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The after effects left by “these 7” before Aya’s transfer

GANG PARADE released their new single “BREAKING THE ROAD”. This is the last single with Aya Eight Prince during the rental trade period, the title song brought together as one the feelings of the girls who have been running trough, and became a positive melodic punk tune.

Natalie Music put together the last interview the 7 of them will give with this formation with Aya. We asked them about their honest feelings towards the end of the rental trade announced last year on December during the WACK FES, as well as the individual things that were needed to grow as a group and their feelings towards their live at Mynavi Akasaka Blitz “MAKING THE ROAD” that’ll happen on 2/23.

Interview/text: Furukawa Tomohisa

Photos: Nishimaki Taichi



- I heard you were filming the MV for you new song “BREAKING THE ROAD” until yesterday. How was the filming?

Yamamachi Miki: The MV was split in 3 parts, the 3 directors that worked on our previous MV shot their own scenes. Because the directors composition is different from each other, we ourselves couldn’t imagine how it would turn out. But the filming was really fun (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco: The first cut we left Tokyo and went to Fukushima!

Aya Eight Prince: It was a place supposed to be a resort.

Yui Ga Dockson: The building was stopped along with the economic bubble pop… It was a place stopped in time.

Terashima Yuka: We filmed there using drones. Like the members were chasing after them.

Yumeno Yua: Going in order, the next scene was on the beach. Anyhow, it was cold (laughs).

Coco: I feel like we always shoot our MV when it’s cold but, it was freezing the most so far.

Yuka: I thought I might really die.

Can Maika: Our finger tips were to the point of turning purple but, the sunrise was pretty.

Dockson: The last scene in the studio was really warm.

Coco: We took a lot of different patterns with individual and group shots at the studio.

Yamamachi: I thought we took a lot of good shots. I’m excited as to how they’ll be used.

- 1 MV made from 3 different directors with their own GANPARE image. Looking forward the result.

Coco: Really the shooting took exactly 24 hours. So all members are here today without actually sleeping (laughs).



- “BREAKING THE ROAD” will become the last song with these 7, the lyrics this time are hot. Seems like a content that consolidated the feelings of the current 7 members. “The shape is different but WE ARE THE ONE the thing we see is the same!!” this phrase captured a lot of meanings. Feels like Aya’s feelings of going back to BiS and leaving GANPARE after the trade, but also like each of the 7 is singing about themselves.


Aya: This phrase is the one that resonated the most.  


Yamamachi: When I saw the lyrics I thought this is a song we can sing because we are the current 7 members. If (Kamiya) Saki-chan sings “BREAKING THE ROAD” it will become a different song, I thought about that while recording. When I heard Aya’s voice the lyrics pierced through. I like the other members voice too, each one has it’s piercing point but, among that Aya’s voice pierced through me, I listened thinking it was really cool.

Maika: I was the responsible for the choreography in this song but, since the formation became the current one, instead of thinking alone we decided on the style of thinking together, I was saved by the members a lot of times. I also like the “The shape is different but WE ARE THE ONE the thing we see is the same!!” part, about the choreography in this part the 7 of us cross shoulders. Because it’s the last single with this formation, I wish everyone notice that during the lives.

- The new song is obvious but, with Kamiya Saki coming back, the songs you built as the current 7’s images will also change.


Yua: That’s right. How will “Beyond the Mountain” turn out. This song has a strong Aya image so, how should we sing “Beyoman” with Saki-chan, I still can’t imagine it.

Aya: If I see GANPARE after returning to BiS… I’ll cry.



- The tour that started in January “GANG PARADE BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR” has the lead song in it’s title. Aya’s trade will soon be over, it will become the last tour with the current 7 but, with what feelings are you facing this tour?


Maika: A feeling of wanting to show a compilation of GANPARE with Aya. I think we built a new form to GANPARE, I want to show that to fans during this tour.

- Aya herself must think a lot of things about the trade end and this tour.


Aya: Yes. A lot. As tour we already went to 3 places (the interview was made in the end of January), but before the tour started, around the middle of January I talked with the members. Honestly, when the end of the trade was announced I didn’t know what to do, my heart became soppy. Because of that I couldn’t clearly say my feelings to GANPARE members.


