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[Short term serialization 2/3] GANG PARADE we ask “former SiS members” about their relation, the now with 9 members formation, the future after Zepp.

from left: Terashima Yuuka, Coco Partin Coco, Yui Ga Dockson

From the same office as BiSH, BiS and EMPiRE, the 9 members idol group GANG PARADE. Kamiya Saki who went to BiS in a rental trade returned tot he group, the 2 members who passed the “WACK training camp audition” held from 2018/3/12~18, Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Ba Chiin, the 9 girls who are now active with the most members so far in the group history released their first single with the current formation “GANG 2”. With a song with great artistic value that GANPARE didn’t have so far they aim for progressing even more. Going on a 9 cities national tour “REBUILD TOUR” from 7/1, and having the final happening at ZEPP TOKYo on 9/20,  we’ll deliver a GANG PARADE interview divided in 3 parts.

Coco Partin Coco x Yui Ga Dockson x Terashima Yuuka

OTOTOY custom GANG PARADE short term serialization, this time we did the interview divided in 3 parts. 2nd part is with members who had a shocking entry on the 2016/11/13 Shinjuku BLAZE one man, Terashima Yuuka, Yui Ga Dockson, Coco Partin Coco. The girls who are called “Former SiS members” joined GANPARE after the dissolution of the group SiS, formed with girls who didn’t pass the new BiS audition. Back then it was a huge shock but, now they are indispensable for GANPARE. The girls who became seniors after 2 new members joined, we heard about how are their activities and thoughts.

Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo
Photos: Jumpei Yamada


- The 3 of you got great attention when you shockingly joined GANPARE but, how do you perceive the current situation after becoming 9?

Terashima Yuuka (under, Yuuka): Because we can’t read what’s ahead, we are incomplete but it’s interesting. We have to complete (the 9 formation performance) but, I want to keep the interest in not knowing what will happen. When Aya (Eight Prince)(BiS member from the same agency, was in GANG PARADE until march in a rental trade with Kamiya Saki) was here, before that with Saki-chan too, we were stable when we were 7.

Terashima Yuuka

Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): In a physical condition of the 9 members, because we have members whose personalities don’t overlap each other’s, I think it’s an interesting state. Among that I want to get a thick shaft. If the formation changes, even if we don’t do it from 0, I think we have to start from 1.

- Until now the 3 of you were the juniors but, you became seniors.

Coco: Until now I was the type of being spoiled by people older than me, so at first I was worried they would make fun of me but the 2 of them were lovely. Haruna did say “profile is a gorilla” (laughs).

Everyone: (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco

Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): There was a momentary boom of saying member’s characteristics but, when was time to say Coco’s, Haruna said “profile is a gorilla!”, even tho there was no omen she just suddenly smashed (laughs).

Coco: Becase I was laughing scornfully when I was told that, I think Haruna might look down on me (laughs).

Dockson: But Haruna, she like’s gorillas.

Yuuka: She’s (Coco) relatively sensitive (laughs).

- Ahahaha. There was a characteristic to the other 2?

Coco: Yuyu was “profile is pretty” or “lips are sexy”.

Dockson: Mine was “projecting front teeth” (laughs).

- (laughs). What Dockson-san think’s of the current 9 members formation?

Dockson: Honestly, it’s still a situation I don’t know. What is best for GANPARE, we are going to find out from now but, I think we managed to break one GANPARE’s image so far. What GANPARE didn’t had so far the 2 of them have, the audience is also looking forward to it. Because if feels something completely new started I’m excited.

Yui Ga Dockson

- Thinking about it, didn’t you 3 also broke GANPARE until that point and brought something new? Did you feel like that back when you joined?

Coco: If I had to say it it’s like breaking, or devastating…

Dockson: I think the 3 of us thought we had to avoid breaking it. The audience made it interesting by saying “Weird ones came” but, to us we the feeling of “We must become GANPARE” was big, we went with a feeling aiming at that. If we look at it now… (laughs).

Yuuka: We joined with the intention of “excuse me for disturbing…” but, it turned out we entered with shoes and devastated everything.

- But, I think it was good you didn’t restrain yourselves in a weird way.

Everyone: We did (restraint)! We intended to (laughs)!!!



- Coco-san tried to enliven things with Busu-challenge and such.

Coco: I did it… To thing that worked for the group’s sake…

Dockson: It did!!

Coco: The 2 praise me a lot (laughs).

Yuuka: We were seeing it again yesterday, right?

Coco: Because we had 1 day off, we went to out to eat together and saw it.

Dockson: I suddenly wanted to watch busu-challenge (laughs). Me and Haruna’s standby screen is Coco’s Busu-challenge but, seeing it after a long time it’s incredibly funny!!!

Yuuka: Seeing it afterwards, it’s unbelievably fun.

Coco: That time, I would become depressed when it was night thinking “I have to do it…”. Everyday I was desperate, the period I was tense continued for 3 months.

Dockson: She would take a photo and show us asking “Is this really ugly?”.

Yuuka: Like “You can… be a little more uglier…” (laughs).

