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[Series compilation]GANG PARADE Vol.2 Yui Ga Dockson “I want to live to my fullest now”

GANG PARADE, 7 members group from from WACK, same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 2017/5 an indefinite trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince happened; they released their first album with the new formation with Aya and had an overcrowded huge success live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. Since 2018/2 they are on a tour of 8 cities; on 2/20 the last single with these 7, including Aya, will be released; on 2/23 the tour final at Mynavi BLITZ will take place. Then on 3/3 the rental trade will end and a closing ceremony will take place at BiS one man live <BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??>, on ¾ at Ryoukoku Kokugikan. In the midst of this shocking situation we’ll publish GANG PARADE individual interviews. Second one, Yui Ga Dockson appears.

INTERVIEW: Yui Ga Dockson

Even within GANG PARADE she has a peculiar sense of humor, together with Coco Partin Coco she’s lively, but has a redoubled serious personality, Yui Ga Dockson. During the “WACK Sousenkyo” in the end of 2017 she didn’t make it to the top ranks, but with an unexpected twist got a surprise solo debut from an indie label. In this interview we heard from Dockson “If I die now I’ll think “I wanted to have lived tomorrow as well”, so I want to live now at my fullest”.

Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada

Edition assistence: Okamoto Takayuki



- Quickly enough we are already rushing into February. The GANG PARADE with Aya Eight Prince will last until march, the time you 7 got together is getting short but, how is GANPARE’s atmosphere now?

Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): Now we are at our best condition with this formation of current 7. When Aya joined we valuate the “We’ll turn the feelings of the 7 of us into 1” but, I think now is when we got it the most.

- Since the “WACK Fes” at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO on 12/08 when the end of the trade was announced, did it became stronger?


Dockson: Well, that doesn’t have much to do. In fact because I’ll get sad if I think that it’ll be over, I try not to think much about it. Other members too don’t touch on that subject. But every once in a while I’ll tell Aya “Will you go back~?” (laughs)

- (laughs) During the current national tour “BREAKING THE ROAD” each member is in charge of one MC. On Hiroshima Dockson said “Lately we remembered we cried a lot of frustration after the very first live after Aya joined, since then it has been 9 months, just remembering it we were greatly troubled, sad, happy, enjoyed. There were a lot of things but, right now I like GANG PARADE and Asobinin to the point of being troubled”.


Dockson: There’s also the feeling that this current formation with us 7 will end soon but, I think there are also fans who don’t know about the trade between Aya and Saki. People who think she was GANPARE from the start, that she has always been here. That’s why again I conveyed the feelings to please watch the current GANPARE. Also, we went with BiS on the two man “HELL!! CLASH!! BREAK!! TOUR” to a lot of live houses but, I was really happy we were also able to have our one man sold out.

- Practically, the number of fans increased, there’s a rise in the attention, I think we are able to see the luck on GANPARE’s force, do you feel that?


Dockson: I don’t know myself about “GANPARE is coming~” but, my gratefulness feelings towards the fans are getting stronger and stronger. Towards the members as well.

- When you participated in “Idol Koushien” on 1/3, from the 4 WACK groups you were the 3rd to perform, right? Didn’t you feel everyone else’s expectations?

Dockson: Regarding the expectation feelings we really have to work hard, and the feeling of living up to it is strong. But from a society point of view our recognition is still far from it, I want to take this overturn at “Idol Koushien” as an opportunity to keep going vigorously.

- A feeling like this is yet just the start.

Dockson: Yes. I want to go to a place where anyone can notice that “GANPARE turned over the performance order~!”



- The talk will go back in time but, in the end of last year during “WACK Sousenkyo”, Dockson got a surprise solo debut from an indie lable.


Dockson: Waa~! (clap clap clap clap)

- During the period of sounsekyo, how did you passed the days?

Dockson: During that time, my feelings were always uneasy. But, there was something I decided within myself. During the appeal or anything, I decided to not do things that would be painful for whoever saw it. I did it thinking to myself that I wanted people to say “Ah, the sousenkyo was fun”.

- There was the aspect of being ranked, so it wasn’t unexpected to become a tense mood.

Dockson: Everyone uploaded appeal videos on twitter, right? Because I couldn’t rank in high places, it continued as a period where I couldn’t show any result to the people who were voting for me. While thinking I should give them something back, I thought it would be nice if everyone could think that it was fun. I think it’s also honest to spill out the hard feelings and crying but, I myself wanted to make it a festival. I thought I wanted to give my best with those feelings. That said, I uploaded a video doing an impersonation (laughs).