- In your heart you didn’t know if it was GANAPRE, BiS, what you should do.


Aya: To be in this situation, I hated it too. When Watanabe (Junnosuke/WACK representative)-san told during the “WACK FES” that the trade would end, I said “I will give my best in either group” but, after that a lot of people asked me “In reality which one do you wanna be in?”. I thought about the answer a lot by myself but, it was only in the end of this month that my feelings solidified.


- You were in a gloomy situation for one month. So your feelings became certain and you could talk to GANPARE members.


Aya: Originally I auditioned for BiS and became a BiS member, I worked as BiS for 7 months. So last year in April the trade was announced and I joined GANPARE but, now the time I’ve spent in GANPARE is already longer than when I was in BiS. Because of that I have a lot of feelings towards GANPARE… But there’s also frustration because I came to GANPARE while still having things left undone in BiS, I couldn’t decide within myself in which one I wanted to be in.

- The time spent is not the only thing.

Aya: I came to GANPARE and got to know GANPARE’s good points, I thought I really loved BiS back when I was in BiS. When the end of the trade was announced at “WACK FES”, by all means I couldn’t say my true feelings of “I want to stay like that”. I talked to everyone about the current feelings of mine. I think everyone was gloomy too when the end of the trade was announced. But after I said it everyone understood, I came to feel that I’ll run until the last that as the current 7.

- Listening Aya’s feelings, what other members felt?

Yuka: For the first time I heard Aya’s clear feelings. When I heard the talk about knowing both BiS and GANPARE good points, finally inside myself I could accept Aya’s feelings. It was around the tour’s 3rd day I think, when I heard this talk from Aya I finally could face my feelings towards the tour.

- When Aya came to GANPARE you said in an interview “I like GANPARE’s atmosphere”, in those few months it feels like Aya’s feelings became bigger and evolved to love.

Aya: It’s exactly like that. How did you know that?

Everyone: Ahahahaha (laughs).

- You raised love in few months.

Aya: I’ll cry, I’ll cry…

Dockson: Actually, myself, Coco, Yuyu and Maika experienced GANPARE with Aya for longer than with Saki-chan. Because of that I can’t picture a GANPARE without Aya. During the Nagoya tour live when we did “Plastic 2 Mercy”, Aya screamed “I LOVE GANPARE!”. That really came trough, I thought Aya was bad at expressing her feelings with words but, at that time I think her feelings reached the fans, it also reached us.

- Currently you are at the beginning of the tour but, Aya’s and other members love and gratitude feelings are overflowing, it’s becoming a more emotional time than one could imagine. During the last interview the trade time was extended and Aya said “I still haven’t left anything in GANPARE, it’s not the time to go back to BiS”. At that, this tour is the last chance to leave something to GANPARE.

Aya: When I was traded from BiS I thought I wanted to do my best at this place. But when performing in lives I came to really like GANPARE. I like both, there’s the feeling of not wanting to go back but, now the feeling of applying in BiS the things I got from GANPARE is big. At that I want to catch something during this tour and go back to BiS.

- What other members felt when Aya joined, how the group changed?

Coco: Honestly speaking but, because myself, Yuyu and Dockson are from the failing group at BiS auditions, when was announced that Aya who passed it would come to GANPARE, I had conflicted feelings at first. I think other members too wondered what would become with Saki-chan leaving and Aya joining. Because BiS had strong members Pour Lui and Saki-chan I thought “is there any merit to us?”. Specially during the BiS training camp I looked at Aya and thought things like “This one is bad news” (laughs).

Aya: Ahahahaha (laughs).

Coco: Simply put it was  period that my impression of BiS wasn’t good. But when Aya came and we did a two man tour with BiS, we were able to properly face the group named BiS and like we could know each other. How will the 7 of us fight in order to not loose to BiS, I think it was an opportunity that we thought a lot about how we should face lives. These 7, without breaking anyone, I think we were able to built the “everyone’s playground” because of that tour. Because Aya came we were able to grow.




- Did Watanabe-san said anything before the tour?

Aya: He came in the first day of the tour at Sendai and talked to us.

Yua: He said things like showing each member’s individuality, and that we must step up higher after this tour. From the people who work in the lives we also heard “You became able to do good lives. But if you aren’t able to step up higher you can’t go to higher stages than this one”. We have to think about the group too but, we came to think that we also need to think about ourselves individually.

