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[Series compilation]GANG PARADE Vol.3 Terashima Yuuka “I want to go places I can’t imagine myself”

GANG PARADE, 7 members group from from WACK, same agency as BiS and BiSH. On 2017/5 an indefinite trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince happened; they released their first album with the new formation with Aya and had an overcrowded huge success live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. Since 2018/2 they are on a tour of 8 cities; on 2/20 the last single with these 7, including Aya, will be released; on 2/23 the tour final at Mynavi BLITZ will take place. Then on 3/3 the rental trade will end and a closing ceremony will take place at BiS one man live <BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??>, on ¾ at Ryoukoku Kokugikan. In the midst of this shocking situation we’ll publish GANG PARADE individual interviews. Third one, Terashima Yuuka appears.


INTERVIEW: Terashima Yuuka

Last year during WACK sousenkyo Terashima Yuuka who realized that “For GANPARE’s sake and my own, it’s important to become someone’s number 1”. When she joined GANG PARADE she couldn’t expose her feelings, the girl who would think negatively for a period when living alone, currently is shinning a lot. The feedback from the last LIQUIDROOM one man live, about the current national tour, while thinking about those calmly the fighting spirit of having to surpass those is burning. We heard about the current feelings of Terashima Yuuka.


Interview: Nishizawa Hiroo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada

Edition assistance: Okamoto Takayuki



- Lately, from the tour and interview, seems like you are busy everyday. After joining GANPARE, didn’t you life change greatly?


Terashima Yuuka (under, Yuuka): Because before joining GANPARE my everyday life was just a repetition of the same things, it did change greatly. Reversely, because there are days when I’m alone that I get negative for thinking too much, I’m grateful I’m busy.


- Times you are alone, there aren’t many?

Yuuka: It’s about when I go back home and sleep. When I have some time for myself I will see a movie or something. Until now it was common to stay indoors every free day, but this disappeared.

- After joining GANPARE, even who’s watching from outside can see Yuyu changed.

Yuuka: I became a person (laughs). I became able to properly live.

- On 3/3 the GANG PARADE formation with 7 members including Aya Eight Prince will close it’s curtains. How are you feeling?


Yuuka: Since the end of the trade was announced, there wasn’t any occasion to properly hear Aya’s feelings. As Coco said in her interview we were demanding “BiS or GANPARE, which is it?” and thinking “Please make it clear”. During the niconama sousenkyo, the subject of “But the trade is ending?” was brought up to Aya and she couldn’t say anything. When I saw that I became even more anxious. Because I didn’t understand what she was thinking there were times I embraced distrust but, 2 days before the tour started we all talked. When I asked “Practically, how is it?”, during the talk Aya too started to sort out, I could hear words “Because I know the good of both groups, I like both” that made me understand, within myself too that made total sense.


- Before the last GANPARE tour there was also a meeting to talk and the atmosphere changed, right? It’s like the tours are the timing to check on all the 7 members feelings.

Yuuka: GANPARE, our discussions end up being always late. It just turns out that it’s before the tours (laughs).


- There’s the image that you are constantly talking.

Yuuka: Because during the last tour “HELL!! CLASH!! BREAK!! TOUR” (BiSxGANG PARADE two man tour) we didn’t had reflection meetings after the lives, this time we are making sure we do. We wanted an opportunity to hear the other 6 thoughts on “How was it?” after each live. Because we came this far by solidifying us 7 with our strong unity, I think something that changed was that we became able to have detailed discussions since the last tour with BiS.



- The talk will go back some time but, during WACK sousenkyo, how was your mental state?

Yuuka: You want to have a “solo debut” for GANPARE’s sake, right? But even though I am not good at singing, I was wondering if it was ok for me to aim that. Nonetheless, I thought saying “I want to sing” to the people who are cheering for me was the best declaration I could do. That’s why during the appeal broadcast I said “I want to sing”. But even so my feelings were’s solid. Everyone did a lot of things for sousenkyo, Yua-chan did something everyday but, I didn’t know what I could do so every day was unstable.

- It was the first time for WACK members from all groups to have ranks assigned.

Yuuka: After the last results announcement there’s the speech, right? That time I had decided more or less what to talk but, I forgot everything. There the words that came out were “Because I kept being said to become someone’s number one”, those were words I’ve been hearing since BiS auditions. While always feeling gloomy, by saying that at the speech, I came to a conclusion. I want to sing, I don’t want to sing, it’s not about that, for GANPARE’s sake and my own, it’s important to become someone’s number one.

- 2018 started and how is the feedback on the “BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR” national tour?

