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Happy New Year!! Best regards for 2018!! Conveying the feelings towards a new year, GANG PARADE and OTOTOY released a “New year’s message recording with fortune telling” as a new year’s gift. And it’s a GANG PARADE fortune telling!! With the message comes a random photo of a member with fortune telling written by them. Who you’ll get depends on your luck!! At the same time there’s the publication of an interview with all members. From February this year they’ll hold their biggest country-wide tour so far on 8 cities, with the final live being on 02/23 at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka, this year too GANG PARADE deserves great attention!!



GANG PARADE (under, GANPARE), a 7 member idol group from the same WACK production agency of BiS and BiSH. On 2017/05 the indefinite trade between Kamiya Saki and BiS Aya Eight Prince, they released their first album with 7 member formation including Aya, performed a success one man live overcrowded at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. From 2018/02 they’ll start their biggest country-wide tour so far doing lives in 8 cities, with final happening on 02/23 at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka, but the rental trade will end on 03/03, on 03/04 there will be a ceremony for the end of the trade during BiS one man live <BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??> at Ryougoku Kokugikan. Seems like 2018 will continue overflowing topics about the girls. We asked those 7 to look back at 2017 and write a character for it, and to talk about their feelings towards 2018. Premonition of 2018 being GANPARE’s year!?


Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photo Jumpei Yamada


- We asked each of you to write a Kanji that represented 2017, I want to hear to your reasons. Dockson wrote which kanji?

Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): I wrote “Surprise”. It was a year a lot happened, the biggest thing I felt was surprised. I surprised people and was surprised myself in this year.


- What surprised you?

Dokuson: There was the rental trade between (Kamiya)Saki-chan and Aya at WACK audition, I was also surprised when Saki-chan shaved her head. It was a series of surprises and challenges, like walking in the tightrope, felt like a circus.


- Continuing, what did Aya write?

Aya Eight Prince (under, Aya): I wrote “Thought”. I think I managed to think about a lot of things compared to last year. Of course I thought when I was in BiS, but I thought a whole more than that.

Terashima Yuuka (under, Yuuka): It’s really easy to tell when Aya is thinking about something. When she is worrying about something she gets absent and her eyes look dead (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): Because Aya is not skillful, she can’t do other things when she’s focused on something. When she’s caught on something or is thinking, she becomes full at that.

Dockson: When she forcibly raises the corner of her mouth is when she’s overdoing herself, she’s always trying to raise them.

Aya: Some time ago I lost my cellphone. After that there was rehearsal, I thought I had to overcome it somehow so I was told “You are trying too hard to laugh”.

- That, I wonder if it’s because you don’t want other members to worry.

Aya: I started to think that on the other hand they worry exactly because of that. Because I was never the type good at talking about my feelings to others, I think I should change that.

- Next Maika-chan, tell us the character you wrote.

Can Maika (under, Maika): I wrote the evolution character “Change”. GANPARE’s formation changed, I also changed the way I showed myself by increasing the erotic factor.

Coco: Erotic factor… (laughs).

Maika: When I changed my bangs or during the tour when I was told by Watanabe-san “Can has to break out of her shell”, I thought I wanted to change the weird Idol-idol self. I tried to change how I show myself and my performance, my feelings became lighter, in a good meaning it disappeared the thought it was no good unless I was perfect.

- Did you also felt the change as a group?

Maika: It was this year we turned into these 7 member formation, the function of everyone inside the group also changed. It was also this year I became the main person in charge of choreography.

- Next is Miki-chan, how was is?

Yamamachi Miki (under, Miki): Because it was a year I tried a lot of things I wrote the character for “Challenge”. GANPARE’s name became known during WACK auditions when Yua and Yuyu challenged themselves, on July there was the two man live with BiSH where we challenged ourselves, during WACK&SCRAMBLES lives and other groups lives too, we faced them feelings like we wouldn’t lose. I think it was a year that became remarkable.

- 2017 started after Miki-chan declared revolution, wasn’t it? (On 01/03 live)

Miki: Exactly! It seems like so long ago (laughs).


- What did Coco write?

Coco: I wrote “Advance” from GANPARE’s theme GANG PARADE character. It was a year that went by so fast, the component of progressing as a group was big. When we were in a good place with Saki-chan there was the trade, when we thought we were in a good place with Aya, moving forward there was another trade announcement. It was a year we couldn’t rest and just kept moving forward. From the second half of this year I carried the “recklessly” feelings in my chest, I think it was a year we moved forward ourselves without worrying about our surroundings.

- Surely, seems like always GANPARE continued to move.

