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[Series compilation]GANG PARADE Vol.1 Coco Partin Coco “All for one, one for all”

GANG PARADE, 7 members group from from WACK, same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 2017/5 an indefinite trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince happened; they released their first album with the new formation with Aya and had an overcrowded huge success live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. Since 2018/2 they are on a tour of 8 cities; on 2/20 the last single with these 7, including Aya, will be released; on 2/23 the tour final at Mynavi BLITZ will take place. Then on 3/3 the rental trade will end and a closing ceremony will take place at BiS one man live <BiS 2ndBEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??>, on ¾ at Ryoukoku Kokugikan. In the midst of this shocking situation we’ll publish GANG PARADE individual interviews. First one is Coco Partin Coco’s who will challenge herself in a 100km marathon. Now, will Coco be able to run 100km?!


INTERVIEW: Coco Partin Coco

Coco Partin Coco, who will run a 100km marathon starting on On 2/7 6am with a max of 24h. Back in the end of 2017 she announced it at WACK sousenkyo as a reverse promise but, in order to surpass her own limits and stir up the group she decided to run. While Coco is running other members will cheer on her during a 24h niconama, part of the challenge project. Even being separated in physical distance, the 7 members of GANPARE will challenge. With those feelings in heart, Coco talked before the marathon about the national tour, the last single with the 7 member formation with Aya.

Interview and text: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photo: Jumpei Yamada

Edition assistance: Okamoto Takayuki



- Currently GANG PARADE is touring the country on <BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR>. Yesterday (2/4) at Hiroshima Back Beat, Coco didn’t seem to have much energy.

Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): The live passed that?

- No, instead of no energy it was more like you were conscientious.

Coco: Aah, during this tour I was also told by Watanabe (Junnousuke)-san “You are relatively performing repeated at intervals”. It might be because I became able to calm down and show the song’s properly but, it’s like maybe the feelings of making reckless and wholeheartedly expressions has disappeared. It’s ok in a big venue so people in 2ndfloor can see too, but in order to have nuance in my standing position I adapted myself to “In a big venue it’s like that” “If it’s a small venue like this”, but I think maybe I thought about that too much. Also, this isn’t good at all but, I’m really anxious about the marathon… maybe that showed up (laughs).

- You are becoming naive?

Coco: I’m becoming really naive. It will become serious already but, in the end of January I got back from a break because of Influenza, but as the days passed I became emotionally unstable.

- Wasn’t Coco who said about running 100km in the first place?

Coco: At first it was a reverse promise I made back last year during WACK sousenkyo, at the end I decided it myself but, at the backstage of Idol Koushien I had an agreement with Watanabe-san to receive a few clothes but, in the middle of those clothes there was running-wear. I thought “Hm?” and he said “You’ll run, right?”. Was something like “Ah, yes” (laughs). Because I thought “Maybe I’ll have to run at some point now” I was like “It finally came”.

- What were you feeling when you decided to run a 100km marathon?

Coco: Personaly because I think about individual and group works, I thought it can become something that benefits the whole group, like Maika’s (Can Maika) Gravure or Doku (Yui Ga Dockson) solo debut. Reversely the girl doing a job by herself is representing the group, if she fails it will be embarrassing to the group’s name, I had to do it bearing that responsibility in mind. Because there was also that, at first I was nervous but, later was decided that the members would be doing a niconama while I run. Just by them doing something, I feel stimulated and happy.

- The thing about individual jobs benefitting the group, it was transmitted by Coco’s joy when Dockson’s solo debut was announced.


Coco: By chance the rankings were from 1st to 15th but, maybe it could have been until the 10th place, right? Among that, I thought it would be nice if something happened to Doku who was between 16th and 25thplace. Then when the 3rd girl in those places was called and the solo debut was announced I was really happy like “GANPARE got the best part”.

- Instead of “GANPARE got the best part”, it felt like Coco was happy from the bottom of her heart.

Coco: That time Watanabe-san said something like that was WACK-ish, “crawling up from the bottom”, the one who did that was a GANPARE member, furthermore a former SiS member, I was gripped by. A lot of fans also told me that.

- Looking back now at WACK sousenkyo, it connects to now.

