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Cute but classic! The complete “shine” mirrorless single lens camera with selfie


Compact and having the merit of an operability easy enough even for beginners, the mirrorless single lens camera [LUMIX DC-FG10/GF90] lets you enjoy the quality photos of a single lens. You can use several effects filters on your photos with [Creative Control], the [4K Photo Mode] dedicated to photos of definitive moments that takes 30 frames per second, many features are equipped.

In this special report, we'll refer to the birthday party for GANG PARADE members born in autumn Kamiya Saki, Can GP Maika, Terashima Yuuka and Yui Ga Dockson, held at Kawaii Monster Café in Harujuku, Tokyo. All members photographed this occasion freely. Also, in the end of this article there's a photo gallery with photos the girls took during the tour etc. testing the [LUMIX DC-GF10/GF90].


Data/Text: Tanaka Kazuhiro

Photo: Nishimaki Taichi




GANG PARADE, walking with mirrorless single lens camera


- Because photographing is OK at GANG PARADE lives, looking at Twitter there are a lot of photos taken by the fans uploaded there.


Coco Partin Coco: Compared with fans from other idols lives, GANG PARADE's asobinin (GANG PARADE fan name) rate of people with camera is high. Because at lives both photos and videos are OK.


Can GP Maika: Among that there are people who didn't have cameras so far but started to use one with the reason of wanting to take cute photos of their oshimen.


Tsukino Usagi: There are times they report us “I bought a camera”.


- Are there occasions everyone uploads photos taken by the fans in your own accounts?


Yumeno Yua: If there's one I think it's good I'll occasionally use it.


Yui Ga Dockson: There are fans who upload really high quality photos.




















- Today is the birthday party of Kamiya-san, Maika-san, Terashima-san and Dockson-san so we had everyone take photos with [GF10/GF90]. Tell us your first impressions after using it.


Tsukino: I like taking photos and have photos taken, so I always thought I wanted to have a camera. So I'm happy that with this occasion I could properly hold a camera for the first time.


Haruna Bad Chiiiin: When I was little I touched a digital camera but, it was fun to be photographed with a reliable camera.

Dockson: I was surprised by the filter effects and beautiful skin treatment. There “exaggerating” apps in smartphones right? I thought it came the era you can use a camera to exaggerate instead of the app. Also, I didn't have much intimacy with the camera but, the operational wasn't difficult! The explanations of the modes in the screen and the current status of the focus were indicated in a simple way so I used it easily.


Maika: I use a mirrorless or a film camera normally. I'm actually not good at having pictures of me taken but, I like taking photos of cute girls (laughs). With [GF10/GF90] I could take photos that looked like toy camera ones so it was fun.


Kamiya Saki: Using this camera, it felt I became obsessed with the fascination of taking photos. Because I used to cosplay before, I was close with people who took photos but, there wasn't many occasions I had a camera myself so this time was a good opportunity.


Terashima Yuuka: I normally use a film camera but, I didn't had an opportunity to hold a genuine digital camera like that. Because the number is limited in film cameras there are times that if you hesitate you lose the timing. But this time because it's a digital camera, I took photos of members all the time. Rather than taking photos looking at the camera there are more good photos of casual moments, being a digital camera you don't have to worry about the number of photos, you can see right away the photos you took, I once again realized the convenience of a digital camera.


Yamamachi Miki: I always had interest but, once I held it I thought I would get really into it so until now I kept a distance on purpose (laughs). Then, this time I borrowed a camera and when I touched it, it was fun to think about which angle and which focus I should combine. Also I thought the fans who take our photos during lives must capture our figures thinking about those things.


Yua: Until now I took all photos of food with my cellphone but, this time when I took with the borrowed camera, I feel I will really get into it. The photos taken you can easily send to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. I used it happily.


Coco: I have a mirrorless single lens camera myself but, this time I used Panasonic-san camera for the first time. As a “common things among people who have cameras”, normally there aren't many photos I'm in (laughs). But this time we took photos of each other, it felt everyone had fun together.


- Coco-san is a member of “WACK Photo association” inaugurated within the WACK office, you liked photos since before right?


Coco: Yes. Also I always really liked SNS so I took a lot of photos, including the ones when I was little and the ones in my cellphone I think I have around 60.000 photos (laughs). When Instagram started to trend I think it was the main app to photo treatment but, lately it seems like it's more fashionable to upload quality images that weren't treated. With this camera you can take vivid photos you couldn't take with your smartphone.




Daily life becomes a good time to take a picture


- What do you want to photograph with [GF10/GF90]?


Yamamachi: Even photographing members, I want to take a more natural figure. Not definitely looking at the camera, nonchalant walking, profiles of members talking to each other. Not like “Ok say cheese!” but rather pressing the shutter casually.


Tsukino: If it's with my cellphone sometimes I want to take photos of a trendy parfait or something but, having a camera I want to photograph the roadside, I want to take a picture of anything.


Terashima: Because usually I mostly take selfies, there aren't much occasions I take pictures of the members casually. But today we talked as usual, when we were all laughing I thought “Ah, I might take a good picture now”

Coco: Because today everyone had cameras, it wasn't a stance of looking at the camera and making the piece sign but rather a mutual natural atmosphere so it was good. Because always me and Maika turn the camera to other members and they immediately make the piece sign and pose, I thought “That's not it!” (laughs).


Kamiya: The ones having their picture taken also have a natural posture.


It seems to fit “Camera Girls”


- Please tell us about the design of [GF10/GF90].


Yua: I thought it was surprisingly small. When I heard it was a mirrorless single lens camera, I imagined a single lens camera the cameramen usually have but, when I actually held it it was light and small.


