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GANG PARADE Interview "The GANPARE world that continues to expand"


Since becoming 9 members, their vigor shows more and more their personalities and diversity, all that is conveyed trough their most recent album “LAST GANG PARADE”.


So far it's the most deeply influenced by members


- The current work, is there a theme or concept?


Coco: So far the coupling songs of singles had a great variety, there's the image of a compilation of that.


Saki: Listening to GANPARE single's coupling songs, I think there're people who feel we're straying but, it turned out to be “being able to express in a lot of ways is GANPARE's weapon”. I think this shows in this album.


Yua: I felt people from SCRAMBLES who did the songs also had fun.


Dockson: When I read a story, I'm the type that doesn't read the summary but, personally I recommend to listen to this album just like the summary without any previous information. Maybe it's more fun and surprising.


- Which means it would be better to stop reading the interview right now?


Dockson: Maybe. “Spoilers ahead. Please listen to all songs from the album first” (laughs).


- (laughs). It's the first album for Tsukino-san and Haruna-san who joined in March, right?


Tsukino: Yes. It's the first time it increases a lot of new songs. The recording was fun.


Haruna: It's also exciting to think about the choreography with everyone.


Maika: Since Saki-chan returned from the trade she was the main responsible for the choreos but, I wanted to challenge myself again to do a choreography for a new song from the album, so it's a point I want to give my best.


Miki: Until now songs like “RATESHOW” (coupling song of single “CAN'T STOP” released on 2018/9) and “Lai le” (coupling song of single “GANG 2” released on 2018/5), we didn't know how it would turn out but, the fans found a way to enjoy them. The songs from this album too, by performing them live feels like new ways of enjoyment will be born.


Yuuka: So far it's the most deeply influenced by members. Because the members individualities also show in the songs. There were many buster of laughter at the recording.


Dockson: The MVP this time is Yuapippi (Yumeno Yua's nickname). She did it interesting without realizing it herself. She suddenly raised her arms and tied them and started to sing like that. It's like an air binding.


- I can't understand one single thing from the situation.


Yua: If you cross your hands above your head a high pitched voice comes out without struggle. Even tho I did that because I learned on voice training, no one else knew about it, so everyone was laughing outside the booth. Seems like they kept saying “She's being held captive all the time”.


Tsukino: The moment she finished singing and released her arms like “Pa!” was really funny (laughs).


- Will you do that at lives too?


Yua: I won't (laughs).


- (laughs) Among several displays of playful hearts, the first song “LAST” comes with a punch.


Yua: I believe that exactly because the current GANPARE went trough a lot of experiences it's a song we can sing now.


Saki: It's a song you feel it's “a good song” plus “weight”. Not only GANPARE's history, it feels that the history of Matsukuma Kenta-san (sound producer), who made the song, is also packed here.


Tsukino: Lately it feels there are a lot of groups in WACK (their agency) that excel in conveying pain as pain but, I think GANPARE excels at turning that into happiness and expressing it. “LAST” too in the end you can see the future, I want to this song to deliver this message.

There are a lot of song the feel like wouldn't be performed if there were other idols


- The treasured songs are increasing.


Saki: They are. While continuing I met a lot of songs, once again I thought it's amazing that new songs written by members conveying their feelings are being born.


- This album has a lot of songs written by members. The song Miki-chan wrote, “Message”, people wondering if they should attend a live should definitely listen to it.


Miki: I often notice people wondering if they should go to lives so, I expressed “GANPARE lives are like that, I want you to enjoy it like this” just like that.


- Everyone's live, is it scary to come to for the first time?


Dockson: Perhaps at first sight it's scary? (laughs)


Saki: Though there are a lot of fans who bring their families.


Coco: A while ago, there was this girl in her father's shoulders doing the “O-RE- NO COCO-CHAN!” call (laughs).


- (laughs). The song Yua-chan wrote, “BOND”, it's a really painful song.


Yua: Because the melody line of this song was really painful I wrote songs with that same image.


- I think it's a song specially female asobinins will listen with empathy.


Coco: I also really like this song.


- I'm a male but, there are a lot of female asobinin, right?


Tsukino: There are. In the debut live after I joined there were a lot of girls, I was surprised.