Coco: Doing training camps, sousenkyo, lives, I think there’s a meaning in everything. Every event comes with a message from Watanabe-san, we have to find it ourselves and transmit it to the fans. Because this is the way WACK does things, there’s no meaning in just passing those periods, we must find the meaning in them ourselves. I learned that in this 1 year and a half.



- At that, what meaning do you thing the 100km marathon has?

Coco: “Coco can do more”, seems like Watanabe-san and Satou-san (event producer from KM music) talked about that. To en extent I was able to complete the “busu challenge” but, if I was asked if I could do more, inside myself I know I could. I have a spoiled side that shows up. There’s the picture from the last Ekiden, fans who saw via twit-cast didn’t think it was interesting. Because I talked too much my body couldn’t keep up, at first was leaved behind. At lives too but, I learned something as how you can transmit something by breaking your limits, if I play safe I can’t convey that I’m giving my best. I think this is being asked of me now. Because of that being told that “You’re performing lives at repeated intervals” is not good for me.

- But, you don’t mean like that, right?

Coco: Of course I don’t mean it, I’m performing with all my energy but, I think maybe without noticing I became able to adjust it. I’m doing everything with all my might but, is like I grew up, like I became good at it.

- The reason of your worries is whether you grew or not.

Coco: Yes. This isn’t about easing up, but rather my body is remembering it. Like that is what’s being told now.

- So the 100km marathon will be the turning point to overcome your limits.

Coco: Honestly, even running 5 km was hard. But during the training in the period of sousenkyo I started to think “maybe this is a matter of mentality”. I thought maybe the feeling of keep moving forward is more important than the body’s condition.

- It has been a while since last WACK marathon.

Coco: It’s the first since BiS’s 1 year ago, and the first individual one since Saki-chan ran. People who got interested in WACK lately might not know but, I’m thankful it will happen at the same timing as the single release. More thankful than that is the fact that members will be streaming on niconama.

- It’s the first time this happens.

Coco: It’s something that could happen because WACK and niconama already have a relation like training camp auditions but, I feel really happy that GANPARE was entrusted to do a 24h stream. I think it’ll also be hard on members being awake for 24h. They’ll also have to plan.


- Instead of running alone, there’s a consciousness of “doing it as GANG PARADE”.

Coco: It can sound ridiculous as I’m the one running but, feeling wise is like a 7 member’s challenge. Even if someone else runs, I want to stay with this same feelings, because this is how GANPARE has being doing things until now. It’s not like “All for one, one for all” but this feeling started back during training camp auditions, and became stronger after Aya joined.



- The talk with go around but, with which feelings are you facing <BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR>.

Coco: During the <WACK FES> on 12/8 we were told that the trade between Saki and Aya would end, I had gloomy feelings. But we hadn’t heard Aya’s feelings. Among that there was the sousenkyo and a lot of events so everyone’s feelings were unstable. There was also a slightly tense period. I thought it was bad to start a tour with those feelings so the day before we had a talk and heard Aya’s feelings.


- Which kind of talk it was?

Coco: We were down to 2 alternatives. Something like “BiS or GANPARE, which one!?”. There was a feeling we wanted to hear it was GANPARE, because she said “I want to have a major debut with GANPARE”, I thought I wanted her to show this attitude. Because we don’t know anything other than GANPARE, our feelings are inclined to GANPARE, right? But from Aya’s perspective, who knows both BiS and GANPARE, she likes both, she can’t simply refuse one and like the other so easily. Then we heard from her “Because I like both groups, now I won’t think about BiS, and do things as GANPARE in this remaining time”. I thought it was certainly like that. Not choosing either, but choosing both at the same time, I really accepted that. With that, I want to have more consideration, and we had a first day that would show that “These 7 are GANPARE”.


- Specifically, what kind of things are you looking and deciding?

Coco: For example, the member who makes the call during the circle before live changes every time, we look back at each live after they end. We decided to talk about all of our impressions, we’ll make a tour built by everyone.

- Before the live yesterday, a lot of times we could hear members voices.

Coco: Because the member in charge of the MC on that city is also doing the call before the live, yesterday it was the first time Dock did it. Feelings were overwhelming. It’s interesting we can hear member’s different calls before the lives, it’s refreshing and fun.

- It’s like little by little the 7 members feelings came together?

