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Yui Ga Dockson “Like a virgin” GANG PARADE's only one personality talks about her miracle solo debut!

Only one in the whole world! Gang's big weapon competing at her earnest makes a highlight solo debut!


“I was told something like this during SiS era but… My life, it seems fake (laughs). The solo debut too, it was helpless if people thought “it was decided since the beginning”, I got goosebumps. Either that or, maybe someone is making me dance as they please but, if I'm being made to dance like that then I want to dance (laughs)”.


Finishing in 16th place on last year's event “WACK general election” that happened along with the release of the album “WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS”, Yui Ga Dockson who says herself she exhibited a great luck in winning the “Lucky Miracle Happening Prize”, got a solo debut as a booby prize. Currently the girl with characteristic singing and freaky humor is one of the pillars of GANG PARADE but, remembering her story back in 2016 at BiS audition as someone who failed and joined SiS, this future is something you couldn't possibly imagine. While the group goes into their next chapter in a stoic way with “GANG 2”, her solo debut single “Like a virgin” from WACK's new label WcDONALD was completed like a missile in a contrasting way.


The producer is the same as the group, Matsukuma Kenta, but the melody is… not Madonna like, but rather a Hyper Eurobeat with ParaPara remembering the “Night Of Fire” with a kitsch visual of loose socks and Ganguro from years ago. With a feeling unthinkable in GANPARE itself, of course is a completion based on the only one character who can shake it off.


“Indeed, it's because it's me, right? The melody was decided to be eurobeat since the beginning. Matsukuma-san sings a lot of melodies when he's creating songs in his house, it seems like he makes them in a way not even his wife will hear it but, this “Like a virgin” seems like something he was humming. I got such a happy song”.

Matsukuma who has a stable ephemeral melody line, as expected seems like it was different from the usual way since the quick sound was the first solo recording.


“The tempo is really fast, there are a lot of words so it was hard to breathe but, I'm really happy I was let to sing the whole thing. Also, at the group recording, because I want it to be used (laughs) I sing consciously trying to settle things. This time I tested a lot of different ways of singing, all of this would be used, it's different from the usual. Matsukuma-san too had a lot of ideas right there and changed some sounds, it was fun. The beginning “Deka*Tin are you harmonizing” robot voice like is also my but, it was something we discussed and decided at the time. I might get angry at but I consciously thought of Sekaowa-san (laughs), I really like it”.


On the other hand, the lyrics were written by Youta Hariken who also wrote GANPARE's “toro ikura uni tabetai”. Phrases that you don't really want to write like “Without reaching a conclusion, one degree GO” were used, pulling up the maximum catchy of the song.


“Hole is hole. I was given the demo before but, when I received the lyrics I was surprised at first sight it was a song about dicks, I questioned Youta Hariken a little (laughs). But, it became interesting quickly, there's no other way you can scream “Deka*Tin” if not in this cool song, perhaps because it's WACK, this is exactly what I wanted to do. Just, because the words in the lyrics are quite strong, I want you to hear the song first (laughs). My mother too, when I told her “this is a dick song” said “I didn't noticed at all”, I want people to enter via the sound, and later have the funny feelings “this is was it says”. But, words that appear unexpectedly like “If it's an impossible dream I don't need it” etc, they have an irritating atmosphere that resonates with GANPARE I think”.


Dockson, of course didn't experience the fashion in real time.


“Because back at home the trends tent to come later (laughs), making the skirts short, using a big ribbon, I did it like the others. But, I knew ParaPara was a trend before, the teenage girls gal culture so to speak, I had a lot of interest in ganguro's identity. But, the era is coming arround again, last year the bubble era trended with the high school girls dance, didn't it? Matsukuma-san said next it will be the gal's culture, the eurobeat. Indeed you see see gal models gathering and events with ParaPara lately at the news, so I don't want to be late for the trend. The MV too we had help of people from a ganguro cafe but, listening to the song and watching the MV, I want the era to play a little with society to come back one more time. This 18 rated song, it doesn't exist, does it? If it continues like that the narrow world will become more narrow, so I want to open and spread the frontage (laughs)”.


Before the release on 6/10 at Tokyo TSUTAYA O-WEST the solo live will happen.


“After the “Great Opening Act” was announced, I anyhow dance ParaPara. Because I'm rather coward, lately I've been seeing a lot of nightmares but (laughs), if I'm being let to do this I was to give my best with the resignation of selling my pants if necessary. The audience too I want them to come in gal outfits. I think it's something everyone wants to try at least once. It would be interesting if we can propagate the ganguro. Then, I want men and women to sing along. The voice training teacher said it but if you think that “Deka*TinTin” is like a greeting it wont be embarrassing.


Now, in italian “ChinChin” means “Chears” so if you think like that “Like a virgin” is a party song to give energy to the world, it could be said it's a party song.


“Is it so? Then, if we sing in a mood like we're cheering, somehow I think it's become really fun (laughs). From now on I'll say it's the “Cheer Song”!”.