Coco: Like we wouldn’t stop moving. It was a state we couldn’t progress but, we kept moving.

Dockson: We would die if we stopped.

Yuuka: A tuna!

Dockson: Right. But there’s just some faulty expression (laughs)!

Aya: Move properly!


- Ahahaha. What did Yuuka-san wrote?

Yuuka: I wrote “Person”. This year was the one I lived as a human the most, a year I was influenced by other the most. After joining GANPARE there were human emotions, a lot of big things happened. I actually spoke a lot to people, I thought that unexpectedly I like people. I feel sad when I can’t meet with member even for a some time. If I’m by myself too much I get sad but, when we meet I get optimistic in a good way, what was I worrying about in the first place. It was a year I thought people are wonderful.

- You had a fight with Dokuson in 2017, right?

Yuuka: We had a fight, there were fun things. It was a year I became human.

Dokuson: Yuyu is more talkative then in the beginning, the words just come out. It felt like she wanted to talk more but didn’t really knew the words. Congratulations!

Yuuka: Thank you!

- Which character did Yua wrote?

Yumeno Yua (under, Yua): I wrote “Break”. My goal for 2017 was to breakthrough. Looking back I could breakthrough a lot of things by myself and as a group, I think it was a year I could tear apart a lot of things and progress.

- Among the things you teared apart, what as the biggest one?

Yua: I think I could change a little the image I would fall ill easily

- The chance was at training camp audition, right?

Yua: During the training camp too, I think I could change after I talked to Watanabe-san “Is not really good as a group that you show this face”. Naturally the works as a group increased, I think I could trust the group and myself.



- Next we asked you to write your goal to 2018. What did Coco wrote?

Coco: I tried to use the GANPARE factor so I wrote “Foolish ideas move mountains”.

Maika: Does this word really exists?

Coco: This has a meaning of “If you continue to make reckless efforts you can surpass big things”. Because I’m someone who can’t make efforts, I want to pile up those efforts and accomplish something big. Because I think that people good at singing will pile up efforts, I want to make it mine by working hard steadily in small and big things. I want to be able to surpass big things when it’s time without worrying too much. I chose that word wanting to convey those feelings.

Everyone: (Applause)

- Next is Aya, you wrote “Balance”, right?

Miki: Even though you wrote “Balance” the letter’s balance are bad (laughs).

Aya: My balance might be bad not but, next year my goal is balance!

Dockson: Bar-lance!!!! (emphasis on the ba)

Maika: If you write it it won’t make sense (laughs).

- Ahahaha. What do you mean by balance?

Aya: Lately I’ve been thinking I want to become someone with a good balance. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of performance by Morning Musume but, the looks, the singing, the dance, the style, everything is amazing. I think it’s cool to be good at everything.


Coco: But, that is like 100 points, right? If it’s balance wouldn’t it become like adding things? For example, if you manage to do something you couldn’t before that’s balance too but, there’s also the image of getting bad at good things. Instead of wanting to become a balance, isn’t it more like all mighty?

Aya: Yes yes! All mighty! I wanted to say all mighty. Attach that please.

- (laughs). What did Yuuka-san write?

Yuuka: I wrote “Free”. I think it’s ok to do things more freely. It’s not to do as I please, isn’t there something like the freedom of doing the way I thought about it myself? It’s important in dancing for it to be uniform but, to a certain degree it’s ok to do it more freely, I want the courage to do as I want. Because I have the conscious within that since other are doing it everything will be fine, I want to think more by myself and act freely.  


Coco: They say freedom comes together with responsibilities.


Yuuka: Obviously I wont do as I please. If I were asked “have you ever done something freely?”, there wasn’t anything. There’s this frame of these 7 GANPARE members, it’s not about breaking that but, doing something because of that.


Dockson: The freedom in that.


Yuuka: That. I think it’s obvious that’s bad to be selfish. The freedom that won’t break the cooperative personality. In the waiting room we are incredibly free but, because there’s a good and bad side to that, I want to continue with the right type of freedom.

- Next is Yua-chan, how is it?

Yua: I wrote “Nippon Budoukan”.

Dockson: Eh… Isn’t the character of “bu” missing a stroke?

Yua: No way!? Wait!! I searched it! Ah it’s true… Please, take the photo again!

Coco: What if you add it with LINE camera (laughs)?

Yua: I don’t want that!

Coco: What are you sayin!! You got it wrong yourself (laughs)!

- (laughs). Yua-chan talked about her dreams of standing in Budoukan back at the one man at WWW but, is it a common objective now for GANPARE?

Dockson: I don’t think we ever said if formally, but I think everyone thinks that.