- I think they admire the members. There are asobinin who use Tsukino-san's fashion and make up as reference, are there not?


Coco: Make up maybe, but fashion…. (laughs). She often wears an unusual weird combination.


Saki: She wears a “HUNTERxHUNTER” shirt with a plaid skirt.


Tsukino: Let's go back to the album! (laughs)


- (laughs). The song Kamiya-san wrote, “HERETIC”, it has an asian ballad taste, it was a great impact.


Saki: Seems like this sound is Matsukuma-san's current favorite.


- “Lai le” also had a Chinese taste.


Saki: It had. Because we had the experience with “Lai le” we realized it would be better in this song to add “N”, so there are a lot of “N” in this song. Depending on the members singing, it became a more nonsense song.


Coco: We did a hit up on adding “N”, for example “koto darou” is not “konton daroun” but instead it's “koto dauin”.


Yua: This part all the terminations are sang as “win”, in the end we end it with “koto dauin” (laughs).


- (laughs). I wonder if Matsukuma-san's asian boom will continue after that?


Coco: Lately it seems like an asian boom but, since before it's a world music boom.


- I see. The song Yuuka-san wrote, “Jealousy Marionnette” too has a Russian folk song taste.


Yuuka: Yes. When we received the temporary demo I thought it was a peculiar rhythm. I use a lot of irony in the lyrics. Not being able to be free even wanting to, I write about people who can't completely be the minority. I'm also looking forward Maika's choreography.


Maika: Because I heard from Yua the image of “being captured”, I'm going from that. I want to make the chorus look cool.


Miki: Doing it like that and spreading it, it's really fun. GANPARE has a lot of songs that feel like wouldn't be performed if there were other idols.


- The song written by Dockson-san “Tadashii kotae ga mitsukaranakute” is a song with a fresh taste. The different singings were specially impressive.


Dockson: I added an old man and Hatsune Miku.


Maika: Hatsune Miku!? I didn't know that (laughs).


Dockson: This song's lyrics have the image of the fusion between “Dragon quest” world and the real world. I sing as the game navigator Hatsune Miku.


Saki: Dokune Miku?


Dockson: This! Or maybe “Hatsune Doku” is also good. I also channel Fredie Mercury in this song.


- It has a bewildering development, it also has the feeling of Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody”.


Dockson: It is like that. The “Nani yori are yori dore yori motto” part, it was said to sing it imagining the scene from “Bohemian Rhapsody” MV scene with a lot of faces showing up.


- To summon Hatsune Miku and Fredie Mercury (laughs). Among that, Haruna-san made her debut as a composer with “Yorukuraimu”, what are your feelings?


Haruna: I'm really happy. The lyrics, I wrote them searching about the courtesans on Edo Period midnight.


Dockson: Haruna is going trough puberty, so she has interest in those things?


Haruna: It's not like that! I'm not going trough puberty.


Coco: On top of that it's her rebellious age (laughs).


Haruna: I wanted to search in bechu so I searched it.

Saki: “I wanted to search in bechu” (laughs).


- (laughs). Lyrics were written together with Yua-san.


Yua: Yes. When Haruna composed the song the first part was written, I changed it a little and from second part I wrote it.


Saki: This song, it got great praise from Matsukuma-san.


- You might become a SCRAMBLES member.


Haruna: Ahh, I'll blush (laughs).


- (laughs). By the way, this album title “LAST GANG PARADE”, it has a quite deep meaning.


Dockson: We also don't know what it means.


Saki: Speaking of which, we released “Barely Last” too (2nd album released on 2016/11).


Dockson: Indeed!


- It's likely a positive meaning of “LAST”. Beginning next year there'll be the 17 cities, 23 stages “Going Going WACK TOUR”, it seems 2019's GANPARE will have enthusiastic days, right?


Saki: Yes. Because we'll be on several lives of the tour, I want to make a good live so people wont think “GANPARE again?”.


- Well, let's end this interview with cheerful words for 2019's activities.


Haruna: A cheerful good word? What could it be? I'll think now… I'll say it! “2019 will have lots of unknown things!”


Coco: For now that had volume (laughs).


Dockson: Then, lastly let's end it with a hand clap. Everyone reading this article too lend your hands. Yooooo!


Everyone: (Clap their hands once).


Dockson: Thank you very much!