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[GANG PARADE] Coco Partin Coco, first interview “I want to prove the reason the 3 of us joined”

Changing it's name from POP, the current active idol group GANG PARADE. After the withdrawal of Shigusawa Ao and Inukai Maaya, at the Nagoya one man on 10/2 the new member Can Maika joined, and on 10/6 it was announcement of the shocking admission of former SiS members, Terashima Yuuka, Yui Ga Dockson and Coco Partin Coco. Among this agitation GANG PARADE released the high resolution distribution of their first album since the name change (without the 3 new members, a 4 member recording). The first interview of the 3 new members will be publicized in 3 articles. The first live with a 7 member formation will happen on 11/13 at Shinjuku BLAZE one man. How about listening to their work and attending it.


Interview: Coco Partin Coco

Friendly and sociable, the mood maker Coco Partin Coco who will make the place cheerful immediately. Seem like he girl from Nagoya who was referred to during the BiS audition as Paripi, was raised in an unprecedented household that had a jungle-gym in their residence. Nonetheless, her basis is diligent with a strong redoubled considerations for others. Even among the 3 new members she'll take the initiative and calm the situation, during GANG PARADE introduction meeting, the girl talked carefully about their own admission. With what kind of thoughts did Coco passed the shocking last months, we heard about it in this long interview.


Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada



- Looking at Coco's twitter, someone full of hope who just left to Tokyo is conveyed. Failing the BiS audition, SiS stopping it's activities, you passed trough some heavy situations, did you feel your heart would break?


Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): My heart broke. More then when I failed BiS, it was harder with SiS disappeared.


- In short, means that you had a great hope in SiS, right?


Coco: I had. The feedback from people around us, we heard a lot of commentaries looking forward to it, it was hard but I thought it was worth doing it. But, it became a one night group….


- SiS first one man live, how was it?


Coco: It was really at the last moment, with MC and setlist being delivered 23pm of the day before but, we properly rehearsed and there was a good popularity on niconama. But when the audience came and the real thing started the hooting was incredible…. I imagined a calls and humorous hooting from kenkyuuin but, because there was also calumny all of my own pace got out of order. When I get on a pace I'm really into it but, because if I get one miss everything becomes hopeless at once, I don't remember at all the contents of the live from there on…. The MC subjects too just left as a whole and my mind went blank.


- Furthermore after this live, it was announced that SiS activities would be suspended but, when you heard that, what did you feel?


Coco: I heard that, gradually my hands started to become pale (laughs). It was like we were completely stroked by a heavy impact that the tears wouldn't fall. Yui Ga Dockson also didn't cry even once during the live but, just that time she was sobbing. Terashima and I passed what was happening and tears wouldn't fall. We couldn't grasp the situation, it was all too uncertain. I would just think about what would happen from there. That perhaps I couldn't possibly go back to Nagoya. I also didn't know how much of everyone went as planned, I started to think maybe I was a farce, but the atmosphere was completely awful….

- Dockson said it was an atmosphere you would start laughing if you lost focus.


Coco: I, laughed one. Like Haha. There were over 30 minutes of silence, it was like you could hear everyone's stomach. In a situation no one was saying anything, when the silence was finally broke, when I said “Is SiS disbanding?” I was told “Well...”, and laughed. It was this type of mood.


- After this situation, Coco didn't give up on being an idol.


Coco: I thought about what if I went back to Nagoya but, feeling wise it was impossible. Even if I was just to be active, I thought I had to be affiliated to an office. Because I had no intermediary and was in a situation I didn't knew left and right, while thinking maybe I had no choice but go home, I went to talk with other members. Then Yuyu (Terashima Yuuka) said “I definitely won't go home”, I turned out like me neither!!. From there we started to believe we had to think something ourselves. That's why that talk was so significant, I'm glad it happened.


- What did you talk about?

Coco: We thought about a lot from an amateur point of view, first maybe it's better to talk to Watanabe-san first. Pour Lui-san said in an interview “He makes people around him become serious”, so we thought maybe that's the first thing we should attempt. Taking aside the fact that SiS ended, it felt like everyone was thinking about what would happen next.


- Then you went to WACK and encountered with Junnosuke-san by chance.


Coco: We went with the intention that first of all we should try going to WACK, and ended up meeting Watanabe-san. Eh? Amazi-Eh?!!.


- After that, he took you to eat yakiniku, and you conveyed your feelings.


Coco: He took us 2 days after that but, we talked until afternoon. We were all nervous, if we didn't solve things here our lives would be over. It was not time for meat, I threw up.





- You braced yourself to that point. Coco was a kenkyuuin before too, right? You uploaded BiS goods photos on Twitter.


Coco: When I was packing to move the Yokohama Arena ticket appeared. Because I was a fan since around the time Tenko-chan joined, I didn't knew them from 5 members era but, I went to lives in Nagoya.


- During the BiS audition individual interview you said you had a jungle-gym in your house, didn't you? Your college was also high class, you come from a quite prosper family.


Coco: No no, we're super middle class family. At college too the other girls were way more incredible. Like a girl who had a helicopter license, or of a family of high class sumo wrestles, or the top floor of a really high class mansion was all their house.


- But normally one doesn't have a jungle-gym (laughs).


Coco: Perhaps we're peculiar, I think it was rather an interesting household.


- How is your family?


Coco: They're really eccentric. Maybe my parents but there're no university graduates in our family, everyone is in independent business. Specially my mom was really eccentric.


- How was your mother?


Coco: She is a former yankee and was single but, around 1 year after she started her own business she put me into college. It was not like she would work hard to put provide thing because her daughter was in college but, seems like there was a time she was quite cornered. My mom was a model. There was also that so since earlier she would recommend entertainment related things. That's why I think she didn't oppose to it this time.