Terashima: It's also easy to match with fashion.


Dockson: Because the look of White x Rose gold and Orange x Silver is cute seems easy for girls to carry. I think it's perfect for “Camera Girl”. Just by holding the camera you shine! (laughs)


Tsukino: I don't know about the rate of the weight of the camera but, when I used [GF10/GF90] I thought it was easy to use because it had a moderate weight.



Fashionable filters to use according to the scene


- In the creative control feature there are 22 effects filters that let you enjoy photographing with the style of your choice, did you try it

Maika: Even as a beginner I could take a photo with atmosphere.


Terashima: Yes! The [Retro] that lets you take photos with a film camera style was cute.


Yua: I used the [Cross Filter] that makes light sparkle and it was really pretty I was moved. It'll look good to take pictures of Christmas illumination too.


Kamiya: The “Fantasy” filter looks like “Terrace house”, I like it (laughs). With a faint color the skin looks pretty too.

Yamamachi: I like the “Old days” that turns the photo like you've been wrapped in light. The color palette being not too deep, I had the impression the scene was more revived with a pale feeling. On the other hand if you are taking a scenery picture filters like “Toy photo” or with a bigger contrast will be more usefull.


Terashima: There were a variety of monochrome filters, I tried various things.


Kamiya: Like the “One color” that turns the monochrome photo in just one color. When I was photographing Tsukino I tried the pale pigments feeling or just having the red come out, with Coco I tried to use a pop and bright, I chose the filter according the person's image.



Even though is a mirrorless single lens it's equipped with the standard beautiful skin treatment, also easy to take selfies


- Did you try the selfie mode?


Kamiya: Yes. With this type of camera I thought it would be hard to take a selfie but, with the shutter button on both left and right it was simple to operate, it was really easy.

Dockson: Indeed with this type of camera I had the image you had to ask people to take a photo for you but, with this camera you can do it without being hesitant during travels like “I want to have a photo taken but I can't ask” (laughs).


- Also with the [Wide mode 4K Selfie mode] you can make a continuous shoot making the best use of the angle of the lens, you can take selfies with the scenery in it, it's also an advantageous point that when taking selfies with a lot of people you can take the photo easily.


Dockson: I took a selfie with several people lining up like photobomb but, there wasn't anything cut out.


Maika: When I tried the selfie style, it was good that the LCD came forth to the upper side. It felt easier to see compared to the types that come out to the bottom part.


Yua: Even being the typical mirrorless single lens with one set you can take selfies, you can have a beautiful skin treatment and also a slim treatment.


Dockson: The beautiful skin mode, I want to request it to the fans who take photos at lives (laughs). Contrary to scenery photos when it comes to people, when you take vivid photos that doesn't necessarily connects to “cute”…… If you take it with this camera even “filling” the selfie it doesn't show the treatment that much, it turned out as a natural feeing so it might be good to idols to be picky about the camera (laughs).



Taking a picture and wanting to upload on SNS! when that happens


- It's also possible to use the [GF10/GF90] together with the smartphone app [Panasonic Image App].


Coco: If you install it you can use it easily, it was also convenient the transfer speed was high. (reference: Coco Partin Coco (@COCOpartin_GANG / Twitter).


Kamiya: Every year that passes I become mechanically inept, to the point of receiving from members advice on the camera start up method or changing smartphones but, the way to use this app is easy to understand, I was relieved I could do it smoothly.



[PHOTO Recipe] packed with “I want to take a photo like this”


- In the Panasonic website there's the “PHOTO Recipe” content but, these were actually publicized as a model of photo you can take with [GF10/GF90] (reference: PHOTO Recipe).


Maika: The cat one is cute, I thought it would be nice to take one like that.


Yamamachi: The photo of pressing the lemon was also great.


Dockson: The photo taken with continuous shooting that looks like she's standing on water was amazing. After that she fell down on water! (laughs)


- You could say it's an appeal of this content the fact you can use the model as reference to take a similar photo in another situation.


Coco: It's also good to hold the camera and take a picture as you please but, it's nice you have models like this you can use as reference. (While looking at PHOTO Recipe) It's amazing you can take 30 continuous frames in one second.


- This photo was taken with the 4K Photo mode. It's a perfect recipe to take photos of things that move fast, or the sizzle feeling of foods (reference: PHOTO Recipe).


Dockson: You could also take a picture of the flying sweat during lives. Girls who are bad at weird faces too, with this mode you could even take a miracle shot.


Kamiya: During the previous tour there was a moment Tsukino would wear a pantyhose in her head but, it would be good to shoot that scene continuously (laughs).



You can enjoy casual happenings


- If you were to recommend this camera to other people?


Dockson: The beautiful skin mode! Because you can take a beautiful photo so easily, you can't not chose it!


Yua: To me it's that it's compact.


Tsukino: I know. It's good that it's light so even carrying it around your neck doesn't make you tired.


Yamamachi: Specially Yua and Tsukino who carry a lot of baggage, it sounds good.


Terashima: To me it's the fact you can send the photos to your phone right away. Because if I take a good one I want to upload it to Twitter soon.


Haruna: For me it's cuteness. Instagrammers upload photos of themselves holding cute cameras, it's nice it seems it can feel like that.


Coco: Hmn, I want this camera now (laughs).


Dockson: It also seems like you can enjoy unexpected happenings. Until now I only walked around like an idiot but, having a camera make your eyes go to the scenery. Seems like walking in the city will become fun.


Yamamachi: Seems like the sensibility will be more abundant. If you walk around with this camera it feels like you can enjoy even more the daily life.