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The seven members idol group GANG PARADE (under, GANPARE). Since May 2017, with the indefinite trade with BiS between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince, the group is continuing activities with Aya as one of the 7 members. With this new formation they released their first album on 11/21. On 11/20 the live at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM had tickets sold out, the girls with promising growth’s past will be visited in this 3 part interview. Along that, the series with lamen’s reviews by Yui Ga Dokuson is renewed to curry in [Yui Ga Dokuson’s Fueled by Curry]!! Dokuson will seriously eat and make curry reports, and if she can’t complete the mission she’ll be immediately stoped!? Check the series along!!


GANG PARADE, idol group in WACK, the same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 11/20 their one man live at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM had tickets sold out quickly, the girls are ridding in the momentum. But so far their path hasn’t been easy. With 2 name changes, member’s withdrawal, Kamiya Saki’s hiatus, rental trades, etc, they surpassed many walls by persevering steadily. At OTOTOY, we’ll look back at the path with the current 7 members, publicizing their story in 3 parts. We don’t want to overlook GANPARE’s promising growth.

Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photo: Jumpei Yamada

PLANIME ERA (2014/07~2015/05)

- At BiS final live at Yokohama Arena in 2014/07/08 it was announced the 2 members unit PLANIME formed by Kamiya Saki and Mizuta Mari. Currently Saki is in BiS due the rental trade, so because there’s no current member who knows about that time, we want to talk with Furuki-san from T-Palette Records, who has been responsible since that time; how was the atmosphere on 2015/08/01 at the <TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015> debut live?

Furuki Satoshi (under, Furuki): The excitement at the first live was incredible. We could perform on SMILE GARDEN, it was obviously the audience first time watching them, no one knew the songs but when they performed [Plastic 2 Mercy] there was an incredible excitement. Ah, “this will sell”, I was really trhiled.

Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): Back then did you went to see Kamiya Saki?

Yamamachi Miki (under, Miki): Because I had no money back then I went to see the live in front of Gundam (laughs). Because the 2 of them could dance it was impressive, I watched thinking I would look forward from now on.

Furuki: Back then I thought the kenkyuuin (BiS’s fans name) and kainushi-san (Izukoneko’s fans name) were expecting a lot. While worrying they would be evaluated, I think they showed a great stage that overcame that.

- Listening [Plastic 2 Mercy] a lot of people thought PLANIME was following the EDM line, but there was actually an objective style?


Furuki: Matsukuma (Kenta) has always written the songs, but we decided we wanted to do something different from BiS. As a way to show a difference we thought a EDM sound would be worth trying, but there was really a decision of “let’s do EDM”.

- At 9/30 their first single [Plastic 2 Mercy], and in the following year at 1/06 their second single [UNIT] was released. But on April it was announced that Mizuta Mari would withdrawal. Because the initial expectations were high it was a surprising announcement.


Furuki: It wasn’t because the 2 of them weren’t friendly. But unfortunately it’s not like they would be popular suddenly and it was worrying that they were separated between Tokyo and Osaka, we ended up talking about how it would be hard to continue like that. Talking with Watanabe-san and the 2 members, it turned out that within thinking of the minus direction, forcibly trying to turn it into plus probably wouldn’t be good.

- At the same time it was announced auditions for new members. At this point Miki-chan and Yua-chan took and passed the auditions, what made you decide to audition?

Miki: I heard they would be doing audition for new members, I didn’t think anything like “how many members would it become now?” Because I also watched BiS there wasn’t really a rejection over the change of members. If Saki-chan will continue activities there is still a place for me to go, I thought about that. So in the line for the meeting some wota I knew said “If we go until the interview we might meet Saki-chan?”; I thought “That’s right!” (laughs). Because I didn’t had money I couldn’t really go meet her; so I sent the application with the reason of meeting her without spending money.

Dockson: It’s a common fun story at auditions, this is really funny (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): This type of people is easier to pass.

Dockson: The type that really doesn’t want.

Aya Eight Prince (under, Aya): Ahahaha (laughs).

Miki: At this time, I thought for now it would be nice meeting Saki-chan. Furuki-san, I’m sorry (laughs).

Yumeno Yua (under, Yua): It was a time I was wondering what should I do, if I challenge myself and fail I’ll become a working adult, so I went to a lot of auditions. The same day I received the news I had passed another interview I got a call from Saki-chan and went to the interview; at this time I thought I want to pass here!! I conveyed my feelings by saying that at that same day I called the group declining it, that I wanted to do activities there; so I passed to the 2nd phase interview.

- At this point it wasn’t like Yua-chan have gone to any BiS or PLANIME lives, right?

Yua: I saw something when a band I like did a live with PLANIME, and I knew about BiS’s existence, but if I had to say I was more on the side (laughs). Because of that I thought it was a group that was going to build a new idol scene.



- (laughs) And so on 6/1 the name changed to POP, with 5 members formation they started again. The debut was a 200km marathon against BiSH, as a result POP won, but could the 2 of you tell how was the feeling that day?

Miki: Yua didn’t had an opponent.

Yua: Because of poor health Momoko Gumi Company didn’t participate, it was 4 vs 5 and I didn’t had an opponent, so it didn’t matter how fast I ran, it didn’t matter the time, so I ran like a free running time.

Coco: Isn’t that the worst?

Yua: That’s why it’s a weird story, I could have walked. Because the real race would only restart after I had completed 20km. Even so I ran.

- Miki-chan at the first day suddenly had to cross a mountain.

Miki: At my turn the distance was short. Everyone else ran 20km but I ran only 16km. Compared to everyone else it wasn’t anything at all.

- At that time the 4 of you were new, Saki-chan was the only one with experience, it didn’t feel like a group yet, right?