- Did you quit college?


Coco: For the time being I left my membership. Things are relatively complicated.

- Hearing this, indeed going back to Nagoya at this point, you can't just go back to your former living style.


Coco: Exactly. A lot of things happen, it also costs money. Might be weird to say it myself but I have a lot of friend, I came with everyone cheering for me. That's why there's also something that can't be over. It was an integrated school I went for 14 years, my parents worked hard to put me there so I couldn't drop it easily but, I thought that if it was to be active as BiS it would be ok so I came to the training camp. Even so if it breaks now I would be in trouble. It's the first time I went so far in an audition, I definitely couldn't let it go. By being calm and thinking I started to feel the weight of things.


- In the end you joined GANG PARADE, it's a curious fate you ended up being in the same group as Saki-chan who was a former member of the BiS you liked.


Coco: It's curious. Even now I can't quite believe it.




- How did you feel when it was decided you would become a member of GANG PARADE?


Coco: That time it would be ok if it was just routine tasks, I wanted to work with Watanabe-san no matter the form. Surprisingly that was to join WACK, moreover to be given a place to be active. I thought that time wise it would cause troubles to GANG PARADE but, I was really happy he offered a place to be active. Since SiS ended I saw other idols, they had outfits, they had their own songs, they had their own group names, they could perform lives and thought that was amazing. However, it's really happy if we only think about ourselves but, to Saki-chan and other seniors it seems like a complex situation.


- How was it when you first meet?


Coco: Because during SiS I met Yua-chan, Yamamachi-san and Saki-chan in a talk show, it was like long time no see but, I was really nervous. I explained the whole story but, I talked choosing my words really carefully. In order they wouldn't think I got on because it's a good story, I explained we were deeply sorry, and conveyed the feeling we were looking forward to working together.


- The occasions to meet increased and you are practicing together, are you throwing off reserves little by little?


Coco: Maybe it's something just I think but, it's more loose now (laughs). With occasions to talk increasing, I feel like I can joke around a little, and the skin-ship increases, I'm really happy.

- Regarding GANG PARADE, what's your image?


Coco: I've only seen them a couple of times but, the image is that among WACK and groups related to Watanabe-san it's the one with the most firm dancing, and the group with the best performance quality.


- By you joining that, what do you want to change?


Coco: First of all I think we can't let the performance quality to drop. Because we had a history of coming from BiS then from SiS, Saki-chan told us it would be good if we could shift that in a good direction. I really want to use the fact that things will be excited because there are 3 people joining, I want to make it in a good feeling.


- I think GANG PARADE's reformation period is exactly now. Seeing the feeling of the 3 today, I think you have elements GANPARE didn't had so far. That's why rather than matching GANPARE in a weird way, I thought it would be better to do things making the best use of the characters of the 3 of you.


Coco: Saki-chan too said it was ok to show our characters. By doing the BiS training camp, comparatively strong girls remained, right? In the other hand as an advantage the fact that we joined GANPARE, if we don't have individual flavors there's no point in joining, right? If it's not like that, it'll be just an increase in the number of members, that is not our charm but, if we were to buy individuality, it would be good if we could show that without being reluctant. I want to rise in a respectively a good way with Saki-chan and other seniors.




- It's the standard value of the 3 new members but, you are not cool or cute, but rather funny (laughs).


Coco: My personality is also this type. I'm the type that'll pursue fun and laughs rather than coolness.


- The 2 who went trough the same experiences and came with you to the next step, what do they mean to Coco?


Coco: Of course joining as 3, is much more reassuring then joining alone, is just really reassuring. There's the impact of being 3, at this side too I think it's a good thing the 2 of them are here. SiS started as 4 but, at the worst there was the chance of becoming just 1. Perhaps it's the intentions or feeling wise I think the more the better the people moving in the same direction, in this aspect we're 3 who sorta can't go back, there's the sense of security.


- I don't think there're a lot of people who can share this same type of experience.


Coco: That's right, isn't it? I think it's super special.

- Speaking of it, what is the meaning behind the name Coco Partin Coco?


Coco: I received 3 options from Watanabe-san but, he said his suggestion was Coco Partin. I really liked my name from SiS era, my parents were Channelers who like Channel, I thought of using the same name as that time. When I discussed it with Watanabe-san he said “If it was me I wouldn't use it because the previous one had a bad origin but”. Then I thought I should decide on the name Watanabe-san thought. Then what sort of chinko, Watanabe-san said something funny and weird. I thought that was interesting. There wasn't an interpose (inserting Partin between Coco and Coco) type so far, right? Adding the D, adding alphabet and having variations, but there wasn't an insert type and it's a dirty joke so, I thought that's it! And decided (laughs).

- (laughs). Can you tell us you thoughts towards your debut live at Shinjuku BLAZE?


Coco: I think from the point of view of previous GANPARE fans it's complicated but, I think there're a lot of things you can't understand if you don't see us on 11/13. Us 3, of course is also for our own sake but, I want to discover and prove the reason we joined. I want everyone to come see us because we're working really had everyday recklessly so that people will think it was a good thing we joined. I worry 'cause I make unexpected mistakes when I'm nervous but….

- Taking SiS one man experience, and getting on board.


Coco: It'll be nice if we can get on board in a good way but, I have a lot of stage fright, I don't know how it'll turn out. The singing parts of the current 4 will also change, there're place it'll become my name. If that's the caseI think the fans also have complex feelings. Of course I think the seniors also have complex feelings, in this way I can't possibly do things halfheartedly. That's exactly why, I want to work hard so people will think it was good it became 7 in the end.