- As a team you are able to get an average score, but in order to get over 100 points you have to show your individual game, something like that.


Yua: It doesn’t matter how great the live was, we aren’t able to get 120 points. We aren’t surpassing our limits. But on the first day of the tour in Sendai we were told that, after the Nagoya stage I don’t know if we were able to surpass our limits but I think we came close to that, the working people also said “this is GANPARE”.

Aya: Also personally I want to make it a tour that people say “These 7 are the best”.

- Like the Platinum Era for Morning Musume.

Aya: I want to make it to the point of being said that.

- Aya-san will have a major debut from Crown Japan right after returning to BiS. But I was wondering if there’s any true feelings blocked inside.


Aya: If I could have a major debut while being in GANPARE, I think I would happily cry. But getting a major debut with BiS, I’m happy at the same time I feel pressure. If I think too much about it I’ll get soppy again so, now I want to simply give my best.



- At the same time Aya-san leaves Kamiya Saki-san will return. How will GANPARE turn out, that’s a point of attention.


Yua: More than the time Saki-chan was here, I think the current GANPARE can grow carefree, with each member showing their individuality. Ah, saying like that sound like a weird expression but, it’s now like we were coerced by Saki-chan or anything like that (laughs).


Everyone: Ahahahaha (laughs).

Yua: When Maika and Coco and the others joined there was a period it was like “what Saki-chan says is absolute”. But now we are thinking and deciding things together, even after Saki-chan returns I think it would be nice to create an even better environment without breaking this current form.


Dockson: Saki-chan might think the same but, the current GANPARE has a whole different color from when Saki-chan was here. We aimed to get this but, I don’t want Saki-chan to get tainted by this same color, I want to create a new color with Saki-chan. I feel like I want us to evolve.

Yua: I want to make an even happier place. When Saki-chan went to BiS and Aya came to GANPARE I thought the same thing. I was nervous and couldn’t see ahead but, since Aya joined the situation became much better, if everyone loves GANPARE then certainly things will go right. Like if we live to our fullest a better future will definitely become true.

Coco: How will turn out, I’m looking forward to it.

- If we talk about expectation and uneasiness, is it fifty-fifty?

Dockson: Hm, I don’t know. It’s just now is lonely, I’m not feeling anxious.

Coco: Yeah, now is lonesome.

Yua: But because we are the ones that must open up the future, I want to go ahead thinking that GANPARE but go higher. I’m anxious but the positive feeling is stronger.

- Because with the 7 of you we had an image of “GANPARE is like that”, I don’t think it will change even after Kamiya Saki-san returns. There’s not the image of abruptly changing.

Maika: I want to let set like a thud.

Yua: If we tremble, we might get swallowed by Saki-chan’s atmosphere. I think she’ll return to GANPARE bringing things she cultivated in BiS but, we must not tremble and protect the “everyone’s playground” concept. In order to not be taken by Saki-chan, at certain extent I feel like making an opposition to her.

Coco: If there’s a chance of the things we built as 7 breaking because Saki-chan joined, the things we passed trough as 7, Aya joining, to an extent all that will disappear.

Yua: Asobnin’s (GANG PARADE fan’s name) atmosphere too changed if compared to before. Because the audience says that the current situations is good, I want to stay like that.

Dockson: I don’t think it will change, though. Inside myself I have the confidence that it won’t change.

- When the trade extension was announced, honestly, if Aya returned back then the situation would’ve changed. Certainly the growth period on those few months was deep.

Coco: Exactly. It was really important.

- The tour final “MAKING THE ROAD” on 2/23 at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka, what kind of day you want to make?

Yua: It’s lonely but the feeling of wanting to enjoy is bigger. To GANPARE is the biggest venue so far, the staff is thinking a lot of things about the illumination and the stage. I will be happy if we can properly perform with this formation with Aya.

Aya: Honestly I still don’t feel like I’ll disappear from GANPARE. I’m already rehearsing with BiS and learning the choreography to the new song but, because I’m still GANPARE’s Aya, I want to make it a live that people will say that these 7 members GANPARE are the 7 best members. I want to leave a mark. The mood is to the point of making it my grave!