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GANG PARADE 3rd National Tour Nagoya part – In order to surpass myself, this easy-going me

- 2017/07/17, Tour 3rd day Nagoya – APOLLO BASE

GANG PARADE started on July 8th their national 5 live tour <GANG PARADE Beyond the Mountain TOUR>. The third live took place in Nagoya at July 17th at APOLLO BASE.

The day before GANPARE did their first one-man live in Sapporo. After sleeping in Sapporo, they took the first plane to Nagoya, but along the way an unexpected incident happened. The member Coco Partin Coco forgot her smartphone on the train in the way to the Shin Chitose Airport. Usually Coco is the fastest member to like fans tweets, the shocked seemed soo big we saw her in an uneasy state. Also it was a triumphal return live at Coco’s hometown Nagoya, and her birthday is in the day after. Soo, what kind of live would it be. This was a highlight point.

Now, soo far GANGPARE did 3 national tours, this also was their 3rd one-man live at Nagoya. Until now the 2 live’s venue was Shinsakae DAYTRIVE, but now the stage was at APOLLO BASE. The capacity that became bigger, of 250 people, was a big step-up, and he tickets also sold out fast; the one-man was a proof of this rising popularity.

- A hot live in Nagoya, the polished short story

Before the curtain rise the new manager Tsujiyama went on stage and explained about the rules “Photos and videos are OK; mosh, diving, lift, surf are prohibited”. With a soft spoken voice and an unusual use of japanese, the venue was embraced in a warm atmosphere.


The 7 came on stage at the beginning time. The first song intro that played was invariably the first one on this tour “WE ARE the IDOL”. Following with the uptempo “ISSIN ITTAI” the enthusiasm went up at once, the Asobinin (GANG PARADE fan naming) cheers became one.

After doing the call of “3rd FLOOR BOYFRIEND” that inserts member’s self-introductions, Yui Ga Dokuson said during the song interval “Everone, do you know? Coco’s cellphone was found at the Shin Chitose Airport!” announcing that the phone lost that morning was found. With Coco the Asobinin cheers of happiness rose, and the energy increased.

Letting us listening to new and old slow tempo songs, we went to the usual short story. The main focus of the short story during this tour is Kyan Maika. Just as the yesterday’s Sapporo MC when she stated she “want to expose everything”, the short story about a side she had never showed made the Asobinin laugh. With day by day updates, the completion degree was impressive.


With a 1 hour and a half live, just like yesterday’s Sapporo live, GANPARE’s first era representative song “pretty pretty good” made the guest’s excitement up one more degree, and lastly with Planime, POP, GANG PARADE’s representative song over time “Plastic 2 mercy” they showed an explosive climax.

- Coco’s MC “I’ve been easy on myself”

With the “mada tarinai” encore, once more the 7 came on stage. Following Terashima Yuuka at Osaka, Kyan Maika at Sapporo, this day MC was made by Coco Partin Coco.

“With the <Beyond the Mountain TOUR>, I’m happy I’m able to do a 2nd one-man live at Nagoya. Today, everyone thank you soo much for coming.

I’m actually since a long time ago a girl who can do a lot of things average. Because of that without aiming higher, like I settle there, I didn’t have the habit of working hard, lately I’ve been thinking about that a lot. (As a result), I became good at the habit of somehow being able to do things, I lived always like that. But since I entered this world, I entered GANG PARADE, when I skillfully repaired things, Watanabe (Junosuke /GANG PARADE’s office president)-san, the adults around me and people, fans, they all saw right through me. I learned in those 8 months that this isn’t a world I can go on living on the way I did of randomly mending things.

Among GANG PARADE I’m the one that the staff get mostly angry with, today too I forgot my cellphone at the train, things that everyone can easily do, I realized I took longer to do them. There were a lot of things that made me think that I can’t go to the top with everyone at GANG PARADE, at the entertainment, if I don’t live in a different way from the one I’ve been living.

At this <Beyond the Mountain TOUR>, there’s a song called Beyond the Mountain that carries the meaning of this tour, at Yuyu’s Osaka MC, or Maika’s yesterday Hokkaido MC, looking at them I thought a little like me I must face myself properly. “Nagoya’s MC is Coco”, when I was said that I thought about it gradually but, I couldn’t think about anything. There were a lot of useless things and issues, I couldn’t understand what was that I needed to surpass. I thought about it until today’s morning, a lot of feelings that went into it, one year before, when I thought about what kind of person I was before joining GANG APRADE, I came to the conclusion I have been easy on myself until now.

I think WACK is a fascinating agency where everyone is doing things over a 100% with all their power, I myself need to change that. As GANG PARADE I want to aim for the top, I want to continue stepping-up with everyone. At the end of this <Beyond the Mountain TOUR>, the me that was easy on myself, this loose me, I need to grow in my own way, lastly I decided work in order to meet someone who grew more than the myself of today. In order to surpass myself, this easy-going me, lastly let us sing this song.”

With Coco’s determination, the last song “Beyond the Mountain” starts to play, and with it them Asobinin put up their red glow sticks, at the back of the venue with a surprise birthday banner they congratulated Coco.

A National 5 live tour. Last weekend their first Sendain oneman live, the final day will happen at Tokyo Shibuya WWW. Little by little surpassin their own walls and mountains, what kind of stage will GANG PARADE’s 7 members produce. It was a night in Nagoya that increased the antecipation more and more. (Nishizawa Hiroo)

Photo: Jumpei Yamada