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[Series compilation]GANG PARADE Vol.4 Can Maika “I want to show more the feeling of “we’ll do it”

GANG PARADE, 7 members group from from WACK, same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 2017/5 an indefinite trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince happened; they released their first album with the new formation with Aya and had an overcrowded huge success live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. Since 2018/2 they are on a tour of 8 cities; on 2/20 the last single with these 7, including Aya, will be released; on 2/23 the tour final at Mynavi BLITZ will take place. Then on 3/3 the rental trade will end and a closing ceremony will take place at BiS one man live <BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??>, on ¾ at Ryoukoku Kokugikan. In the midst of this shocking situation we’ll publish GANG PARADE individual interviews. Fourth one, Can Maika appears.


Can Maika, the main member responsible GANG PARADE’s choreography. During the rental trade with Kamiya Saki’s absence, Maike stepped up and became the center to bring a new trend in GANPARE’s dance, building up the 7’s shape. And so even now as to break the strong “Canmai is an honor student”, during the tour she sings seriously a ballad song while wearing a panty hose in her head. While constantly breaking out of her shell, we heard about the thoughts and feelings of Can Maika who’s showing us a new side of her.


Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada

Edition assistance: Okamoto Takayuki


- While interviewing other members, the opinion that the period during WACK sousenkyo was uneasy but, how were Maika-san feelings?

Can Maika (under, Maika): By no means it was like my feelings were of anxiety but, among WACK group members because my twitter follower’s number was scarce, it was like there wasn’t much being expected from me. I wasn’t cornered to the point of being unstable.

- Like, you had nothing to lose?

Maika: Exactly. Because I had nothing to lose, I think the anticipation of how much can I go up from here was bigger.

- About being given ranking, how did you feel about that?

Maika: I wasn’t too interested in being given ranks but, because I thought it was an opportunity to deepen fans feelings of unity, I think it was a good thing. I think GANPARE’s feeling of “It will be nice if we all go up” was bigger than other groups so, I think this point was positive.

- As a result, Maika-san ranked on 12th place.

Maika: I was surprised I ranked in all middle results since the 2nd one. I thought that the fans of other girls just hadn’t voted yet but, that gave me a lot of confidence. The number you see on twitter or other things isn’t everything.

- During this period, how was GANPARE’s atmosphere?

Maika: It wasn’t really that tense but, because there was girls who ranked and girls who didn’t, there were some down scenes but, I think it was an atmosphere like “let’s make more transmissions from now on”. When I was wondering if I should submit something via twitter, the members said “Obviously to Maika dancing it good, right?”. Even though we were competing to get a solo debut if we can in 1st and 2nd, I wondered how would be to dance but, I thought that what I could do with confidence was dance so during the appeal broadcast I danced. This aspect too of everyone cooperating I think it was a good thing.


- Currently, we are in the middle of the national “BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR” tour but, how are you facing it?

Maika: It’s the last tour with Aya, and we are displaying the form we did so far while suffering. While showing us 7 and building a playground feeling it’s the last tour, so I’m facing it wanting to show this form properly.

- Could you see the 7’s uniqueness?

Maika: That’s it. Like we could slowly start to show our individualities, after becoming this formation each and everyone of us was able to live a lot of characters.

- During the tour’s short story, Maika-san became the bullied character. There’s a lot that’s different from Maika-san image, before you played a bitchy type of character too, right? How do you perceive being able to show those aspects?

Maika: Personally, I broke trough the feeling of having to only show good things on stage, I’m happy that asobinin who didn’t came to special meetings so far started to come. Because I didn’t go trough a training camp audition, the audience doesn’t now those deep aspects. It has been one year since I joined GANPARE but, I think there’s the image of “Canmai is an honor student”. But it’s like I think that during the short story I changed the way people see me, I’m happy there’s the aspect of “She can do that too?”.

- During the training camp auditions one’s mind is sharpened and when they can’t think about anything, those people individuality comes out.


Maika: I think the fans want to cheer on by seeing that. But, I don’t know if people will want to cheer on me after seeing me with a panty hose in my head (laughs).

- Ahahahahahaha (laughs).

Maika: But I’m happy I can show this side of “She also does funny things like that”.

- By the way, have you ever in your life used a panty hose in your head?

