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The seven members idol group GANG PARADE (under, GANPARE). Since May 2017, with the indefinite trade with BiS between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince, the group is continuing activities with Aya as one of the 7 members. With this new formation they released their first album on 11/21. On 11/20 the live at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM had tickets sold out, the girls with promising growth’s past will be visited in this 3 part interview. Along that, the series with lamen’s reviews by Yui Ga Dokuson is renewed to curry in [Yui Ga Dokuson’s Fueled by Curry]!! Dokuson will seriously eat and make curry reports, and if she can’t complete the mission she’ll be immediately stoped!? Check the series along!!



GANG PARADE, idol group in WACK, the same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 11/20 their one man live at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM had tickets sold out quickly, the girls are ridding in the momentum. But so far their path hasn’t been easy. With 2 name changes, member’s withdrawal, Kamiya Saki’s hiatus, rental trades, etc, they surpassed many walls by persevering steadily. At OTOTOY, we’ll look back at the path with the current 7 members, publicizing their story in 3 parts. We don’t want to overlook GANPARE’s promising growth.

Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photo: Jumpei Yamada



- Beginning 2017, the number of appearances with groups of same WACK production, BiS and BiSH, increased. Among the 3 groups GANPARE used to be the top batter but, on 01/03 at AKASAKA BLITZ during the MC Miki-chan made the declaration that they would change this order.


Aya Eight Prince (under, Aya): At this time I was still a BiS member but, I clearly remember thinking “Amazing!” when Miki-chan said “We’ll definitely change this order!!!”.

- From 02/12 to 02/15, GANPARE had a 4 consecutive days live at Nakano heavy sick ZERO, a place of start to WACK groups where former BiS had their first one man live.

Terashima Yuuka (under, Yuuka): Wasn’t it the first time we did a short play (laughs)?

Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): Originally we did a short play at in-store event at the beginning of the year and that was why Doku and Yuyu fought (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): The 2 of us talked a lot based on mistakes of that time. It turned out we wanted to show a satisfactory short play, since we are the kansai combi.

- From 03/28, trough 6 days the WACK training camp audition took place. From GANPARE Yua-chan and Yuyu, from BiS Pour Lui and Aya participated. With which feelings did you face the training camp audition?

Yumeno Yua (under, Yua): I thought it was a chance for people to know GANPARE’s name, it was also a chance to show Yumeno Yua’s name, so I thought I should do everything I could at my very best. I thought it would be a nice chance to make things that haven’t really worked out so far to work out from now on. To give your best was a characteristic of POP, so I faced it with the feeling of being like GANPARE.


Yuuka: Because I had the unconscious feeling that being in GANPARE meant you had an athlete soul of directly giving your best, I think that both of us had the unconscious thought of “Let’s snatch kennkyuuin and seisouin!!”. Besides, it’s not something you measure by the number of fans, depending of things there are circumstances we win over BiS and BiSH, so I thought we definitely had to go meaning to win on those things.

- The 5 members who didn’t go the training camp audition too came together and supported them.

Coco: Now too I can confidently say among the 3 groups we were the one with most unity. There was a LINE group the 2 of them didn’t participate, the situation there was incredible (laughs).

Yuuka: The 5 of them were supposed to be training until late at night, so in the early morning when the training camp marathon ended and I checked twitter, all 5 of them were tweeting. I thought “When do these people sleep?” (laughs).


Coco: Everyday I would set my alarm to 5:59am, wake up, immediately watch niconama, and check everything while eating bread (laughs). Because every once in a while there was a member who slept, we would share how things went. But basically everyone was awake.


Dockson: If there was anything that made the 2 of them slightly sad or shocked, the members who didn’t go to the training camp audition would make a fuss like “we won’t tolerate that”.

Coco: Because our mouth was really bad back then we would always use purification spray to improve the atmosphere (laughs).


Dockson: On niconama comment’s there would be people saying “who is GANPARE?”, so we would comment “GANPARE is the best!”.


Coco: Like “Yua-chan, cute!! Yua!! Yua!!”. Using the iPad Saki-chan had and our own smartphones we commented more than any other groups (laughs)! But after the training camp ended, the nature of comments changed, so we could see the change on the valuation regarding GANPARE, that made me happy.

Can Maika (under, Maika): I think the hard work of the 2 of them and their challenging spirit reached them.


Yuuka: On the other hand, the comments we didn’t see, we thought “they must be making fun of us, so we had to work hard!!”, this feeling won so we didn’t care.



- On 04/02 at Yokohama Red bricks Warehouse, the WACK free event <WACK EXHiBiTiON> happened, you performed in front of approximately 3.000 people. At this stage it was announced the rental trade between Aya and Saki, how were Aya’s feelings?

