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GANG PARADE The parade won't stop, GANPARE's new emotional state

GANG PARADE release their new single “CAN'T STOP” on 9/11.


Becoming a new lineup since April, GANG PARADE has been on the “REBUILD TOUR” since July. This is the second Natalie interview with the new lineup, we heard about their feelings piling up experience on the several stages before the tour final. We're also talk about the growth of Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Bad Chiiiin who have been members for 4 months, and also their honest feelings after watching the groups from the same agency, BiS 1st and BiS 2nd lives.


Data/text: Furukawa Tomohisa

Photos: Nishimaki Taichi

Tsukino Usagi breaking out of her shell with the pantyhose


- First lets talk about your current tour “REBUILD TOUR”. I believe you are motivated since it's the first tour with the new lineup since Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Bad Chiiiin joined but, did you think of some sort of theme for this tour?


Kamiya Saki: Just like the “REBUILD” in the tour title, first we'll build something with these 9 that'd won't break, we decided on that discussing together.


- Opposite to this idea, in the first day of the tour because of the typhoon accident there was the risk of the live being cancelled…….


Dockson: It was good we traveled one day before but, there were a lot of people coming that day that couldn't come because their plains wouldn't fly. But because there was also a lot of asobinin (GANG PARADE fans name) who came earlier, we had to do it. The typhoon was really bad to the point of turning the umbrella in an instant.

- There was also this situation but, how is it now looking back to the first day?


Terashima Yuuka: The first day felt like we were still tumbling. Our feelings were a little airy.


Kamiya: If I had to say, we talked in more depth about the tour after the first day ended. Before going to Okinawa we talked about “I want to make this such a tour” but, more specifics like the anxious regarding the setlist we saw them after the Okinawa. That's why there was a tumbling situation but I'm really glad it didn't get cancelled because of the typhoon. If it wasn't for the first day perhaps the tour direction would've changed.


- Somehow, GANPARE tour had the image of everything being prepared and thought in details before the first day but, this time it was the style of piling up after doing it once.


Kamiya: That's right. Also more than team the nuance of individual bases struggle was strong until Okinawa. After that we shifted to the thinking we had to value more the group feeling.


Tsukino: That said it's not like we were relaxed because it was the first day (laughs). There were also a great number of songs.


Coco Partin Coco: Indeed the Okinawa setlist was big. After that there was the opinion that perhaps it would be better to narrow down the song number to show the point of a nice flow, after that it feels we decreased it a little. The part we decreased, we thought of increasing points of focus, this time we also put effort in the short story.

- Ah, that is so (laughs).


Coco: Short stories, if we don't accumulate experiences it's no good.


- It's not something you usually hear in an artist interview (laughs).


Coco: Laughing points, there was the feeling that experience counts a lot, so there were a lot of discoveries we had doing it like “the audience laughs at something like this”. Overall, we pull quite some short story execution.


Dockson: Yes yes. It's not exaggeration to say that if the short story fails everything else fails.


Kamiya: Because it's the first time we go on tour with these members, we don't know what will happen until we're all on stage but, I thought as a result it was a good thing we could see the challenging points after the first day. It was a big deal to see the vision beyond clearly.


- It's the first tour since Tsukino-san and Haruna-san joined GANPARE but, how is it looking back at the opening that was the first day?


Tsukino: For the good of for the worse I performed a live it felt like the first day…… Saying that the phrasing might not bad but, it was such impression. Also this short story the pantyhose came to me, until now the lives to day “wearing a pantyhose in your head” was about Maika-san but, I was handed that over.


Can GP Maika: Fufufu (laughs). That's right.


Tsukino: Because it was my first experience with a short story I was extremely nervous. In the 2nd song I don't know why but tears started to fall. Since I was told by Watanabe (Junnosuke/WACK representative)-san “Do the short story”, it felt I always had a lead in my heart. It was a constant pressure until the first day to the point of hating to think about it.


Coco: Tsuki's (Tsukino's nickname) face was so anxious it was really bad.


- She was led to doubt in a type of pressure artists don't really have the need to feel.


Coco: But to GANPARE it's something really important.


Tsukino: As a result the first day, it was a live I could release the pressure of the short story.


Kamiya: If it's BiSH Acchan (Hashiyasume Atsuko) is the axis of the short story but, with GANPARE depending on the venue the center of the short story changes. Not only Tsukino but actually a lot of members were troubled about successive short stories.


Coco: In the day of the lives Watanabe-san gives us advices, there are cases the content changes drastically. There were also long lines. There are a lot of challenges, thinking about the short stories, there were also cases here and there the choreography would just go away (laughs).


Dockson: The songs before and after the short stories are suspicious (laughs).


Coco: But because there's a high quality to Tsukino's pantyhose, I certainlt want everyone to see it once.

- As the leading person in the pantyhose craft, how is her pantyhose?