Coco: That’s it. We know that the number of lives we can do as the 7 of us are decreasing. When it comes to that each song comes with a gripping. For me there are a lot of “gripping” points… Ah, it’s lonely, really. So far I wasn’t touched by “sugar” but, recently I’ve been moved by it. That’s bad, I’ll cry….


Coco: There are cool songs which we carry trough with vigor but, during “sugar” the audience is really smiling. When I saw that I realized the good things we produced as the 7 of us. Excuse me, I’m sorry.

- It’s ok.

Coco: The, there’s “WINTER SONG”, a song I personally have deep affection for. This is the last winter I’ll pass with Aya, next winter it’ll be a different formation. Also during “UNIT” there’s a part me and Aya sing shoulder to shoulder, there are a lot of feelings there, during “PPG” (pretty pretty good) there’s a formation we stand in one line but, Aya sings the first time and I sing the second. There’s an embroidery in the back of everyone’s outfit, right? Only Coco can see Aya’s back. Thinking about that I remember the very first <Gyuuzou FES>. Because the first song was “PPG”. Yesterday I told Dockson “Makes me think about<Gyuuzou FES>, to which she sayd “Ah, right”. Yesterday too it came if a grip. Depending on the song there are a lot of memories… it’s hard… (tears).

- It’s hard when all those feelings haven’t settled down, there’s also the marathon.

Coco: (nasal voice) That’s right. Because of that, on the contrary, now I want run fast. I’ll be running tomorrow this time (13h). I’ll be running trough Odawara.

- So far there was 5 members running and a lot of things but, this time there’s a staff just for Coco. The staff team will also pile up their 100km marathon experience (laughs).

Coco: Because there are a lot of people with more experience than me at 100km, it feels really reassuring. But members wont be running along, I wonder how it will turn out with the physical distance. I wont be able to watch niconama while I run, there’s a live 2 days after the marathon, “This is GANPARE” “This is WACK” “This is Coco Partin Coco”, I want to convey this.



- On 2/20 the last single with Aya “BREAKING THE ROAD” will be released. The coupling song “toro ikura uni tabetai”, feels a lot like a GANPARE song (laughs).

Coco: GANPARE has a lot of amplitude, right? If you think reversely, it’s a song neither BiS, BiSH or EMPiRE can sing. There might be people with an allergy reaction like “What is that” but, with lives and MV and activities we just have to turn that thought around. I think like that to the point of saying “A good song came!” “I’m sorry we just received another song that will become a weapon” (laughs). I really think “toro ikura uni tabetai” is great. GANPARE, will buzz!!

- It’s weird, feels like there’s more energy put into “toro ikura uni tabetai” than the lead song “BREAKING THE ROAD” (laughs).


Coco: Ahahahah (burst of laughter). Well, it’s like that, because it was decided on Shibuya’s BGM, there’ll be flags and an advertising truck. I picture it spreading among foreigners, “toro ikura uni tabetai” playing at New York, people from New York thinking it’s a hit, Just Bieber tweeting about it.

- (laughs).

Coco: As I thought, in order to surpass BiS, BiSH, EMPiRE there’s no other way but go all in and buzz! That’s why this year we but buzz! “toro ikura uni tabetai” is a turning point for this. That’s why I’m putting effort in it.

- The lead song “BREAKING THE ROAD”, what type of song is it?

Coco: “BREAKING THE ROAD” is a really important song. GANPARE feelings are all into it. Our straight, sweltering, annoying feelings, it’s the song that shows the most “comrades, team” concept. It’s a song we can sing because Aya came and we build as 7 of us, it’s the song that shows this formation the most. There are sing-a-long parts, singing shoulder to shoulder, lastly there’s a choreograph run like crazy, things like that I’m personally excited about.

- Lastly, what kind of live do you want Mynavi BLITZ to be?

Coco: It’s the last live we’ll do as the 7 of us including Aya… I think I’ll start crying soon… Even pinning that down I’m desperate. If we don’t make a BLITZ that shows “in order to GANPARE to go higher” there won’t be a next time, I want to call everyone who comes to this live to the next one. GANPARE roots, I think it’ll be nice if we can show that as GANAPRE 7 members and Asobinin. We’ll make it the best live!!