Aya: Back then I didn’t understand anything… Even now I regret saying “I will work hard as a temporary member”, Go Zeela and Peri Ubu cried, I didn’t imagined for a second I would be transferred. We joked among members that “someone might go to another group” but, I was nothing but surprised that I would trade with Kamiya Saki.

Coco: Saki-chan was always saying there might be something. I think she was prepared to accept everything.

Yua: She wrote a note too.

Coco: Yes! Saying that it was in case there was something. Because we didn’t knew which song they would do at the training camp, she put together a note to Yua and Yuyu with how to teach the dances to the candidates.

- After that, how did you communicate with Aya?

Yua: In order to become a GANPARE member, she gave her best remembering all songs, so I think I accepted it relatively easy.

Aya: It will become like a reviewing but, if I think about it now, when I was in BiS it felt like was following Puu-chan. Without thinking about anything, because Puu-chan is there, it will become alright somehow, like I didn’t think anything but that.

- After the WACK audition, when GANPARE’s unity became stronger, wasn’t Aya worried about entering this circle?

Aya: During April I was in a state of half crying, I couldn’t complain to anyone. Not even to BiS members, and to say it to GANPARE members would be weird, I thought I wished May would come fast. Even though I want to work hard, a lot of feelings were boiling, it was an uncertain period.

- On 04/25 the single FOUL was released, on 04/30 with the one man live at Shimokitazawa SHELTER the <GANG PARADE BODY&7SOUL Tour> started, on 05/01 the Aya trade to GANG PARADE started.

Yuuka: When Saki-chan left, for the first time I realized how much Saki-chan did.

Coco: I think in BiS the main figure was Pour Lui but, for us it was Saki-chan. The person with the longest career will leave us but, in BiS their number will increase, so I really worried about that too.

Dockson: At first Yuapippi worked really hard, she took the burden of more than a half of things that Saki-chan used to do. But each of us thought about what could we do and we each got in charge of that.

- Did the mood change after Aya joined?

Miki: I think the way the audience saw the lives also changed. Until now only Yuyu was tall but, since Aya joined the balance got better, Aya’s strong voice got in charge of the first refrain or the beginning of the refrain, with all that I think it changed.

- Aya was doing activities in BiS but, with joining GANPARE, what did you think was good about GANPARE?

Aya: GANPARE’s good point is being able to become one. BiS was like individually doing thing and freely YEY!!, but GANPARE it feels like everyone together making something. Inside WACK too that’s characteristic, I also thought the dance was cool. I even thought “that’s so cool!!” when I did it myself.

Coco: There are lot of songs you can play cool.

Aya: Like, I thought “I’m dancing!”

Coco: When the 3 former SiS members practiced to Shinjuku BLAZE one man, we said like “Amazing, it’s like dancing”, but isn’t dancing something obvious? But, before entering GANPARE there was no awareness of dancing. The 4 members who had that consciousness laughed. Maybe Aya felt like that too.

Aya: Yes. I thought “I’m dancing, isn’t it cool?! (laughs). The counting I didn’t know in BiS I first knew about it in GANPARE.



- 2 months after Aya joined, on 07/07, the two man live with BiSH <THE DUEL> happened at Liquid ROOM. Looking at it back now, how was it?

Coco: It was frustrating. On 01/03 at the waiting room on Akasaka BLITZ, I heard Watanabe-san saying to BiSH “You were overwhelming”. At that time, I thought there was no way we could win but, because on April at <WACK EXHiBiTiON> for the first time I thought we won over BiSH, that day I was really frustrated. Like our real abilities were tested, BiSH too isn’t going easy. Therefore, it was really frustrating.

Dockson: BiSH also did a short play but, we didn’t just lose at the live we also lost at the short play and that was really frustrating. Like they showed their strength again, BiSH did a performance taking the best use of our revolution, it was a day that we felt frustrated we lost regarding everything.

- Using such frustration, GANPARE showed excitement with the country wide 5 places one man live tour <Beyond the Mountain TOUR>. In reality didn’t you feel the response?

Aya: Response is the best so far. It will become a talk about this album but, GANG PARADE has released a lot of songs with different styles, like in a good way there is no consistency. There are new genre songs GANPARE-like, I’m really happy we can release new songs as the 7 of us. I think it’s like something made by the best so far.

- On 08/06 at the <SORRY!! NEXT BiS ONEMAN is 10.6!!> live at Akasaka BLITZ, the trade between Aya and Saki-chan was announced to be indefinite. How did you feel about that back then?

Aya: Before the live Watanabe-san came to the backstage and said “by the way the trade will be indefinite so, I’m counting on you”, that time I was truly relieved. Even if I was told “Please come back to BiS like that”, I didn’t feel like I left something behind, because I thought there were still things I could do as GANG PARADE.

