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GANG PARADE Interview “The new lineup starts! The 9 members who will go over a mountain of needles”

New member joined after passing the training camp audition, since the one man live on 4/17 the new line up activities started. GANG PARADE who has been powering up more and more talked about their newest single “GANG 2”


- The 9 members formation activities started but, there was a lot to Tsukino-san and Haruna-san to remember.


Haruna: Yes. Since I passed the audition, I had to remember over 30 songs immediately.


Tsukino: Because the one man live was about 1 month later I gave my best. It surpassed my mind capacity though (laughs).


Maika: The girls had guts since the training camp audition, I felt the GANPARE soul. I'm really happy they joined.


- With the circumstances of this years training camp, we really felt Maika-san's kindness.


Maika: All the cadets pulled that out. Even now I'm told “Mama” (laughs).


Haruna: She's really like a mother. She normally say things like “put your baggage here”.


Maika: After I cut my hair the mama-feeling came out? Currently, I have the same hair style as my mother.


Dockson: These two too but, this year's cadets had lots of girls with personality.


- Aren't the seniors also a reunion of strong personalities?


Coco: I'm quite normal.


- In front of your face, making a W with your hands and playing around in the new artist photo, no matter how you think Coco-san is in the personality side.


Coco: If you put your hands close to your face you can hide it's size, right? When I asked “for the last one, please let me take a deceiving one”, it was the one being used (laughs).


- (laughs). By becoming a 9 members formation the pre-existent songs will have a new dance formation and line division, right?


Saki: Yes. Having the new lining division as base we thought about the formation. Not just adding the two of them, but we tried to create something that'll feel like “New GANG PARADE”. The two are showing a purity we didn't had until now.


Yua: My impression of the new two are child (Haruna) and serious (Tsukino) but, I think they'll make everyone feel what other member didn't possess.


- The new single “GANG 2” is also a song that makes us really feel “A new GANPARE started”.


Yuuka: Until we had emotional songs like “FOUL” but, “GANG 2” rather than expressing in the surface a bright emotional, it has the image of a growing with a lot of emotions being mixed deep in the heart.


Yua: It's the first song we'll release since the 2 new members joined, and Saki-chan returned from the trade, seems it'll be a very important song to the new GANG PARADE.


Miki: Simultaneously to having our current selves feelings piled up, I believe it's a song that'll get close to several emotions of people who listen to it.


Dockson: In the lyrics there're the words “mountain of needles” but, in our songs there's a lot of cliffs and mountains. Until now they were regular mountains but, this time it's a mountain of needles…


Saki: It gets scarier and scarier (laughs).


- (laughs). This song, the dance is also wonderful.


Maika: Thank you. We made it together based on some sort of story Saki-chan thought of.


Saki: The first and last parts the members get down one after another but, that shows the order each joined.


- It's the first song to Haruna-san and Tsukino-san, right?


Haruna: Yes. It's burned in my memories singing it in the one man live at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo.


Tsukino: It still doesn't feel real but, when I see the CD finished I think “I sang that..”


- People who listened to “GANG 2” and thought “It's cool!” will be amazed by “Lai le”.


Coco: I think it's very GANPARE-ish to go “aren't you playing around too much in the coupling~!” (laughs).


- (laughs). The completely Chinese accent in the beginning is Coco-san?


Coco: Yes. I went along with the theme “Chinese like!”


- From the lyrics everyone wrote Miki-san's was chosen?


Miki: Yes. Because the content turned out more serious than the melody, I put a lot of Kanji and tried to show the Chinese feeling. The lyrics are about wanting to give your best, I convey the feeling of the inevitable with the 2 new members joining, so I would be happy if you could focus on that too. Because the way of singing is different, perhaps the lyrics wont get to people's ears though (laughs).


Dockson: I wrote lyrics about “I want to become skillful in eating Chinese dumplings”. When you eat dumplings the soup flies everywhere.


Yuuka: I wrote by turning into the feelings of a Beijing Duck but, when I saw the serious feelings lyrics of Miki-chan, I thought that was the right one.


- Did the 2 new members also wrote and submitted lyrics?


Tsukino: Yes. Because I didn't had experience in writing lyrics, I suffered because I didn't know what should I write and how. Because it's my dream to sing a song I wrote the lyrics for, I want to make it happen someday.


Haruna: I did a song about Chinese food but, in the middle I turned into “It's hamburger after all!”. But in the end I went back to Chinese food before the last chorus. I thought “I won't cheat after all!”, so I wrote “Three meals a day, of course it's Chinese”.


- During the training camp you said “I like pears”, right?


Haruna: Yes. But, now I'm into Chinese food.


Coco: Ever since the training camp, I didn't hear about pears once (laughs).


Data: Tanaka Dai