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GANG PARADE New member, Can Maika first interview “if I become negative there’s no meaning in joining”

GANG PARADE, the idol group who changed it’s name from POP. On last “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016” the youngest member Shigusawa Ao withdraw, when the remaining 4 members would start again, the member Inukai Maaya went on a break, to then announce withdraw. In the midst of this agitation, on 10/2 at the Nagoya one man the new member, Can Maika joined. In her debut live she suddenly participated in all songs, fascinating the audience with formation and intense dance. OTOTOY will publicize Can Maika’s first interview.


A new member joined GANG PARADE. The girl’s name is Can Maika. The girl who used to be active in anther idol group, has a father who is a kenkyuuin (BiS fan name), and herself likes HelloPro. She learned dance since she was a child, to Maika who has the experience of being completely absorbed in dance during middle school, there’s no doubt she’ll become a great weapon the GANPARE with the intense moves and formations. We heard from Can Maika, who has a strong feeling for changing GANPARE we caught on a glimpse.



- Please tell us what made you apply to the new member’s audition.

Can Maika (under, Maika): Actually my father is a kenkyuuin. Of course I’ve seen lives since POP era myself and I liked GANG PARDE too so, I sent my application email around 2am of the day it started. But after I sent, I thought it would be a bother since it was late at night and started to think what should I do if I fail… (laughs).

- Ahahaha. Since you father is a kenkyuuin, did you listen to BiS songs often?

Maika: Yes. Actually I also applied to BiS and BiSH auditions but I ended up failing at the documents… (At groups produced by Watanabe Junnosuke-san) This time is the 3rd time, I thought 3rd time is the charm so I sent it.

- When the answer that you passed the paper judging came you were really happy, right?

Maika: When the email came, I was with my older sister but, I screamed (laughs). Because I had failed twice I thought it was a lie.

- During the interview after the document judging, GANPARE members were there as judges.


Maika: They were. When I entered the office everyone was there I got nervous at a breath. Not only that, I thought there would only be question and answer session, but I was told to sing and dance, my mind went blank. Because I like hellopro, I did a song from Matsuura Aya-san but, because I’ve been doing dance since elementary school I was good, so I got a lot of movements from other dances and made an improvisation (laughs).


- After passing the nervous interview, how did you feel when you got the contact saying you would be joining the group?


Maika: Until that there was a contact at the day right after the interview but, the final results contact didn’t really come. That’s why I thought they had decided on someone else and were delaying the contact but, a call from the manager Tashima-san came. Because the tone of the voice was low I thought “Ah as I thought I failed” and got prepared but I was told “Please we definitely want you to join”, I just froze there. I got a lot of informations like “The recordings will begin” but, my feelings wouldn’t catch up. After that I slowly started to see the reality, the tears just started to fall.

- Happy tears?

Maika: That, mixed with surprise tears.



- I want to hear from Maika-san herself but, ho was you time as a child?

Maika: When I was a child I did dance and gymnastics and I loved being in front of other people. Before that I also learned piano but, I couldn’t stay still and sitting all the time was tiring so I quit (laughs). During elementary school I also did cheerleading.

- Study is?

Maika: I dislike it (laughs).

- Ahahaha. Other than that, was there anything you liked?

Maika: Since kindergarten I like Hello Project. My older sister and father also like hellopro, I think the beginning was them taking me to concerts. Now I really like Ikuta Erina-chan from Morning Musume. 16’, her dancing and influence is amazing, she noticeably stands out and is cute.


- Do you want to become like Ikuta Erina-san?

Maika: I’ve also taken hellopro auditions before but, it seems like a different world, instead of wanting to be like her the feeling of wanting to support her is stronger. Of course there’s also admiration from someone who also stands on stage.

- Did you had any club activities?