Maika: When I used the pantyhose I had the feeling “Even wearing a pantyhose in my head I'm an idol!” but, Tsuki is a little different. If I had to say it there's the strong feeling of “coming out of her shell”. It's a pantyhose with such meaning.


- A pantyhose with such meaning (laughs).


Yumeno Yua: If you look at photos you understand it but, between Maika going trough as an idol and Tsukino coming out of her shell, the way of putting their feelings into it is different. It's a pantyhose with a lot of feelings conveyed.


Tsukino: I don't know how my face is when I'm wearing it but, because the audience laughs seeing that I think “I'm grateful”. Is a valuable experience, it feels I'll discipline my mentality after the tour.


- How is the growth in the performance?


Kamiya: She also did things properly in the one man at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO but, it feels like it's more polished after the tour started. Because it feels she's finding her issues and correcting them by herself, there's nothing really to say. That's exactly why I want her to give her best in the short story. Actually, her voice is really loud. I believe she'll grow even more if she can show an aspect that can be perceived as unusual.


Tsukino: Lately I'm taking voice training but I'm suffering. The voice won't come out like I think. That's why I want to grow more with this tour.



The inexistent type in WACK Haruna Bad Chiiiin


- Haruna-san faced the first day of tour with what feelings?


Haruna Bad Chiiiin: I was really anxious the day before. I was so nervous I practiced the short story with Tsukino in the hotel room.


Coco: Tsukino is the one using the pantyhose but, the one with most lines is Haruna.


- I see. As expected short stories are nerve wracking (laughs).


Haruna: In the day too I had fun with a lot of songs but, when it came to the song right before the short story my mind became full of stuff about it. Then, the actual short story, it went better than practice.


Coco: Indeed it was good. Strong type in crucial moments.


Haruna: The things that wouldn't go right during rehearsal were great, I felt my heart lighter.


Kamiya: How was it after the short story?


Haruna: After the short story…….


Kamiya: ……..


Haruna: ……….

- You were at your limit with the short story, right?


Haruna: …… I wondered what would I feel in my first tour. I had a different sensation from usual lives.


Kamiya: The things Haruna can do increased a lot. When she joined her hands would come back during the dance but, lately her dancing and movements are big. At the chorus for “BREAKING THE ROAD” she swings her neck greatly but, like a baby Haruna's neck doesn't hold still (laughs). Reversely maybe that's good. I think it's a good thing she's focused on showing it bigger to that extent.


- Unintentionally you notice her movements.


Kamiya: Her singing voice is also a good one. Her voice shines when she puts energy in it.


- Is she a type of vocalist inexistent in GANPARE?


Dockson: Not only GANPARE, perhaps she's an inexistent type in WACK as well.



When I surpass myself from the past I can move forward as “GANPARE's Kamiya Saki”

- GANPARE that started this formation in April but, could you see the group's new form in this tour?


Dockson: While everyone's personalities is prominent, it's like everything is connected by a line as a group. Like an oval ring. Now without deciding on a form as a group, I think perhaps it's better a form not imagined being completed after the tour.


- Is there anyone with personal challenges for this tour?


Kamiya: It's the first tour since I came back from the rental trade with BiS. As I expected I definitely want to surpass myself from BiS. I want to appeal more to “Kamiya Saki from GANPARE is so much cool!”, I want to have more confidence.


- It feels like the live Kamiya Saki coolness is unique but, you can still evolve more.


Kamiya: Yes. Because the GANPARE songs have a lot of colors, I want to show with my performance the possibilities of the songs. That's why I'm facing it conscious this is my personal challenge.


- The feeling of wanting to surpass your old self is strong.


Kamiya: As as I thought being in the trade is a big thing inside me. I believe Aya (Eight Prince) also has the same feelings. Because I was showed a complete for of GANPARE at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka while in the trade, I must surpass that. I believe when I surpass that it'll become the chance for moving forward as Kamiya Saki from GANPARE. (reference: GANG PARADE, the solo live “MAKING THE ROAD” that filled BLITZ with asobinin).


Coco: Personally since before this tour started I wanted to find a different color from when we were 7 members. I thought a lot about how would be the best way to show all 9. Prone to if we did too much I thought we could break, compared to BiSH and BiS we were told “Your individuality is weak” so, I wondered what we could to do get personalities to surpass other WACK groups.


- I believe GANPARE is also a reunion of strong personalities though (laughs).


Coco: We are! If you think about it there are 9 interesting members, right? If you check live footages, I believe we are doing more than I thought. After 3 lives of the tour I realized that (laughs). I thought we can become a more interesting group if we can make it more prominent. I don't know if I can pull out everyone's interesting aspects myself but, if you look at the members properly, not only the 2 new members, because there should be more interesting characteristics, I want to focus on that.

I believe we can make an even better live


- BiS is having the “BiS.LEAGUE” in which members will go to BiS 1st or BiS 2nd depending on votes. I'm interested in what their glare looks like from GANPARE eyes.


