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GANG PARADE, 3rd National Tour Osaka part – If it’s these seven I believe we can go anywhere higher

-2017/07/08 Osaka LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE

GANG PARADE started on July 8th their national 5 live tour <GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain TOUR>. The first live was in Osaka at LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE.

Yesterday GANG PARADE just had their two man live <THE DUEL> with BiSH at Ebisu Liquid Room. They went on the first day of tour right after revealing to the public their new outfits and new song “Beyong the Mountain”.

The 7 members went on stage with SE right on time. The first song intro that played was “WE ARE the IDOL”, that hasn’t been performed live in a while. Among the enthusiastic Asobinin (GANG PARADE’s fan naming) there was a commotion cheering.

As the live went on with songs of the new and old GANG PARADE a short story, a new custom established at recent lives, was introduced. A little different from recent ones, this was focused on Kyan Maika making it a noisy atmosphere and causing relief laughters.

The hall was really hot, almost like sweat could come out of the venue’s ceiling. The original last song was a representative of the group since the early days “Plastic 2 mercy”.  As the Asobinin became one in a great excitement, the curtain fell.

If it’s GANG PARADE, if it’s these 7. Terashima Yuuka was responsible for the MC.

“From today <GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain TOUR> started. Thank you soo much everyone for coming at the first day in Osaka. Yesterday the TV special “Orchestra story” was aired on Space Shower TV; I took part in that training camp, I didn’t understand what those candidates wanted to become to make them go there, só while in the camp I always thought about what these girls want to become, why did they came here. I myself hate the current me, because I wanted to change I took the audition but, even though there was a me who wanted to change, there wan’t a me I wanted to become, even now I’m troubled by that. Yesterday we did a live with BiSH, as I thought BiSH is a big existence, I think it’s a wall we can’t surpass easily.

From today the tour named <Beyond the Mountain TOUR> started, I think there are a lot of mountains we have to cross over from now on. I don’t know where the goal is, alone I can’t do anything, I can’t cross a single mountain, but, if it’s GANG PARADE, if it’s these 7, I think we can absolutely surpass them.

I want to continue standing here and singing GANG PARADE songs, stand here, soo far in my life the things I didn’t feel, the me I couldn’t expose, I became able to express it. Because of that, I, we want to from now on too always continue to stand on stage, always aiming higher. If it’s these 7 I believe we can go anywhere higher. I still don’t know what me I want to become but, I will trust I’ll find it and keep moving forward. This song, it is our resolution song. Please listen to it.”

The song that was called while tears were falling was “Beyond the Mountain”. The first performance at Osaka, during the refrain the venue became one raising both hands, and lastly “FOUL” was announced. The sing-along with Asobinin tour first day curtain was closed.

From now the tour will go to Sapporo, Nagoya, Sendai, and the last live will happen at Tokyo Shibuya WWW. Now, what kind of story will they create. And what kind of growth will they show. It seems they’ll drawn much more attention. (Nishizawa Hiroo)