Maika: I was consistent during middle and high school, always dance club. Because during middle school the teacher didn’t really dance, I went to a school dance outside since I wanted to know more about dance. At club activities there was also national tournament but, you couldn’t participate if you had bad scores in school. From 1st to 3rd year of high school, I was chosen to the 10 member senbatsu from over 50 club members but, because my scores at tests were bad I continued to be left out of the tournaments… That’s why I haven’t been in any tournament (laughs).


- 3 years in a row?

Maika: Yes, I didn’t participate once in high school.

- It’s like you lost in everything (laughs).

Maika: That’s why I lived a high school life that was like performing at the cultural festival since all clubs had exhibitions.


- Did you also trained singing?

Maika: If I had time I would go to karaoke alone 3 or 4 times in a week. I always liked to sing, so I went to a music technical school, so I also had singing lessons at the vocal classroom.

- You also lived as an idol before joining GANPARE.

Maika: I like to support idols but, I didn’t really think about becoming one. At the course of events I ended up passing an office’s audition and started to be an idol but, I wasn’t awake since the beginning but ended up knowing joy…

- As you thought you wanted to be an idol.

Maika: I was torn between being an idol or an actress but, since I liked idols from before, I went to see lives after leaving my previous group, so the feeling of wanting to be in the stage became stronger.



- There are a lot of idol groups but, why did you decided to join a group produced by Watanabe-san?

Maika: There’s the fact that my father likes BiS but, I also started to listen to it and came to like it so this was a big part of it. Also, rather then an idol idol group, I like groups that are cool and intense.

- You joined GANPARE, how were you father feelings?

Maika: He was definitely happy. I called him after being accepted but, when he came home that night he was happy saying “Congratulations” while crying (laughs).

- GANPARE is a group with a different color than BiS and BiSH, what kind of group you think it is?

Maika: I think it’s a group that the dance is intense, and the members enthusiasm is so high that they perform recklessly with all their strength, I really like that. There are aspects that are compared to the other two groups but, it’s captivating how they are earnestly working hard, I want to aim at high places with them.

- After joining GANPARE, what’s the first thing you did?

Maika: After joining the first time I met the members was during the album recordings but, because it was along with the songs I was nervous from the beginning to the end. Because it was a compilation of songs made to the album, there were only songs I haven’t ever heard once, I didn’t know how I should sing them, even listening to everyone sing it didn’t felt real… Of course it did but, it’s not like it didn’t, it was more a like I didn’t understand. I too became a member, so honestly I was anxious to wether it would be GANPARE-ish.

- The current GANAPRE, in comparison to BiS and BiSH is in a period they have to go all out, I think Maika-san is one of the triggering explosives. With exception of Saki-chan, there were a lot of members who had no experience as an idol, within that it’s a group that solidified by stacking experiences and desperately learning dances. Among that there were members who left, so you joined in situation that a change is needed but, isn’t there insecurity?

Maika: Of course there is. My debut live is 10/2 at Nagoya but, there are around 25 songs from pre-existent songs to album compilations, in order to learn all that, I’m currently desperately practicing. I still can’t call members using “-chan”, I use formal speech but, if I start to become too negative it’s like there’s no meaning in joining.

- How does Maika-san want to change GANPARE?

Maika: I don’t have any merit but singing and dancing, so the fact that I joined, I want it to become an opportunity to people say that GANPARE and it’s performance became better. Also, I have to work hard and increase the number of fans. Now, in order to sold out the one man at Shinjuku BLAZE, everyday I post videos on twitter or make a countdown, I’m also considerably doing lessons so, I want to catch up with a lot of things in the one month since my debut live, I definitely want to have Shinjuku BLAZE sold out.

- Even in BiSH live where new members will join it’s in a situation that they’ll only participate in the last 3 songs but, Maika-san will suddenly participate in every song.

Maika: If I just participate in the last songs then it’s the same as BiSH, isn’t it? If I show something complete since the beginning the response will also be different, I want to live up to fans expectations while also betraying them in a good way!

- To change the present, you challenge by going maximum speed from the start.

Maika: To not become negative, I have no way but do it!!