didn’t swing between joy and worries at all. There was the possibility of becoming the last one because of something, on the other hand there was also the chance of being 1st, because I thought that I wasn’t controlled by the rankings. Maybe if I didn’t rank in it could be a different mentality but, my gratefulness towards all the people who voted was bigger.

- Thinking about it now, you were ranked everyday during WACK training camp audition.

Yua: After the training camp audition, the rank is important but, I learned that the process to get there is the most important thing, so during this sousenkyo I thought I should do what I could every day. Looking back now, it might be that I thought about valuing the process.


- During the sousenkyo, there was a time you got anxious as a group, right?

Yua: That wasn’t caused only by the sousenkyo, there were our personal worries and worries towards the group. A lot of things piled up, so there was a period everyone got slowly melancholic, like we were surrounded by a shade ambient.

- We could see that even looking from outside. Yua-chan as well?

Yua: I really hated the period towards the end of the election.

- What was the cause of that?

Yua: I thought that was meaning in keep doing something everyday, I started my election activity earlier than everyone else and kept doing it for over a month. But in the end, there was the reality that the girls who started doing things in the last week would be featured to the world. There was also my lack of strength but, I started to feel like “Ah, I was copied” (laughs). There was a period I thought “Even though I was the one who started that”. This is also the bad side of me.

- Yua-chan kept going since POP era, there were time when the members who entered later would stand out. But in a way the new girls could stand out because Yua-chan was there.

Yua: Exactly because I kept going, I think there was more or less a feeling that I didn’t want to lose to members who joined later. That’s exactly why, in the end I was afraid of the result, I think I was depressed.

- In the end Yua-chan placed 8th. How did you receive this result?

Yua: Like this current rank is valid to the my current self. I don’t know if the word valid is the best but, maybe it’s a feeling like “I’m still unable to go higher than this”.

- Because you did everything you could do?

Yua: Exactly, yes.



- Now you are in the middle of the national “BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR” but, how are you dealing with it?

Yua: This is the last tour with Aya. Because GANPARE’s basic style is to “do now at full power”, I want to value that once more. I face it like if the 7 of us do everything we can, I think we can certainly do something great.

- From the viewing side we end up seeing it and thinking “It’s the last tour as the 7 of them” but, on the side of who is performing how does Yua-chan feel?

Yua: There’s a time I think that. During lives there are a lot of singing lines that continue like Aya/Yua, during chorus I sing right after Aya sings, and the contrary too. That time I think, “Ah, I won’t hear this voice anymore”, because there are choreography we dance as a pair I think “How many times we can dance”.

- How is the tour feedback?

Yua: I don’t think there was a change from the things we did it before. But, the audience enthusiasm, with lives and tours it is becoming something great. Regarding that, I look at it calmly. Talking about feedback, there is but, the fans who get enthusiastic to that point, in a way there’s a time it’s scary.

- When you say it’s scary, is it about the expectations going higher?

Yua: Like I think why are they wildly enthusiastic to this point. This is something I’m really grateful for and happy but, the part that wasn’t like that in the past, reversely is “why did it change so much”. It’s hard to nuance it when putting into words (laughs).

- Regarding the fans enthusiasm, it’s about how yourselves haven’t changed this much?

Yua: No, as a group we changed a lot. Members of course, internal things, the heat the group has is changing. But regarding one live it’s not like our posture has changed greatly, so during the live there’s a moment I look at this objectively.

- Reversely, isn’t it ok to think that the fans are catching up with all the things you’ve done at your best so far? Because GANPARE kept doing things with all their power from the start.

Yua: Hmm, is it like that? I wonder if it’s ok to look at it in such a positive way (laughs).

- Hahahahaha (laughs). In any case you feel this separation.

Yua: Exactly because since POP era there was a period I thought “how will things turn out from now”, maybe there’s a feeling that there are moments we go back to that.

- You are a group that went trough a lot of ups and downs.

Yua: That’s right (laughs). But because I know this feeling will continue forever, I have no way but go along with it.

- Popularly I think GANPARE’s recognition and expectations are increasing. I think it’s ok to keep doing everything at full power like always, while successfully accepting that.

Yua: Maybe, I’m not honest regarding the fan’s reactions (laughs). There are time I can accept honestly the fan’s reactions but, because there are also time I can’t, I think it would be nice if I could successfully accept it.

- At the LIQUIDROOM one man, the audience expectation was high, GANPARE’s own enthusiasm was great, right?

Yua: Every time during lives is really fun. I think “Let’s do what we can now”, I focus on dancing and singing. Exactly because of that I can really see members and audience faces. But when the live ends, when I look back at it’s like “Hmmm…”. Like after it ends I think “Is it ok like this?” (laughs).


- Was it like that for LIQUIDROOM one man?

Yua: Because it was a LIQUID we finally reached, there’s was the feeling of achievement, and also the feeling of “I’m glad I kept doing it”. On the other hand, there was also the feeling of “why did we came so far?”. To continue with this moment, we have to go by doing now at full power, reflecting on every single time together.



- I want to talk about the last single with Aya “BREAKING THE ROAD” but, “BREAKING THE ROAD” is a style of song that’s the first for POP and GANPARE.

Yua: If I had to say it, is more like a style BiS or BiSH would sing but, it’s close to the music style I normally listen to, I was really happy when I heard this song. I think we became able to sing songs like that as GANPARE, it’s nice that our song width is increasing.

- The choreography to it’s a first so it seems hard.

Yua: Because it’s not a style of song you usually dance to Maika is giving her best, please look forward to it.

- How about the lyrics?

Yua: I think it goes well with our current selves. Because I get to sing the part just before the chorus that I wanted to sing, I want to perform it live soon.

- In contrast the coupling song “toro ikura uni tabetai” but, when you heard that song, what did you think?

Yua: Lately, I’ve been into YabaT (Yabai T-shirt ya-san). The YabaT songs, the melody is cool, the lyrics are fun, there are a lot like thist. That’s why I was happy with that (laughs).

- The sound is really cool.

Yua: It is. Even though the melody is cool the lyrics are strange. Specially the chorus is a puzzle (laughs).

- (laughs). The number of live left with the current 7 are just a few but, Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka one man, what kind of like Yua-chan want it to be?


Yua: As a group we must do it our best live so far, if we don’t make fans think that it was the most fun live so far, I don’t think there’ll be a future. The staff evaluation too, out own feeling of satisfaction, I think there’s no point if we don’t do it a live that makes everyone who is there think it was the best one so far.

- If you don’t show results there it wont connect to a next one, this feeling is strong. There’s anticipation, and a feeling of proving yourselves to yourselves.

Yua: Yes, that’s right.

- Saki-chan will return but, how do you want GANPARE to be as a group from now on?

Yua: GANPARE’s theme that is “everyone’s playground”, we members specifically define together what exactly this best condition is. Even after Saki-chan returns, I don’t want that to break. When Saki-chan was here before, everyone couldn’t properly convey things, there was a part that we locked our feelings inside. But because I think we are now able to do things that we couldn’t during the time Saki-chan was here, I think it would be nice if members individuality would steadily come out. I think we have to power up even more with Saki-chan, without changing the good parts of now.