Maika: I haven’t (laughs)! I did a panty hose sumo with Coco during Coco’s “BusuChallenge” but, not ever since (laughs). In the end it’s painful, that thing. On the first day I bought the panty hose myself at the convenience store. Because I thought that a thin material would let people see my face better I bought it but was told “Even using it you’re not that ugly”… After that the manager Tsujiyama-san bought it for me, but because men don’t know the types and variety he got a really thick one. Yuyu and Coco mostly make me wear it but, my neck was really really painful!


- Hahahahaha (laughs).

Maika: Furthermore I sing “WE ARE the IDOL” chorus like that, so my face is really compressed. I’m often asked “Isn’t it painful?” but, it really is (laughs). Furthermore, I can’t see in front or me. Because my face become really ugly, I can’t actually open my eyes that much… It’s really troublesome.

- Not only that, in a ballad such as “WE ARE the IDOL”, no one thought it could happen so far.

Maika: That’s right. Aside from myself everyone is doing it seriously, because it’s a good song, I think I have to do it properly while wearing a panty hose in my head so I sing it while smiling. When I turn around and I laughters happen I think in my heart “YES!” (laughs).

- You became able to accept this aspect of yourself too, and show it.

Maika: Exactly. I don’t hate it at all, it’s actually fun.



- The last single with Aya “BREAKING THE ROAD” will be released but, the coupling song “toro ikura uni tabetai” is also intense. It hasn’t been performed yet but, is Maika-san thinking about the choreography?

Maika: “BREAKING THE ROAD” had the choreography completed and MV was shot but, actually to me it was a field I disliked. Because usually I only hear major J-POP or Idol songs, I hadn’t ever done a choreography for a rock song, so I couldn’t had any ideas from the start. Because I wanted to do something with the chorus that everyone could do together, I thought about what I should do. That’s why, to some extent I become a pivot and think about it but, I did the movements by being helped by other members the most so far.

- How did you made it together with the members?

Maika: No matter what I wanted to have a movement with all of us shoulder to shoulder, so first I did added this to the chorus but, seeing the lyrics, everyone said “It fits better here”, so I added it to the part before the chorus. Because it’s the last single as the 7 of us, I wanted to show a shape as the “7 as 1” aspect. That and, the intro and A melody I thought on the spot. Primarily Coco and Doku but, they are always giving crazy ideas so, I made in a “Good” feeling.

- Surely seems hard to make “BREAKING THE ROAD” choreography.

Maika: Band members don’t dance, do they? There’s the image of raising their hands and agitating them. But because one of the unique aspects of GANPARE is the uniform dance, I had a hard time thinking on how to show the “wild boar flavor” of running straight. As a result, it became a choreography we are always moving so it’s really tiring (laughs). Make it fun. Right now the choreography for “toro ikura uni tabetai”, I’m still thinking about it.

- It’s an intense song to the point that the story is told until the chorus, so I wonder what type of choreography it will be (laughs).


Maika: I want to make it with the image of being really cool until the chorus, and then being “Eeh!?” at the chorus. Also, because everyone is saying they want it to buzz!!, I want to make something anyone can do, that will become popular everywhere in the world.


- Having sushi as the keyword, it would be nice if it could reach foreigners. The tour left can be counted in one hand but, how’s the feedback?


Maika: We ourselves have the “can do more” feeling. It’s like we are getting into defense, we really feel like “can we go further”. Because there are people who can’t attend but at certain locations, I want to make lives over 100 points anywhere, I keep going with those feelings.


- To make the tour better you are also talking after every live.


Maika: We are. We were also able to talk before the tour started, lately when the tour is ending we have reflection talks in the car of while eating. The meetings to discuss about “Let’s improve here, do it like that next time” have increased. The thing all the members aim at is the same, we’ll make “everyone’s playground” something better than the common sense.


- The one man at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka will have GANPARE’s most capacity so far. What kind of live do you want it to be?


Maika: I think the recent LIQUIDROOM live was the best one recently. Not only our performance, our feelings were properly conveyed to the audience. I want to make a live that surpass that. It’s the tour final and it’s also the last to see the 7 formation with Aya in a big venue for a long time. I’m still thinking about which are the right feelings to face it but, more than sad feelings, I want to show more the GANPARE like reckless “Let’s do it!!” feeling. I want to make a live we can show “We can still go from here”. Because if even one person thinks “You’ll stop here?” then it will become it. I want to make it a live to properly show that GANPARE can still keep going!