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IDOL GANG – GANG PARADE, the events are “everyone's playground”. “WE'LL MAKE A PLACE EVERYONE CAN ENJOY”

From orthodox beauty to loli rocker, the idol gang formed by 9 members with 9 different personalities, GANG PARADE also known as “GANPARE”. Their newest single “GANG 2” released on 5/29 got 5th place on the ranking. The events are “everyone's playground”, we draw near the charm of the girls who appeal to men and woman of all ages.



- Having the predecessor group PLANIME formed in 2014, after 2 changes of name and decrease and increase of members, you had your first live this year on 4/17 with the 9 members formation. How is the group's atmosphere now?


Can GP Maika: The interests and hobbies are different, there's no overlap of characters, and the place we aim as idols is the same, so we can understand each other naturally, it feels like we're really settled as a group. Personally, because it's a lineup of members full of personalities, I think I can show the side I want to, it feels like here is where I belong.


Kamiya Saki: The office belong to, WACK, there are a lot of groups with strong personalities, therefore while cultivating one's character by studying, each and everyone can polish their own personality, research how to show it best, I think we are becoming able to show our characters consciously.


Yui Ga Dockson: From loli to orthodox beauty, on top of that there's a monk (laughs), perhaps we are a group that can adapt to people's fetish.


- Indeed, from high school girls to company employees, to taking their family along, one of GANPARE traits is the extensive type of fans.


Coco Partin Coco: Everyone, it crosses over their age and sex distinction, I think it's amazing how we can become one and have a great time together. When we did a mini live in Hyogo, there was a children's plaza in the back of the stage, when we noticed, the children there were dancing the same moves as us. The fans who saw that said “You can also be Uta no onee-san!” but (laughs), I was happy we could also catch the children's heart, I think it's a good characteristic of GANPARE that men and women of all ages can have fun.


- Just like your catchphrase, GANPARE lives surely are “everyone's playground”.


Yamamachi Miki: If there are people devoted in dancing along, because cameras are OK, there are people who devote to recording videos, or people who devoted themselves to take photos, all the fans can enjoy the stage on their own way doing what they like, personally I really like this freedom.


Yumeno Yua: The catchphrase, it was born when our company president saw the fans from POP era and baptized the fans as “asobinin”, at first we didn't really thought of it as a deep meaning. But the members changed, last year when we talked about what exactly was everyone's playground, at first seeing us on stage is the main but, we thought maybe we had to create a playground where everyone there could be the leading part and have fun.


Coco Partin Coco: Until then, the groups of the same office like BiSH and BiS, it felt like we were behind them, it was like “We will turn face this adversity! We won't lose! Woo!”, a really hot period continued where we would overdo entirely our hungry spirits. There were fans who said that was good but, we talked about how maybe we shouldn't do things one sided, but rather make everyone in the whole place become one. After that, our awareness on stage changed quite a lot.



- Specifically, what do you aim, what do you have in mind when you are on stage?


Yumeno Yua: During lives, there are times we perform with a band, others with other idol groups, because the type and mood of fans is different, every time we talk about what kind of stage we'll do in order to capture the fans of the other part as well, we try to have that in mind in each and every performance.


Terashima Yuuka: We are constantly thinking about what we can do so people who don't know us will have fun too.


Haruna Bad Chiiiin: Rather than yesterday, today, everyday we get renewed, having in mind to show our maximum of that time.


- On 5/29, the first single with the new formation “GANG 2” was released, got 1st on daily ranking and 5th on weekly.


Tsukino Usagi: There are 2 songs in it but, those 2 songs have a completely different atmosphere, in a good way I think that not having just one color is one of our strengths.


Coco Partin Coco: Regarding past songs too, just how much our history is long, there are a lot of different songs with change of direction but, now too we are taking them over and singing those songs.


Yamamachi Miki: The type of songs is vast but, singing voices too, from cute voices to cool voices there's a great extent, I think this is also something good. Fans too can tell on the spot which part their favorite member is singing.


- Lastly please let us hear your objectives from now on.


Kamiya Saki: A national tour will start on 7/1, the final will be on 9/20 at Zepp Tokyo but, because we couldn't sold out the previous Zepp Diver City, I want to achieve that this time.


Yumeno Yua: I want to become national! Now too men and women of all ages come to our lives but, I want to make that scale bigger, I want to make GANPARE a nationally known existence.


Yui Ga Dockson: I want to be a group that everyday, will make an unexpected turn at the last page of the story, possibly having many different faces. Betraying expectations, always with outstanding freshness, receiving new goods, I want to continue everyday like that.


Terashima Yuuka: We became a new lineup and are still on growing period but, to continue growing, so even 40 or 50 years from now the people who came to see us will remember once in a while, I want us to be this kind of existence.


Coco Partin Coco: Because for now we mastered the man and women of all ages, I want to conquer all over Japan, and finally aim worldwide!


Can GP Maika: For now we have to establish our form as 9, and get popular in Japan!



(Text: Kawakami Itsuko)