Coco: Indeed I was told something like “I don’t think you can surpass yesterday”. But, looking at yesterday’s, it was fun to the point even I laughed. Seems like Haruna saw all the busu-challenge, the omo-challenge and the kawa-challenge. There were a lot of people who knew about those in the last WACK audition but, this year’s girls didn’t know to this point, so I thought it’s indeed a different era (laughs). I said to the 2 new members too that I did this kind of thing too.

- Even now, the 3 of you get together.

Everyone: We meet quite a lot!

Coco: We also formed a unit.

Dockson & Yuuka: “Dogenzaka Mongoose”!

- “Dogenzaka Mongoose”?

Dockson: I thought the first summer would be exciting, we sat outside to eat ice cream we bought after eating. While talking about that it became like “We are like Saitama Benisasori Tai”.

Coco: “Saitama Benisasori Tai”, it’s a 3 ladies group that appears in Crayon Shin-chan, it turned in a talk how we look like that. That’s why we created “Dogenzaka Mongoose”. (laughs).

Dogenzaka Mongoose

- Ahaha. When you 3 are together, what kind of talk do you have?

Coco: 80% it’s just trivial talk and roaring with laughter (laughs). But lately we talk about the group too.

Yuuka: Usually the talk become serious and it ends (laughs). Regarding the group, what we’ll do from now, what are we thinking.

Dockson: Yesterday, after we separated from Coco, Yuyu and I had a serious talk in our way back, right?

Coco: Include me! We’re the same mongoose!

Yuuka: There are things you want to talk about when you walk.

Dockson: Lately it’s something me and Yuyu are worrying about but, there’s a lot of situations we can’t quite well put our opinions in words, there are times it becomes something it can be misunderstood. The 2 (Coco & Yuyu), no matter the talk they are always facing forward, if they worry, it’s like “then let’s do like that!”. It’s passionate.



- The rental trade ended, Saki-chan returned. There was a change in your relation with Saki-chan?

Coco: I think it changed. Saki-chan too, she’s now able to trust the things we say. She saw from BiS side our weak selves growth during the trade, and we ourselves while doing lives increased the things we thought about and got confidence. We can now exchange our opinions more than before, and Saki-chan became able to rely on us too.

Yuuka: Before the trade because we couldn’t do anything, Saki-chan too wouldn’t show her weak side to us, I think it was a situation she was always carrying a burden. I think that because since then we became able to say our opinions she’s now able to rely on us. At Kokugikan, we became able to hear how Saki-chan was in her limit regarding her mental health. If it was before I don’t think this would happen.

Dockson: She became more human. I know Saki-chan’s inside more than before, I think Saki-chan herself was a lot surprised with our parts that changed. She understood and accepted it naturally, now I think it’s a really good feeling.

- By the way, do you have awareness of the each other as rivals?

Everyone: Never thought that…

Coco: There’s often the talk of the “I want to become the 1st problem” but, it feels like it didn’t came to that yet. I think it’s important to thing about how is the best way to showcase your individuality and I think that’s a subject but, because it’s a period we have to thing more about the group, there’s nothing like a ranking.

Dockson: More than 9 people aiming to being the ace, it’s like each and everyone has a different color like a mix vegetable image. Among that I think there’s ways of aiming to the top and being 1stbut, I think I can devote myself more and have more fun if I think about how can we be the better mix vegetable possible.

Yuuka: Being said that, I don’t think I ever thought about being rivals.

Dockson: I thought it was the best the final completed form being the 7 gathered with a good average mark. That’s why, after we became 9 I thought it was a situation it would be good to be 9 average marks gathered, I thought what we should do to become that but, lately, I thought it would be good to destroy the 9 marks here and there. I thought current GANPARE could more fun this way.

- There wasn’t even 1 month to the debut live since the 2 new members joined. Seeing that, didn’t it overlap with when you joined?

Coco: Indeed, I was reminded of my original feelings from when we were preparing to our debut live at Shinjuku BLAZE, there were a lot of times I was startled. Because our admission was unique, I think the way of accepting it is different but, I remembered that having outfits prepared and such “It’s not something obvious”.

Yuuka: I remembered tsaying “Being on stage is not obvious” during the Shinjuku BLAZE one man MC, I was reminded of my initial feelings.

Dockson: That time we were hopeless or despaired in a trauma level, I really remembered feeling I was in constant petit panics. When I saw Haruna struggling I was worried like “Is it ok” but, more than our time it felt like it’s was evident that the demand for completion was way higher for Tsuki and Haruna.

Coco: It was like the hurdle was low because we did appeared once as SiS.

Dockson: Some girls who couldn’t do anything came and it was like this feeling of “Don’t mess everything up”. This time girls who can do things to some extent joined, because girls with abilities came, I thought people would be thinking how exciting was to anticipate the completion level. What was most admirable about those 2 was that they didn’t show complains one single time during the practice. Tsuki was told she was someone who can do things, so it was in a point that because she really embraced the pressure, tears would fall just by saying “You can talk to me any time”. Haruna too, when I asked “Did you get it?”, she would say “Yes…”, but replying with a face of someone who definitely didn’t understand (laughs). Even though it was painful hat she wanted to remember things but couldn’t, she didn’t say even once that it was hard, and her expression didn’t show it either. I really respect that.