Yua: At the marathon we ran one at a time, at the moment of goal it was really difficult for Saki-chan.

Miki: The result is that we won so it could have been ok to be happy but, as POP we didn’t left anything. Because Saki-chan is the type to resent more than anyone she started to crumbling cry. We went back to the office, she kept crying; we couldn’t do anything about that so we just watched…

Yua: BiSH created a story of running trying their best to finish. But we, to an extent, just ran 200km  indifferently. With exception of Saki-chan, the other 4 didn’t knew how to process the fact we didn’t created a story, what we did wrong, why we can’t be happy even if we won.


Miki: It was like “We won, right?”

Dockson: If you went “Zagyaaa! We won!” would it be wrong? (laughs)

Miki: It didn’t feel like that when we reached the goal…

Dockson: It’s a weird world. The winners lost.

Yua: I remember Watanabe-san saying the audience was more excited when BiSH reached the goal. Back then I didn’t understand.


Coco: WACK has a characteristic sort of “Winning is not always the right thing”, right? You don’t understand this -ism until you enter.

Terashima Yuuka (under, Yuuka): I know!



- On 2015/08/02, 03 you performed at <TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016>, because during the live you went down to the guest sitting, the 2nd day was cancelled. At that time didn’t you knew why it happened?

Yua: We practiced really hard for <TIF>, it was our first big event, we talked about how we could leave our mark and decided. As a performance, we decided on our own since the practice that for the last refrain of [P2M] we would all go down. We went to the real stage without confirming that. The moment we did it we didn’t understand what was wrong, we thought that was ok. But in reality is a real NG, we only realized how trouble we caused for the staff and event after the live finished. We didn’t think it was a bad thing before doing it…

Miki: More like we did it with enthusiasm, at the moment the went down the staff came quickly. Because we decided we would go down, even so there’s no way but do it (bitter smile).

Yua: It was said Saki-chan was at fault, but in reality it was something we all decided so we were all to blame. If we didn’t relied only on Saki-chan and asked at least one adult it wouldn’t have happened; I know that now but it happened because back then we leaved it to her.

- At the next day, 8/4 the 1st album [P.O.P] was released, on 8/9 at the one man live at Daikanyama UNIT was announced that Kamiya Saki would be put in hiatus. Back then the venue turned into something like an all night vigil. How the 2 of you faced it?

Miki: I really don’t remember…

Yua: My memories are really vague, if the things I’m saying are right, I think about that now (laughs). Because we knew we would become 4 before the live, I remember the 4 of us went to Saizeriya to discuss it. I wonder what we talked about…

Miki: We talked at Saizeriya… I don’t remember it at all…



- On 8/10 you started activities as 4 members, without Saki-chan. You changed from Sauna Suits to Red Jersey outfits, how do you look back at the 4 members activities, how were the days?


Yua: It was painful… As a 4 members group there wasn’t any settlement. For now everyone entered the entertainment world and WACK aiming something, we did lives with the feeling of working hard until Saki-chan was back.

Miki: For now it was like “let’s look at today’s live.”

Yua: Like, let’s get trough the day, right?

Miki: Because the 4 of us hadn’t really done much so far, we didn’t talk about what went wrong in the live, maybe we thought about that individually, but there wasn’t any talk about opinions on how we could improve.

- Completely different from the current atmosphere, right? Furuki-san, how do you look back on the 4 members period?


Furuki: There was a deep impression on how they would collapse after every life from wearing a sauna suit during summer. I thought they were doing their best but, regarding that the audience wasn’t captivated, it was a desolate image. And among members, it wasn’t really good… (laughs).


Yua: It’s now like we had fights but, I think it felt like we were all apathetic.

- Saki-chan wasn’t in the first live but midway she went to the scenes like a staff, right?

Miki: Saki-chan worked at the handshake events.

Yua: But, as the fans I don’t think it was bad because they could meet Saki-chan, and for us we were relieved Saki-chan was there, so it didn’t feel like acting like a staff was a step back.

Dockson: I wonder how Saki-chan felt?

Miki: Saki-chan too, I don’t think she thought it was a step back. She could see the lives we did so far with the eyes of the audience, so she took a lot of notes.

Dockson: Too positive!!

Yua: Maybe it was better for Saki-chan’s character to go to the lives instead of not being able to go.

Coco: Maybe it was the conclusion she came after thinking a lot before going to the lives? If she had become staff the day after entering hiatus maybe it wouldn’t have been good as she hasn’t assorted her feelings but, because Saki-chan thought a lot about it, when it came to that she could face it in a positive way.

Yua: I think so.

Miki: It seems like Saki-chan didn’t knew what to do before becoming a staff, she couldn’t go to lives and couldn’t practice. She couldn’t talk about it. In the end she entered hiatus because she chose to bear the responsibility alone, she couldn’t think about what to do either. Because of that when she came as a staff she gave us a lot of advices, I think she did a lot of things in her own way.


Coco: Hearing about those movements, you could see the signs of comeback.

- And so on December Saki-chan ran a 100km marathon in order to comeback. She safely finished it in 24h, like that she returned and participated in the one man live at Shimokitazawa SHELTER. The 4 of you waited for that moment but, how did it felt?

Yua: Because it was Saki-chan she can probably run, so we didn’t really worry about it. We thought it was bad when she was delayed at night in a mountain in a cold weather.

Miki: Also we talked about going to meet her right on arrival time, after 6am we gathered in the Mac at Shimokitzawa and watched saying “Just a little more, go on!”.

- Just before the goal the 4 of you went to Saki-chan and finished it together, how did it felt?

Yua: I was happy we could do a live with 5 of us again, because we didn’t really went in a good direction with the 4 of us, I thought it was a sign of changing and the activities would go in a good way.