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GANG PARADE Interview “Current GANPARE is turning into Pretty Cure”

Turning into a 9 members lineup since April this year, while accumulating energetic lives GANG PARADE, who is steadily powering up, will release their long awaited new single “CAN'T STOP”! We heard about the 2 songs filled with a new appeal.


Data: Tanaka Dai

What we should aim for is the power of union plus the strength of individuals


- Are you steadily grasping what is to be a 9 members formation?


Saki: Yes. I think we're getting better as we perform lives. A nice group feeling is being born, and the connection of our minds is also coming together.


Yuuka: Because new members joined, I think everyone's personalities are showing more.


Maika: Tsukino is expanding her expressions while struggling with herself, compared to the debut Haruna is beyong recognition. There are times I feel I'll cry watching some videos (laughs).


- (laughs). Then, what are the new members Haruna-san and Tsukino-san feeling?


Haruna: I'm happy I'm able to perform while properly feeling there're 9 members. As a member myself I feel something hot.


Tsukino: I'm also really grateful that the asobnin (fan's general term) accepted GANG PARADE with 9 members.


- It feels like the unity power became stronger but, is this something GANG PARADE had since the beginning?


Saki: If we had that I feel like no one would have withdrawn (laughs). But, because a lot happened, I think we realized what we should value as a group.


Coco: Unity power plus, showing each member strength as individuals, perhaps this is what 9 members GANPARE should ideally aim for.


- In an interview before everyone said “I want to become Pretty Cure!” but, Coco-san's ideal image is Pretty Cure?


Coco: Yes. Pretty Cure is seriously ideal!


Yua: Pretty Cure each one is strong but, in the end everyone fights together. It really is wonderful piece where the moment everyone's powers come together they defeat the greatest enemy. The current GANPARE is turning into Pretty Cure! Present progressive form!


Miki: There are people who change their speaking tone when talking about Pretty Cure (laughs).


Dockson: But, it's indeed like that. In Pretty Cure there's a baby cheat character but, a baby (Haruna) also joined GANPARE. From now on GANG PARADE will raise their Pretty Cure degree!

- I see (laughs). The new song “CAN'T STOP” shows everyone's Pretty Cure class of union power and unity strength.


Coco: Yes. GANPARE receives a lot of songs that reflects our current selves but, “CAN'T STOP” is exactly that. I believe it contains the expectation of “let's keep pushing forward like this”.


- Speaking of GANPARE lyrics, words like “cliff” and “mountain” appear a lot like a practice that shows impatience but, this song has a different atmosphere.


Dockson: That's so. Unlike “GANG 2” (single released on 2018/5) a mountain of needles doesn't appear, it doesn't feel irritating. Until now there were a lot of “Definitely!” feelings but, this song has the atmosphere of “If you would like to, than certainly!”.


Yuuka: It's a song that let us properly revalidate the aspect we help each other.


Miki: Until now we had a lot of songs with the purpose of stimulating and cheering ourselves up but, it feels like now it also includes the feeling towards the fans with “let's move forward together”. It's a song I can sing with a really gentle feeling.


Maika: When we finished the choreograph tears fell naturally.


Coco: During the choreograph thinking you also cried.


Dockson: They didn't fell naturally. It was like BUWAA!


Maika: Yes (laughs). Rather than intense tears they were gentle tears. It felt like I was touched by people's kindness.


Saki: I think that exactly because it's simple the audience can feel the margin of our feelings. I'm looking forward performing it live.

- The song Yua-san wrote the lyrics for “RATE SHOW” it's also one full of appeal because of the uniqueness of you 9. This time too each member wrote their own lyrics and Yua-san's lyrics were used?


Yua: That's right. Because I wrote it listening to Matsukuma Kenta-san's temporary version it turned into a collaboration work. I wanted to use the phrases from the temporary version that were stuck in my had.


- “Abibidenobabidebuu” is?


Yua: Yea. I wanted to leave this as it was a catchy phrase from the temporary version.


- How were the lyrics that Haruna-san wrote?


Haruna: A shut-in goes outside, in the end she becomes a member of GANG PARADE, it was this story. I wrote remembering things from before joining.


Coco: Oo, so that was it!


- Tsukino-san wrote what kind of lyrics?


Tsukino: The image was night. I love the night. I wrote about how in the night when I'm alone I think about a lot of things so my train of thoughts gets weird.


Dockson: Specifically what becomes weird?


Coco: What could it be?


- Adult members please don't say anything weird (laughs).


Dockson/Coco: Yes… (laughs).


Tsukino: I really hate it, those seniors (laughs).


- This song is full of strong personality singing.


Miki: It's a song that makes it enjoyable when you listen to it, like “Lai le” (coupling song of the single “GANG 2” released on 2018/5) and “toro ikura uni tabetai” (coupling song from the single “BREAKING THE ROAD” released on 2018/2), I think people can enjoy a different new GANG PARADE.


Yuuka: I also think it's a song the audience can enjoy freely, it shows our own chattering feeling in a different way from “CAN'T STOP”.


Maika: It's like our personalities fly by each other, like personalities flying around (laughs). I think it's interesting to listen to it imagining who is singing when.


- How is the choreograph going?


Saki: I think I want to add the box step. Before, when I said “I think I want to add the box step” he said “Yes yes! It's the box step!”


- With the 2 new songs seems like the lives will be even more fun.


Saki: Yes. 2 reassuring songs!


By singing “BiSBiS” with these members, I had the sensation I could get back the time I was missing


- Speaking about lives, the other day at “TOKYO IDOL FESTIAL” (under, “TIF”) singing BiS's “BiSBiS” had a great repercussion.


