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GANG PARADE right in the midst of a reformation! The now and future from 9 member GANG PARADE

GANG PARADE released their first single with the new formation, “GANG 2”.

GANG PARADE, that became a 9 people group with the new members chosen in an audition in the training camp form, Haruna Ba Chiin and Tsukino Usagi. The girls started their activities from the one man live “GANG 2” that took place in Zepp DiverCity TOKYO on April, and will start the national “REBUILD TOUR” from July.

At Music Natalie, we carried an interview with GANPARE, who is in the midst of this reformation. They talked frankly not only about the new single, but also about the mental state of Haruna and Tsukino who just joined the group, the thought of the other 7 members regarding the new members, the current situation of the group, among other things.

Interview and editing: Furukawa Tomohisa

Photos: Nizhimaki Taichi



- This is the first interview with GANG PARADE since you became a 9 member group. First let’s start with the introduction of the 2 new members.

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: I’m GANG PARADE’s Haruna Ba Chiin. Nice to meet you. I’m currently into gyoza and Lotteria.

Yui Ga Dockson: If we were to define the girl in one word it would be baby. She’s a loli.

- In reality, she’s really young, right?

Dockson: No, ‘cause everyone is the same age!

- I’m sorry, I forgot such an important thing. Excuse me (laughs).

Kamiya Saki: I think she’s a type that GANPARE didn’t have so far. It’s considerably new. There’s the feeling that Haruna’s world come into existence even on stage.

Tsukino Usagi: I’m also a new member, Tsukino Usagi. Nice to meet you! I don’t really have any appeal points….

Kamiya: It’s when you say “face”!

Yumeno Yua: It’s when you say “cute”!

Tsukino: Pressure from my seniors is amazing….

- It’s like you are in charge of the visual.

Tsukino: I don’t really understand it myself but….

Coco Partin Coco: Lies.

Everyone: Ahahahaha (laughs).

Yua: But she’s serious.

Kamiya: I think she’s stoic. She was also quick to learn the dances.

Yua: She has a mind that can properly learn. You have people who are good at learning dance and formation and others who aren’t but, I think it’s amazing you can learn after seeing it just once.

- I see. Haruna-san has a mind that can properly learn….

Haruna: I don’t (laughs).

Yua: There might be a difference but she’s giving her best to learn so, that’s also something good.

- Two contrasting friends joined.

Kamiya: That’s why it’s interesting. Since the auditions I saw it thinking Tsukino would fit in GANPARE. She is a type who works hard and hide her passion.

- How is it, joining GANPARE?

Tsukino: It’s the same when I saw videos back when I was a fan. Everyone is just like their image, really friendly. It’s not a character, there are really those kind of people.

Haruna: Because I saw videos and lives, when I joined I was deeply moved. Everyone seems to be really threatening but they are 10 time more gentle than you could think.

- The other day you had the debut live in Zepp DiverCity TOKYO one man but, the 2 really worked hard. Was it hard to finish everything is such a small period? (see: The new decision of 9 members GANG PARADE, the success of Zepp DC oneman)

Yua: They worked hard. We ourselves were doing release events and had to fit lessons in between but, it was far off harder for girls who hadn’t danced before to learn everything. Haruna, who couldn’t dance at all when I first met her 1, 2 months ago, really worked hard.

Kamiya: Haruna in fact took her time but, I thought her giving her best to do things she couldn’t during the audition was really good, I think it’s interesting the story of Haruna Ba Chiin who joined GANPARE and will become able to do things even if slowly. For example, it’s her inherent flavor that she’s weak at dancing.

- Watanabe Junnosuke-san also said it “It’s ok if you are bad at it, it’s not ok if you don’t make an effort”, this is like the current WACK-ism.

Kamiya: Yes. It’s important to grow without killing your own distinct characteristics.

Yua: Everyone wants to protect Haruna. Feels like we’re watching with parental affection.

Kamiya: Tsukino is really amazing, even though she just joined she already remembers the formation better than current members.

Dockson: It’s really reliable. Me and Coco are specially guided by her when it comes to formation.

Coco: It was really hard before Zepp. If you like, it was even harder than my own debut live. The scale and expectations were big, the things we had to learn increased because we became 9 so it really came to my mental state.

Kamiya: Just learning is not the end, Zepp was a live with the meaning we had to shoe the new GANPARE with 9 members. Honestly, there were a lot of things we had to think about that I thought “Give us more time!” (laughs).


- What did everyone thing when you heard the 2 of them would join GANPARE?

Can GP Maika: I was really happy. I participated in the training camp and there were a lot of other great girls but, I thought since then it would be nice if those 2 joined GANPARE. I was genuinely happy.

