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GANG PARADE, 3rd National Tour Sapporo part – There’s no point if I don’t break out of my shell

- 2017/07/16, tour second day Sapporo – COLONY

GANG PARADE started on July 8th their national 5 live tour <GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain TOUR>. The second live that took place in Hokkaido happened at Sapporo COLONY.

GANG PARADE did 3 national tours soo far, but this day was the first time in Hokkaido. If you open the lid, the local Asobinin (GANG PARADE fan naming), and the Asobinin who came from far gathered and the COLONY that had a 200 people capacity had people all the way to the back.


- First live at Sapporo, and a short story

The 7 members came to stage at the appointed time. The first song intro that played was, just as the Osaka stage, “WE ARE the IDOL”. It had the fact it was the first live at Sapporo, but the audience also looked quiet at the beginning, as the music continue the temperature rise. From this state it was clear that with close of 2 years of existence there was a solid Asobinin base at Sapporo.

As the live went on with songs of the new and old GANG PARADE, a short story, recent custom at lives, happened. This tour’s short story main focus is Kyan Maika. At the Osaka stage, the short story server as a base for the spread of rumor that Kyan Maika has been exchanging LINE with male staffs; this day with a subject of local change it was impressive how it was highly accomplished. 

At a live of almost 1 hour and a half, with the representative song of GANPARE’s first period “pretty pretty good” the atmosphere of the moderate guests was smashed down, and lastly with  Planime, POP and GANG PARADE’s representative song over time “Plastic 2 mercy”, the curtain was closed after showing a great climax.

- From now on there’re no lies, I want to fight with the real me

The 7 come with the encore call. Kyan Maika was responsible for the MC.

“<Beyond the Mountain TOUR> started, this time Sapporo’s stage is the second live. So far the lives happened at the 3 places of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, but from this tour we are able to come to Hokkaido, steadily the scale is becoming bigger, I’m really happy.  For coming today, everyone, thank you soo much.

By trying to show myself better, I have a strong feeling of wanting to show myself better to others, because of that just like other girls around me, I became really boring… I thought I wanted people to think good of me, I was really afraid of being hated, I lived as if I was harmless and inoffensive. Even though I’m in WACK, I had this strange pride, this me was really disgusting, it was inevitable to hate it.

At the short story, I was really afraid of showing various sides of myself, it was really scary, I was uneasy by the reactions but, everyone laughed, I was really happy it seemed I could show everyone some of my real side. I lived soo far pretending I was a girl who could do anything, but this isn’t the truth, I’m not anywhere near the orthodox type. Actually, it’s dangerous the character of how I can think about why I’m not the first, actually thinking I’m the cutest, I think I’m not the person everyone imagines but, I want to expose everything now.

At this <Beyond the Mountain TOUR>, the one I have to surpass is myself, even though I received many chances I couldn’t do anything, I’m really frustrated. This time I have to come out of my shell,  there’s no point of me being here, I said before I wanted to become GANG PARADE’s ace, but because I can’t even become that, I can’t say the propper words but, from now on with no lies, I want to fight with the real me. The GANG PARADE where Kyan Maika is, someday I want to become someone people will say that about.”

Enduring tears while talking, Kyan Maika. Though with difficulty with the words, the girl who talked about her not repaired self, did the call to the encore the new song “Beyond the Mountain”. The MC by Terashima Yuuka at the Osaka stage as also like that, as memebers, as GANPARE, with the song that became their new anthem about their determination of crossing over the mountains before them, the first stage at Sapporo ended.

At the next day, the 17th, GANGPARE will go to Nagoya and perform at their Nagoya stage. After that next weekend their first Sendai oneman, tour final oneman at Tokyo Shibuya WWW are expected. Now what kind of stage will GANGPARE show after surpassing their own walls and mountains. There’s no way to take our eyes out of that growth. (Nishizawa Hiroo)

Photo: Jumpei Yamada.