Yua: The rental trade was supposed to be until September but, we didn’t really feel as a group we changed that much. If Saki-chan comes back and Aya leaves, I thought it wouldn’t be such a plus. I thought once more that we didn’t create a GANG PARADE with Aya, so because of that I think the way we passed September and the members awareness changed. It changed to the thoughts that the current 7 members must work more and more to become a unit and create GANPARE.

- Specifically, how it changed?

Yua: We became able to talk more than before. Before the start of BiS and GANG PARADE two man tour <HELL!! CLASH!! BREAK!! TOUR> we had one big talk, we also talked during practice, little by little our relation changed.

- At the waiting room on Sendai live for <Beyond the Mountain TOUR>, you did had a serious discussion while crying of “I want Yua-chan to talk about her true feelings”.

Yua: Back then it was like extending the line, after that we had a small talk but, in the end it continued feeling like settling things. But I started to think that we had to talk even if our relation breaks. Even during lives, there was a feeling of doing the live by oneself. Considering that, 2 days before the tour, we had an 8 hour long talk at the waiting room about everyone’s roots, why did we stand in the stage, why we are at GANPARE.


Dockson: We talked from our personal history (laughs). At that each one had a reason to be on stage, we got to know about those deep reasons. Before that I thought our feelings should be one towards the live but, even if we are temporarily different, if we understand each other mutually, fundamentally the feeling becomes one too, more fundamentally I think we were able to share what is important to each of us.

Coco: It’s not like the atmosphere was bad until now but, everyone was scared that we would break our relation. There was a WACK event, before that we said we couldn’t break it. But if we say that wont it remain like that forever? Because it always continued in a state of turning our face away, we  were able to finish that.



- Now we understood each one has a reason to stand in Liquid ROOM one man. Please let us hear everyone’s feelings.

Aya: Lately, I dream. GANG PARADE is in the room, 4 corpses fall. The dream itself wasn’t scary but, I thought it was bad so I searched about dream fortune-telling. By doing that it seems it was a good dream meaning I cut off past feelings, but when I thought about what were the 4 corpses, I thought maybe they were the other 4 original BiS members. There I thought I advanced with my true feelings. Around that time my heart too felt that, in a positive way, in a good meaning I could more forward without thinking about the past. So on 11/20 the people in front of me, behind, everyone, without leaving anyone behind, I will definitely show the coolest GANPARE so far!

Yua: It will turn 1 year since I joined GANPARE but, I think I really changed when I compare myself to the common way I lived. At the time of <THE DUEL>, the reason Liquid ROOM was filled was because of BiSH, I thought that the current us couldn’t fill it but, the one man tickets sold out, we finally came this far. I want everyone to see what we did so far, I want to show it. And I also want to do my best to convey the feelings that we’ll do more and more!!

Maika: Now I think about the album choreography, it’s a personal uneasy period but, because we can show the current 7 of us, I think it would be nice to show everyone our progress so far trough the choreography.

Miki: First, I think it would be nice if we could do a live to show the GANG PARADE we completed with Aya. So far it’s the biggest one man venue, but I want to show an overwhelming performance that’ll make everyone think that Liquid ROOM is small for GANPARE.


Dockson: On May we all saw the BiS Liquid ROOM one man live, but now we can perform a one man live at Liquid ROOM as GANG PARADE and it makes me really happy. At this day I’ll show everyone the coolest GANPARE so far in the most enjoyable way. It feels like we will go higher and higher but, I think it would be nice to convey this feeling to everyone. I’ll make it the best so far!!


Yua: I saw the live where it was announced BiSH major debut. Even though we started around the same time there was an incredible difference, but we finally got here after 3 years. It’s the best unity so far, the audience heat is also great, I can face the stage with all my strength. In this state we will tackle Liquid, I want to make it the greatest day, I want to make a day everyone who came will think it was the most enjoyable. So please come at us with all your power!

Coco: I joined in BLAZE but, we started again at heavy sick ZERO, we managed to come to Liquid ROOM as 7 of us. For other groups too Liquid ROOM is a turning point. Because of that I think it’s a stage we must firmly challenge, since Aya trade, there were times I couldn’t honestly say that this is GANG PARADE. I finally have the confidence to say that, I can show my love for GANPARE without any lies, so I want everyone to see that. I’ll do it with the intention of it being a day that will connect to GANPARE’s future.

Dockson: Can I say something? When we talked we tried to explain the “Enjoy Play! Everyone’s playground, GANG PARADE”. With that, comparatively with the times we say “everyone’s playground”, contrarily we strained it weirdly, the feeling that we won’t lose was so strong, we reflected that we didn’t really think about the whole thing. More than saying “everyone’s playground”, the audience is the main figure, we want them to exist there, I want you to come watch with this feelings. Because we’ve been doing lives with this in mind lately, I want to go with the feelings that we wont let you go home until you enjoy it. We’ll definitely make Liquid ROOM a success, I want GANG PARADE to become an even bigger existence!!