- Ahahahaha (laughs). But it was like you had irritating and frustrating feelings during the middle ranking announcements when you saw your name wasn’t there.

Dockson: There was. No matter what you say, for the fans it will be happier if they saw I ranked, right? That’s why I thought “Ah I let them down again”. But at that I cried, and thought I didn’t want to get votes to the point of giving them a bad memory. My two selfs of “It’s like that, but I want to do this” and “What should I do” got mixed up.

- According to Dockson’s philosophy, you wanted to light it up in a fun way to the end.

Dockson: That’s right. Assuming it’s restricted to WACK Sousenkyo, in the end tears are the content that move people’s feeling the most, right? I think there’re time that’s ok to let those feelings surface. But inside myself I wanted to make WACK Sousenkyo something different.


- As the result you couldn’t go to the higher ranks but, at the end you were randomly selected by surprise and it was announced a solo debut from an indie label. I don’t think you could have imagined that.

Dockson: Yes, I was surprised.

- What did you feel when the solo debut was announced?

Dockson: The 2 girls before me, they had to eat a spicy curry with WACK’s special death sauce, right? I thought something that wasn’t curry was prepared so I was thinking “What will I have to eat?”. Because I was thinking that finally something that will surpass the death sauce will come, I was really surprised.

- Coco was also happy as it happened with us, so there was also happiness from that.

Dockson: Coco is like that (laughs). I thought I really like this aspect of her.



- I want to talk about Aya’s last singe, “BREAKING THE ROAD”, but the coupling song “toro ikura uni tabetai” is a song with great impact. What did you think the first time you hear “toro ikura uni tabetai”?

Dockson: This was a song that lasted to the finals of a song competition that happened including the members some time ago, so we heard it as a rumor. But because I didn’t think that would be actually used, I was surprised. But I think there’s no one else but GANPARE who can sing “toro ikura uni tabetai” (laughs). The sound is really cool, isn’t it? Lyrics are also good, you can see a story.

- By the way, with which feelings do you sing this song?

Dockson: I sing it with the feelings of “I want to eat toro, ikura and uni!!” (laughs). With that there are a lot of feelings. The feeling of “I want to eat!!”, or “I wanted to have eaten!”. I sing while placing all those feelings.

- Regarding “BREAKING THE ROAD”, it’s a straight song with melodic hardcore. With which feelings do you sing this song?

Dockson: This one I sing putting all my current feelings in it. During “Beyond the Mountain” I sang with the feeling of a future from now on but, for “BREAKING THE ROAD” is a “let’s run trough now” sort of feeling.

- At the LIQUIDROOM from last time, you started to move in a path different from the live house itinerary that POP had reached. This time you will have a one mad live at Mynavi Blitz but, how are you dealing with it?

Dockson: This current tour is really fun but, when lives end it’s sad somehow. Love is born in each one of the lives. During the Fukuoka stage at night when I was alone I thought “I’ll have regrets if I die now”. I reflected that was a proof that I’m still not giving my 100%. I thought that even if I die now it has to be in a condition that I can reach nirvana. That’s why lately I’m thinking 100% about now, the Mynavi BLITZ feelings I still don’t know.


- Do the things you can see today giving all your best.

Dockson: Even so I think it’s not enough. I want to give my best more and more. Thinking about tomorrow, because if I die now I’ll definitely think “I wanted to have lived tomorrow too”, I want to live at my fullest now and not like that.

- On March the WACK auditions will happen again, there’s also the part that you don’t know what kind of future is waiting.


Dockson: Surprisingly enough my heart is quite positive at that. There’s also the fun anticipation of not knowing what will happen. There’s not just the sadness of Aya going back, there’s also the anticipation of wondering what will happen after March.

- Dockson herself joined GANPARE after SiS disbandment, you came this far, among that there were a lot of positive things. Please live everyday without any regrets.

Dockson: Eh, why at the end you say something forsaken like that (laughs)?

- Eh, it’s not forsaken (laughs). I’m cheering for you!! Dockson always add something in the end that wasn’t said but, is there any thing else you would like to say?

Dockson: I feel like there’s something unsaid but, I can’t remember it (laughs). This morning, whily in the shower I thought “I want to say that today”. But I think it’s close enough to “I wan’t to treasure now” and I want to share that with a lot of people (laughs). I’ll live everyday at my whole energy and go to BLITZ.