Maika: It’s the stage I want to stand the most! The first time I saw a live of an artist was in Budoukan. My dear H!P also performed there.


Yuuka: I haven’t been to Budoukan. I won’t go to Budoukan until we performe there ourselves!!


Coco: Going like that, there are a lot of points we have to go through. So it’s important to buzz about it. The way Okazaki Taiiku buzz about it is amazing. First is twitter. The memo written in the refrigerator read in a english kind of way also buzzed. That was the first time I saw it, from there I saw all videos from Okazaki Taiiku. There’s this possibility. There are a lot of live houses that WACK groups must check-point but, there’s no way but to cause a revolution.


Yuuka: Coco’s goal to 2017 was “revolution”, right?


Coco: Yes, it was “Revolution”. There are still 10 days left! It’s ok!


Yua: We could suddenly buzz and just get famous really fast.


Coco: I think there’s also something like the American dream. I decided I will aim at that now!!

- It will become the opposite of “foolish ideas move mountains” (laughs).


Everyone: (laughs).


Coco: Fundamentally GANPARE was not a group to get rich quickly. GANPARE does things steadily, don’t we? I think I’ll cultivate this power more than before, while changing the places still missing, I want to make a revolution. Steadily is obvious! While keeping this pace I’ll aim at getting rich quickly!


- So, Maika-chan.

Maika: To “show my own presence”! There was something good earlier. When I was walking alone some girl said “are you Can Maika-chan?” When we are moving as a group people call “GANPARE!”, when I was walking with Coco-chan back when she had yellow hair there was something like “Ah, CanMai is also there”, but for the first time I was really happy. Because I’m doing those activities, I want to polish my looks and dance and a lot of things.

Dockson: There’s nothing else Maika can polish about her looks, shouldn’t you do something about the interior?


Maika: I also think I have no interior content. There are a lot of things I don’t pursuit deeply. There are a lot of times when I talk to members or during interviews that I think “This girl is thinking about those things, amazing”.


Coco: The first hurdle is high, for beautiful people. If a delinquent gives their sit to an old lady they’ll look like a really good person. What is it with this gap?

Yuuka: I know.

Aya: Because it’s easy for me to be told I have not interior content, I think a lot and write on twitter on purpose.


Dockson: In Aya’s case, that became your character.

Coco: From the start I think you have a presence. Isn’t it ok to show in a good way the things you already have? Somehow it turned into an advice area (laughs). Maika becoming good at things will also mean GANPARE will improve so, I think it’s connected. If someone improves the group also improves in synergy.


Dokuson: Happiness will make a chain!

- It turned into a seminar (laughs). Let’s go to Miki-chan?

Miki: I wrote “Live”. If I’m dead I wont be able to do anything so I want to live. I thought that even if I’m walking I can suddenly die in a few seconds, when I stop before the railroad I thought I could die if I kept walking, I thought life is very important.

Coco: Me too, I’ve also thought that I could die if someone pushed me from the train station platform.


Dockson: I understand. Something like “I’ll definitely die if I fall from this high place, let’s try to fall just a little? Hiii!!”


Miki: Ah, it doesn’t come to that. It’s because before entering GANPARE, after finishing part-time job I didn’t know what to do so there were times I would think it would be easier to die.


Yuuka: Eeeeee!


Coco: Was it because there was something cornering you? Or was it just a doubt?

Miki: Like I don’t know the significance of my existence.

Dockson: We are born and thrown into this world, we don’t need any significance!

Miki: If I don’t live I won’t be able to stand in Budoukan. I won’t be able to sing or dance to be in GANPARE. That’s why, next year too, I want to live!

Coco: There’s nothing about living in entertainment world?

Miki: I thought about that. There are a lot of idols from a lot of genres in a lot of places, with that it’s definitely hard to keep being here. If I think back from POP time, it’s like a miracle I’m here now, I want to keep living.

- Lastly, Dokuson.

Dockson: Mine is “Ghibli”! My heart shivers when I watch Ghibli. I’m saved from when I’m sad, if I’m happy it becomes more happy, I’m moved by this characteristic of being able to move feelings. I want to become someone who can do that as well, I also wrote that in my audition resume.


Coco: You are always saying that.

Dockson: Something that can make you heart shiver, for me it was Ghibli, so I want to become your Ghibli. It would be nice to be on Ghibli too.


Miki: As a character?

Aya: You look like you could be!!

Dockson: Also, when I saw BiSH at Music Station this year, I was really moved after a long time. I thought they were close to the feeling I was aiming for. Right now we’re still running after but, one day I want GANPARE to become like that too.