- In the midst of this agitation, what did you think when you first hear the new song “GANG 2”?

Coco: At first when I heard the title “GANG 2”, I thought it would be a tension like ““Toy Story 2” YEY!” (laughs). But the time I heard it, from the first note I thought “Eh”. The lyrics and the melody too I thought “Something great came!!”. There’s also sing a long we didn’t have so far. There were songs we would put our feelings in it but, there was something that came in a strong way it can’t compare with before. Because it’s the first song in this one year that it felt like that, I’m in a situation I don’t quite know how to handle it. It has a strength. This song.

Dockson: I had goosebumps like, Dowaaaaaa~~~. There’s emotion in the sound, I felt that, like I understood it. Actually I want to sing it gently but, the feelings get in, I end up singing like Dowaaaaaa~~~.

Yuuka: I know! “GANG 2” at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) was specially amazing. So far even if I got turned up on lives, somewhere I remained calm. But for the first time it felt like I forget myself and went to another world. When “GANG 2” ended, I was startled.

Coco: Before Saki-chan would say things like “If you do it in the BiS style of putting your feelings into every and each song, it’s amazing how your mind will get tired”, but I didn’t quite understand it and I thought “What is she saying?” (laughs), but for the first time I understood how it was to be exhausted from having too much empathy with a song. Also, it a good way, it’s a song that can build a wall between us and the audience. This is strongly conveyed to the audience, that’s exactly why it’s a song I can put empathy in.

- Indeed in “GANG 2” rather than “everyone’s playground”, you passed the feel that GANPARE was on the stage singing as representatives. You became 9, this song was born, there’s expectation about what will come next.

Dockson: In the beginning of the interview when I was asked “How is the current GANPARE?”, in a long time I had no words. I’m also really in a state I’m fumbling, it’s not like I’m not facing it, I just really don’t know.

Yuuka: Everyday is different.

Dockson: That’s it. The feeling after the end of each live is different. Before there was a lot of “Today was good, it feels like we became one!” but, after “GANG 2” ended the fatigue was amazing. Not good or bad, every time is different. That’s refreshing and fun. It’s the feeling I was looking for.

Yuuka: Because we were also stable at the performance before, I think no matter what it would end up being the same. There was the demand of something complete, we didn’t know how to show the differences. Also I made this year’s objective to be “free” but, I finally feel I could do that. To that extent there are things I worry about but, as I thought I want to change.

Coco: Stability, it’s really comfortable but, I think it’s scary. I realized that after we became a 9 member formation. It would be pleasant to keep going as a completed GANPARE but, because of that you can see what’s ahead and that’s scary.

- The MV of the coupling song “Laile”, seems like it was the first Taiwan location.

Dockson: I always liked kung-fu movies and Jackie Chan. So I was really hyped.

Yuuka: The outfit too was Chinese so it was exciting.

Coco: It’s like this is a possessing song, it’s definitely a fun song, it’s really interesting. I think one of the reasons we can’t read GANPARE’s future, it’s because of the variety of our songs.



- The national “REBUILD TOUR” will start from 7/1. The final will be held in Zepp Tokyo, which kind of live do you want it do be?

Coco: I think the tour is really important. Because we’ll do the same songs I think we’ll be able to grow, the 2 new members, and ourselves, I want to go to Zepp by steadily accumulating what we learned. I think it will be good if we show an improved form.

Yuuka: When we do a lot of staged, no matter what I think there’s always one you’ll think “I didn’t give it all”. Exactly because we can’t see ahead since we became 9, I think we’ll be able to do all of stages differently. I want to make all 9 staged different, I want to build a foundation while being free. Yesterday Dockson and I talked in the way back home but, we thought it was right to be uniform, but perhaps we tried to make it even the things that shouldn’t be. Performance and feelings, there are ups and downs but, because there are a lot of people and everyone has it’s own type, I think it would be nice if we could show this difference more. GANPARE is thought to be always in fervor but, among that it’s ok to have a variation, I want to showcase the difference. Because there’s that it’s interesting, I want people in each place to see that.

Dockson: I want to go with the theme “To beyond Zepp”. This was going to be born on DiverCity but it wasn’t. This time on “REBUILD TOUR”, I want to definitely give birth to the form of 9 members. At Zepp Tokyo, I want to make a live that we’ll see beyond it, and make the audience to see it as well. At Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka it was Aya’s last live, this one man was the debut of the new members, it’s like we use everything in each stage but, I think the feeling of aiming for the next one is also important.

Yuuka: There’s anxiety regarding that the current things will change, when we look ahead, changing is important, we have to keep looking more and more ahead of us. Regarding everything, I want to think about the people who will see the new things that will be born, and also us who will be renewed.

Coco: Nicely said!!!