Tsukino: To me “BiSBiS” is a song that makes me remember the training camp. Standing in Zepp DiverCity for “TIF”, it's a stage filled with memories since it was also me and Haruna's debut stage.


Haruna: I also remembered a lot of things from the training camp. While standing on Zepp DiverCity's stage I thought “I must show growth since the debut live!”.


Dockson: Haruna has been told she's a “baby” but, seems like she's aiming at something beyond that. What was it?


Haruna: Now, the final at Zepp Tokyo of the current tour, I'll become “Baby Superman”! Even in Pretty Cure the baby is amazing. Even growing I'll still be a baby but, I want to become a Super Baby-man! … Wait? Baby Superman?


Coco: Which one? (laughs).


- (laughs). Do you also want to aim at interviews for baby magazines like “Hiyoko Club”?


Haruna: Certainly!


Coco: You'll talk about recommendations of baby bottles? (laughs)


Dockson: The strongest baby who can give interviews (laughs).


- (laughs). To the members who failed BiS audition, and were part of BiS official rival SiS, Coco-san, Dockson-san and Yuuka-san, “BiSBiS” is a song with special feelings, right?


Coco: Yes. Before “TIF” live we recorded the part we sing over but, this studio was the same we sang “BiSBiS” during BiS auditions. Since then the 3 of us (Coco, Dockson, Yuuka), it was a while since we went to that studio. The exact same room, singing the exact same “BiSBiS”, our emotional mode suddenly began (laughs). Because the music for the new BiS audition was “BiSBiS”, we practiced it a lot during the training camp. It's not like I have regrets but, perhaps we would've sang it if we had joined BiS. I think it was like a dream to sing a song with so many feelings at “TIF” in an official form.


Dockson: “BiSBiS” is a strange song. Perhaps people who know about SiS will listen to it remembering SiS, people who know the training camp (training camp audition that took place on 2017) that Yuapippi (Yua's nickname) and Yuyu (Yuuka 's nickname) participated will remember that, there'll also be people who will remember this year's training camp. It became sort of the theme song for the training camp, it's a song with a lot of stories.


Yua: I danced “BiSBiS” in the last day of the training camp I participated but, that time I had lost to the BiS team so I was frustrated. I remember how serious I was back then. To me it's also a song connected to Pour Lui's memories. During “TIF”, the moment Saki-chan sang “I also hate the current me, but let's try to believe” after Haruna sang “I don't want to trust adults at all”, I felt like crying. But, I thought it would be different to cry as GANPARE now, after that it became a bright feelings. That moment we sang, it felt like a miracle we might not feel again.


Dockson: “I also hate the current me, but let's try to believe”, because the image of Momo (Momoland's nickname, who left BiS April this year) singing it is strong, I think it was really nice that an 180º different character like Saki-chan sang it.


Saki: I didn't think I would sing that part at all. When the recording engineer asked “Try so sing. Do you have any memories of it?”, I answered “It's the part that my favorite girl (Momoland) sang”. I was really happy I was entrusted with this part. By singing “BiSBiS” with these members, I had the sensation I could get back the time I was missing. There are a lot of cases I meet an unexpected self with BiS songs. While singing on “TIF” stage I thought “This feeling, it's that one from BiS. But, now I can properly express it as my GANG PARADE self!”.


- To Yuuka-san it's a song with strong memories, right?


Yuuka: Yes. It's a song I performed at the BiS audition, and the training camp I went as GANG PARADE member. The more I perform it more the feelings grow. This song lyrics say “Let's take back the thing we lost”, right? After “TIF” I considered “Do I have something I've lost?” but, I thought “I have a lot more things than the ones I lost!”. Not joining BiS, having SiS disbanded, perhaps those are things I lost but, the things I acquired then are even bigger.


- To Miki-chan this song has which memories?


Miki: Seeing as fans, I think this song and myself don't have many connections. I didn't participate in training camps. But, I loved BiS since the original BiS, I saw the “BiSBiS” MV Pour Lui sings alone several times thinking “BiS will start once again!”. That said, it's really hard to express those feelings on stage. Compared to everyone else mines might seem smaller, I felt difficulty until just before it.


- During the actual stage what did you expressed?


Miki: My lines were the second half of chorus but, until my part came everyone else's memories were really transmitted, so I conveyed all that in my singing. More than making it reach the audience from the stage, it was the image of throwing it strongly.


- Maika-san remembered this year's training camp you participated?


Maika: Yes. But, just like Miki-chan, my connection with this song is thin. Actually during the training camp I didn't perform this song even once (laughs). That's why “TIF” stage was the first time. I heard the memories of this song from the almost peers (Coco, Dockson, Yuuka), I performed it turning everyone's feelings towards this song into power.


Coco: It was good that “TIF” “BiSBiS” didn't become just a cover.


Saki: That's right. We could also change the choreograph, but even changing the formation and organization, it turned out like “What if we do the choreograph exactly like BIS, but make it our own?”. By actually doing it, I believe it really turned into GANPARE's “BiSBiS”.


Dockson: It was also fast to choreograph, right?


Yuuka: Like 15 minutes.


Yua: Because there were a lot of experienced people (laughs).


- (laughs). The 9 members GANG PARADE while sharing wonderful experiences, will you become even stronger from now on?


Dockson: Yes! The Baby Superman is planned to born on 9/20 at the final.


Coco: Sounds like child birth plans (laughs).


Dockson: Because you can witness the moment the baby is born, I think it's definitely better to come to Zepp Tokyo.


Yua: It'll be the first time in human history a Super Baby will be born in this world.


Haruna: It's the global moment of birth.


Coco: It's like “Don't miss it!”?


Haruna: Yes. It's “Don't miss the global moment of birth!”.