Dockson: Before we had a lot of feelings like “If there's an opponent we won't lose!” or “We want to be the number 1 in WACK”, we still have those feelings obviously but, after the emotions of that time, we're now looking at a lot of things in a wider way. If I had to say we want to bring closer the distance of emotions from the audience. If we show too much fighting spirit, it feels like it's completed only that specific time.


- Indeed more than glaring, like you are now in a different vector or emotions, it feels you entered a new turn. Like you are aiming at even higher places.


Coco: It's not like our glare disappeared, the correct would be we changed the way we show this emotion. More people are recognizing us so we don't feel as frustrated as before but, I believe we all have the same feeling of never wanting to lose.


Kamiya: Even in the tour MC, before we would talk about my own personal fights but, this time everyone is talking about how to connect the current GANPARE to the future.


- Like it went from a mischievous feeling to a more adult one.


Dockson: Quality improved.

- That said, when BiS performs a good live, somewhere in your heart you must feel a flame growing.


Dockson: That's so. It become a frustrating feeling. We get moved by the live's excitement being conveyed directly, I feel frustration. The other day, I saw BiS 2nd live in the afternoon at WWW X, went home once, had a nap and at night saw BiS 1st live. When I was napping BiS appeared in my dream. In one day I saw BiS 3 times……. It was frustrating.


Yamamachi Miki: I only saw the BiS 2nd live. While battling individually for the 1st place, in a live they had to perform as comrades, I wondered how BiS members were facing that. They are comrades but I think there's a time you can't remain as comrades, with what emotions would they perform, I wanted to see that.

- How was it?


Yamamachi: I didn't see even once the individual battle. They were consistent as one group, I thought it was nice everyone's strong feelings showed. Seeing a performance so frank with these feelings, specially Aya, Peri (Ubu), Kika (Front Frontale), I fell their growth and greatness.


Yua: I saw both 1st and 2nd lives. It felt like each of the 10 of them were doing everything they could, it was cool. The new members too while exploring were doing their earnest, somehow seeing it felt nice. Certainly if it was before I think I would feel frustrated because I would watch comparing to GANPARE but, now I understand the qualities of each group, I believe we can also make an even better live.


I want to see the best scenery at Zepp Tokyo

- You're in the middle of a tour but the new single “CAN'T STOP” will be released. I think it express the current GANPARE just like it's title but, is there a message you want to convey with this song?


Kamiya: Kindness perhaps? Because it's a song with a big wrapping image, people who listen to it then will be wrapped in kindess.


- I see.


Tsukino: I couldn't quite express the feelings conveyed in the lyrics, the recording was difficult. I couldn't put too much strength and was told by the sound producer Matsukuma (Kenta)-san to sing with 80% of capacity.


Coco: There was this direction too so it's like the more you hear more the contents of it become deeper.


Kamiya: Yes. It's like I want to hear it watching the countryside view from a car window. It's a non concrete image. If you watch the music video and the choreography, I feel like it's impression will change again. I was responsible for the choreography this time but, I did something quite fresh.


Coco: Drastically. It's simple but in the chorus we all stay holding hands.


Kamiya: It feels it's not forced. Eh, it's not, right?


Everyone: It's ok! (laughs)


Terashima: Though there are times the difference in height shows (laughs).


Coco: Everyone has different heights and personalities but, there's the meaning we all supplement what each other on the things we don't have. There's a height difference from Yuyu (Terashima Yuuka nickname) so there's a part that's kinda overdoing it but, this is also love. It express the feeling of being considerate to your comrades.


- Even comrades don't get many opportunities to hold hands.


Kamiya: At first we only held hands at B-melody. But when I saw the MV storyboard there were a lot of scenes we would hold hands. If that's the case then I thought it would be better to insert more moments like that. Because the audience also liked it and do the same, I believe we'll be able to see an amazing scenery.


Dockson: I'll cry if I see such scene.


Coco: I think it's the first song that'll be completed at lives. I want to feel it in lives.

- The tour final that'll happen at Zepp Tokyo, I want to see this wonderful scenery. As a group it will also be the biggest one man stage so far, how are you facing it?


Yua: Within WACK's history I believe it feels like finally. If you compare to BiSH's speed it might feel like at last.


- But, to that extent you passed a strong story.


Kamiya: Before, Watanabe-san told us “Your story, I think it'll definitely make your future stronger”. It feels exactly like that. I think it's not a stage you can stand on easily, because it took us a long time we are genuinely happy to stand there.


- Lastly what kind of image you want to show at Zepp Tokyo?


Haruna: I'll become “Baby Superman”!


- …….. Oh?


Haruna: Now I'm “summer's baby”, for the tour I was aiming at “autumn's lady” but, I changed my way of thinking, because I'll forever be a baby, I thought of creating the new genre of Baby Superman.


- Like a baby, becoming an amazing existence, is that the meaning?


Haruna: I want to show a splendid baby, in a high level that'll make people think humanity never saw such baby.


Coco: It's perfect as final comment!