- Speaking of it, Maika-san had her name changed after the training camp audition.

Maika: I was surprised but in the end I got the GP. I was told a lot of things, like Can Ta Maika (laughs). There’s the meaning of carrying GANPARE in my back with the GP but, in spite of Watanabe-san nice saying somewhat that.

- On the other hand isn’t this name a burden?

Maika: When I was told I would carry it forever, there was something that came to my mentality but, I talked with Watanabe-san and other members, I became able to think that it wouldn’t be that hard if I see it on the good side. Well, I was really happy I wasn’t dropped into another group (laughs).

Kamiya: Ooi (laughs).

Everyone: Ahahahaha (laughs).

- Kamiya-san too, welcome back. It has been a while since last GANPARE, how is it to come back? (see: BiS Kamiya and GANPARE Aya trade ends, again a WACK joined audition)

Kamiya: Comparing it to before it feels like each one is properly standing now. There isn’t someone who won’t say their opinion when we talk. The practices also became more lively. It was lively with 7 members but when it become 9 it’s hard. Also Yama-chan (Yamamachi Miki) became stronger. Before I had this silent image but, she became able to say things when she has to.

Yamamachi Miki: Seems like it. Lately I’ve been called “warrior” (laughs).

- GANPARE feels like a new compiled team.

Kamiya: Also Coco, Yuyu (Terashima Yuuka) and Dockson, before I left we had only a few time together so it was like we were still feeling and getting to know each other but, after over 1 year their individuality is more prominent. Since when I was in BiS I felt that GANPARE had this team atmosphere, because I was also saved many times by leaning on someone’s shoulder when I went to BiS, the things I learned during the trade are actually really big. Myself from before didn’t really thing about it, but now I understand the importance of everyone saying their opinions to build up something.

- Kamiya-san who returned after a while and was welcomed back into GANPARE, how do other members see her changes?

Coco: Personally what I feel is, one month before the trade happened Saki-chan shaved her head. I think shaving her head became a turning point. Like all the useless things were dropped off.

Terashima Yuuka: She shed.

Kamiya: Shedding (laughs).

Coco: I don’t know if shaving her head is equals that but, she became like a monk.

- She entered priesthood.

Coco: It’s like the eye who watches over everyone is God. Even until now she was in the center watching over us but, the vertical way she watched spread to the sides now, like her heart is big.

Dockson: I understand that. It’s like there’s a globe inside the globe.

Kamiya: I don’t quite understand (laughs).

Coco: In reality, there are a lot of things that Saki-chan who returned from BiS brought back. Like valuing the individual. The view of valuing the team GANPARE became a plus with also valuing the individual, I think it became a really good balance. I think it’s obvious GANPARE is stronger than before.

Kamiya: I’m really happy about the growth of the girls, it becomes easier on myself too (laughs). Feels like there was more strength put in the trade then I imagined, I became soft and returned. That time I was saved by GANPARE members, when we talked about how would the formations be with 9 members everyone just moved naturally and decided, in a good way I think the time to reexamine myself increased.

- The 9 members GANPARE, did you feel the feedback from Zepp?

Dockson: We were born, something like that.

- Born?

Dockson: It feels like the 9 people GANPARE egg was born. I think these 2 were what was missing and lost from GANPARE.



- I’m really looking forward the activities of GANPARE with 9 members but… Something I’m interested in is Dockson’s solo debut. The release of the solo single “Like a virgin” will be on 6/12.

Dockson: Yeeey. Thank you very much!

- You showed a shocking visual into the world.

Dockson: That is making the image of “NeoGyaru” It’s my solo form. I became a ganguro.

Coco: A lot of weeks passed, there’s already nothing I want to say.

Yua: It’s something that can be done because it’s Dockson.

Dockson: It’s the same title of someone of great influence. I challenged myself in eurobeat. With Matsukuma (Kenta/ SCRAMBLES)-san’s proposal he told me “We’ll go with eurobeat for Dockson’s solo!”. Eurobeat might not be the type of musing near the average person but, for Gyaru’s is a culture of interest so I thought it was fitting of this solo. Now there are songs from bubble era playing, Matsukuma-san said the next wave to come will be eurobeat. That’s why we’re doing it early. It’s not old, it’s actually new. Neo! I think I’ll stir up this era!

Maika: This song, if you listen to it one time you won’t forget it.

Kamiya: We actually listened to the song before seeing the art photo. That’s why the image passed with no objection.

Coco: The one who proposed she should go with ganguro was actually me. Because it fits with the song I proposed it to Watanabe-san. Then he immediately contacted Sotobayashi (Kenta)-san from outfits and decided on the visual.