Yuuka: The setlist have all the songs I’ve written lyrics to. While performing I remember “this time I was feeling like that”. At “PENINSULA” I get emotional. “WINTER SONG” was a song I wrote the day before it’s first performance, there wasn’t much time so honestly it wasn’t the timing to be writing lyrics. But the thing I wrote was accepted. I wrote it with Coco, so because I also hear Coco’s feelings when she wrote, I always perform “WINTER SONG” while thinking about Coco.

- How are you feeling about the current 7 member formation with Aya coming to an end soon?

Yuuka: On the Hiroshima stage at this national tour while dancing to the lyrics of “WE ARE the IDOL” that say “When was it, we talked on our way home after midnight practice That day we talked about our many dreams”, I remembered about the midnight practices after becoming this formation. Moreover, the rehearsal that day I saw the back of the tour T-shirt that had the schedule written, and I realized “When today is over there will be only 3 more time”, it became real that the time left with Aya was ending. It’s not like we are getting to the end as a group but, I wonder what should we do about this completed form. After the tour we were told by the live organizer Satou-san and Watanabe(Juunosuke, WACK office’s president)-san that “You are showing 80 points but, the other 20 are missing”. I don’t understand the missing 20. Nishizawa-san (interviwer) too talked about points during the Hiroshima stage, right? “Ah, as expected everyone feels the same”. The part I became able to express myself better than before, I thought the recklessly we used to have before had disappeared. As a setlist too, the songs that would lift everyone up were few but, even during those songs we weren’t exploding. I think that is a great issue.

- It’s like you have to get those 100 points at the remaining lives to clear this challenge.

Yuuka: That’s right. There’s a hurry at that.

- With the album “GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!” the number of songs increased, I think the one man at LIQUIDROOM was a live with all the 7 aura and intensity.

Yuuka: Me too, I can’t forget about LIQUIDROOM live. We still haven’t surpassed that live. Because LIQUID was just a one time LIQUID, we could do it concentrating and putting everything into it. But when it become a long run like a tour, there are times that we can’t really do it no matter what. This is our weakness, I want to perform every and each live by giving all my best.



- I want to talk about the last single with Aya “BREAKING THE ROAD” but, “toro ikura uni tabetai” is a song with great impact. To Yuuka-san, how do you perceive this song?

Yuuka: Since before hearing “toro ikura uni tabetai” we heard a rumor that it was “a risky song”. We received the song and listened to it, the A melody and B melody are really cool, right? But at the refrain is suddenly “Eh!?” (laughs). Isn’t it impossible? I don’t know how it will turn out but, since the song was revealed there was a high acceptance, like other members are saying, I want it to buzz! It would be nice if something was caught.

- With which feelings did you record this song?

Yuuka: Hmmm… I don’t know (laughs).

(burst of laughter).

Yuuka: Firstly, it’s a love song, isn’t’ it? The song and lyrics writer Youta Hariken-san might be a mass of talent. But, the recording was fun. Because the song is rally cool, after you hear it once you can’t forget it.

- Since the last album there was this tendency too but, songs that are nonsense but still rise bit by bit are one of GANPARE’s weapons. Regarding that, how is leading song “BREAKING THE ROAD”?

Yuuka: “BREAKING THE ROAD” is a song that applies to us right now, I think maybe it’s a song with lyrics that people listening to it will complain. A song that you can just leave out because it’s Aya’s last. Because during the rehearsals it’s obvious that Aya is singing, I can’t imagine how “BREAKING THE ROAD” will turn out without Aya’s voice. It’s a song that make me think “Ah, if only time could continue like this”. It’s the same with “Beyond the Mountain” but, I think it’s an Aya’s song.

- The days you 7 passed are precious.

Yuuka: Since joining GANPARE, the time active with Aya is longer. That’s why, this is something obvious, we changed because Aya came, our growth is a huge thing. I know that there will be aspects we’ll grow when Saki-chan returns but, there are the “Don’t go!!” feelings.


- Certainly, there are both feelings.

Yuuka: The arrangement of those feelings is difficult.

- In order to refresh those feelings, it’s like you have to completely perform the Mynavi BLITZ live. What kind of live do you want to do?


Yuuka: It was the same at LIQUIDROOM but, I can’t imagine myself standing in Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka’s stage. That time too I couldn’t see ahead, I thought “Will we be able to go somewhere higher than LIQUID”. But after I stood at LIQUID and the live ended, the audience came just to see GANPARE and was enthusiastic, so I had a feeling I could see ahead just a little. I thought we could go to bigger and bigger places. That’s why I want to deal with it with all my strength so I can think “We can still become bigger” after the live ends. Not 100 points, but I want to get over 100 points. I think we wont be able to go higher, if we don’t do that now.

- How do you want GANPARE to go as a group from now?

Yuuka: I want to live up to the audience expectations, I want to make them think “Unexpected!”. The number of people with expectations is bigger than before so, this much, I think it became harder to surpass the expectations. But because we can’t go just as expected, I want to go places I can’t imagine myself.