- The first single with the new formation “GANG 2” is completed. Did you hear if there’s a meaning to the title?

Yua: It’s not like we heard directly from Watanabe-san, and since the live title has been decided for a while as “GANG 2”, I think Watanabe-san named that with the image that we were renewed with new members


Kamiya: It’s exactly this meaning. New members increased and it’s another start but, perhaps it’s really a big turning point. When I first listened to “GANG 2”, I was somehow really happy. I was honestly happy that I could sing this song after returning to GANPARE. The songs I’m good at are the types that show a dark side but, because it’s a song we sing with the countless dramas images, I think this aspect is also strong. Feels like I’m singing on “GANG 2” also about the experiences during the trade. GANPARE’s history is quite long. Exactly because it’s this timing, there’s a deep meaning to the lyrics that makes us reflect, it became a song we can’t sing anywhere else but here.

- How was the first recording for the 2 new members?

Haruna: I was really nervous during recording, I gave Matsukuma-san omelets I made myself. When I did that he said “It’s good” and my parts increased a little. It’s a song full of memories. It’s a song I want to sing with all my heart in a really big empty place.

Everyone: Ahahahaha (laughs).

Kamiya: As expected she was also like a baby during recordings. Because GANPARE doesn’t have this type of voice it feels like it washes our soul. Dockson was stroke by it.

Dockson: When I hear her voice I want to die. It’s so pure, it has no dirt or impurity and it’s so pretty and pure that I want to die. I feel like I’m really sorry. I’m reminded of all the bad things I did in the past, I regret my sins and my heart is purified.

- I see, so the asobinin (GANG PARADE’s fans) will also have their hearts purified. How was recording to Tsukino-san?

Tsukino: I was nervous. Because it’s not like I’m confident in my singing, I would just do what Matsukuma-san said.

Kamiya: She has a nice voice. Also her volume is amazing. She can join the voice volume team. Me, Coco and Tsukino.

Tsukino: Coco-san’s voice really goes trough so I love it. Because I’m always mumbling for now I put my heart into covering that with volume.

Coco: A really good junior!

Maika: I didn’t really imagined it but it’s a voice with a lot of heart. If she investigates her own way of singing, there’s definitely room for growth so I’m looking forward to it’s change. ’

- With 9 people the singing parts division also become smaller.

Yua: Yes. Until now we would roughly sing 2 or 3 lines and that’s now down to 1. With that the formation also becomes finer.

Kamiya: In order to each one have their spotlight, we made it valuing that.

- And the coupling song “Lai le”, the lyrics are by Yamamachi-san. It’s a song with melody and lyrics that consciously tries to convey the Chinese atmosphere.

Yamamachi: The way of singing of Coco and Dockson, it’s really strong and it’s good it seems they are joking.

Coco: That I did accordingly to Matsukuma-san’s instructions, I shook off in a Chinese way. I think it’s embarrassing.

Yamamachi: “Lai le” actually when I heard the song in it’s early stage, I thought I wanted to use Chinese in the chorus. “Lai le” has a “I’ll come” meaning to it, it fit with the image I had of the lyrics I was thinking of. The song theme is “Someone who want’s to give their best”, because is just in the timing GANPARE became a 9 member group, I thought that would be good. I think it was harder than I imagined to do things as 9 people. There are cheering songs but, there aren’t many that sing the person’s straight feeling.

Kamiya: 2 contrasting songs were compiled in this CD.

- And so the national tour will start from July. Final will be on Zepp Tokyo. The tour that you’ll challenge as 9, how do you want it to be?

Yua: In the previous tour “BREAKING THE ROAD” there was the story of “We’ll break and make it” but, this tour title is “REBUILD TOUR” so there’s the “reorganizing” meaning to it, it feels like everything is packed into that. Because we couldn’t sould out Zepp DiverCity this time I want to sold it out, I think it will become a tour that until the final the rearranged 9 member GANPARE will come to it’s completion. I think it will be compared to the debut live of the 2 new members, it’s a hall with the same Zepp. I think we must make it a live that will make people like GANPARE even more.


Maika: I also said this when we were 7 but, I want to pass trough this tour in order to not have anyone break this group after we became 9.


Terashima: Since we became 9 members there’s really no time, it was hard to the point of becoming dizzy. Because we didn’t have time to check if that was really hard, I want to ascertain the feelings with this tour. The GANPARE with 9 people.


Tsukino: Since there’s no meaning if we don’t grow, I want to make a tour that I’ll grow to the point of people seeing it.


Haruna: At this tour I think I can still grow more and more so, I want to become someone who’ll make people think “Haruna Bad Chiiiin changed!”.