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GANG PARADE The 9 members who promoted the best reconstruction talk about “CAN'T STOP”, what's the “distant continuation” drawn in the new single?

Interview/text: Dejima Koji

The long awaited new single from GANPARE aiming at “best reconstruction” have arrived! If this journey can be continued, where's the destination? Facing the distant continuation, what do the unstoppable 9 sing about?



I want people to think “It's these 9 after all”


Kamiya Saki / Tsukino Usagi / Haruna Bad Chiiiin


Since the one man “GANG 2” debut live of the 9 members lineup held at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO on 4/17 almost 5 months have passed….. Starting with the Okinawa live on 7/1 GANG PARADE is on the first national tour “REBUILD TOUR” with the new formation. The long awaited new single “CAN'T STOP” was released, the 9 of them are preparing to the big battle of the tour final but, first we'll hear from the original member Kamiya Saki, and the new members who joined on April and have had remarkable growth Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Bad Chiiiin.

The growth trough the tour


- Yesterday was the MV shooting, right?


Haruna Bad Chiiiin: Yes. We filmed in a place with a whole lot of grass.


Tsukino Usagi: Grasp?


Kamiya Saki: Grass (laughs)


Haruna: We filmed with CAN'T STOP playing in big volume, it was magnificent. There were also cliffs around……


Saki: It was like a quarry, a place that could be used as special effects. We had a set prepared in the open area, there were also a lot of staffs we were surprised.


Tsukino: This time the direction was made by Tanabe Hidenobu-san who was also responsible for BiSH's “Life is beautiful” and “Promise the start”. Having the song played at a big place like a prairie, it became a calm feeling, I thought “Waa, it really fits”.


Saki: When the sun was setting, in a place almost as high as the sun's line.


- You were there for quite a long time.


Tsukino: From the morning until it got dark. Because we just finished filming we haven't seen it yet but, I believe it'll turn out to be a wonderful MV.


- You are being busy but, having joined only a few months ago how is your mental state now?


Tsukino: I got quite used to it. Even after the debut live in April, for a while I could only thing it was unusual to be in GANG PARADE. But, looking from outside this turns out to be the normal, right?


- People watching got used to it faster.


Tsukino: Exactly. Practicing there were times I would think “Aa, I am here” (laughs). Lately finally in a good meaning GANG PARADE is coming the usual within myself.


Haruna: Lately it's becoming normal to be in GANG PARADE, but, I'm doing things slightly scared that it'll become normal.


- Scary?


Haruna: Because this is not obvious. But, doing things that aren't obvious, it becomes my own confidence, yes.


- How does Saki-san sees it?


Saki: Even talking to everyone normally, in the beginning there were times the talk would get exciting with only 7 of us but, lately it's not like that? There are things we realize because the 2 of them say their opinions, in the real meaning, including the tour, we're being able to build “9 members”.


- The tour is a big thing. After the first one man Haruna-san talked about “We'll do this same thing many times…..”.


Saki: Ahahahaha (laughs)


Haruna: Because it's a tour we'll perform the same setlist several times but, each and every stage I'm able to perform the songs with a different feeling, if I think about that I believe I changed since month ago.


Tsukino: The Okinawa stage was the first one man since the debut live. Between that there was the only boys and only girls lives but, because it was a simple one man since April, I thought that as expected the space only with people who came to see us is different. Now I perform conscious “It would be really nice if everyone can have fun”, so believe I evolved.


- To Saki-san it's a tour with GANPARE after over a year.


Saki: Yes. Zepp DiverCity was the first live after I returned, it was also the debut live of the 9 members lineup, I believe we all faced the days with a good type of nervousness but, since then the journey until Okinawa part of me was floating. Like I still probing the atmosphere, I ended up facing the tour without properly working out the aspect of “How will the 9 of us go”, actually we started to discuss a lot of things after Okinawa.


- After the first day ended.


Saki: That's it. We were late but, there we properly understood the situation of the 9 of us, because I think we'll be able to clearly work on each and every issue, I believe we'll make a very tour like tour.


- What were the points you discussed after the first day?


Saki: Hmm, things what everyone was thinking or sharing each other's casual aspects, also it's a tour we have to take to Zepp Tokyo with more people, thinking about what's ahead for GANG PARADE, I believe it's important to how make more people like us. Since Watanabe (Junnosuke: WACK representative)-san gave us the advice to “think more about the audience”, not only about ourselves, how to be aware of people watching is one of the challenges. After all depending on this consciousness the good and bad of the lives changes.


Tsukino: I think it's different. Being on the front or back I want everyone to have fun as always.


- In this tour Tsukino-san also has great part in the short story.


Saki: Hahahahaha (laughs)


Tsukino: At first we thought about the contents ourselves, also receiving hints from Watanabe-san, in the end as a “face correction device” I'm wearing a pantyhose in my head and singing every time (laughs). At first there was also the idea of impersonating Antonio Inoki-san……


Saki: The theme of destroying Tsuki's face was decided right in the beginning.


- Why Tsukino-san?


Tsukino: I myself tried to not see it, I believe is so I can break out of my shell. Watanabe-san said “Even in auditions for models they are asked to make funny faces, exactly because they are cute, to have this variety makes them more cute”. To break out of my shell, to expand my possibilities, to me the short story is such thing.


- Exactly because you are cute you'll show the possibilities.


Tsukino: That's not it, that's not it!!


Saki: Ahahaha (laughs). But, just like when Maika was the main we wanted to show he potential. Treating her like a bitch, making her wear a pantyhose, the result is that Maika broke in a good way.


- Indeed, Maika-san's image from when she joined changed a lot.


Saki: Right? (laughs). That's why Tsukino's visual and potential quality, aren't they incredible? Because it's a group with 9 members, it also includes the expectation for her to stand out more.


Tsukino: But since I was told by Watanabe-san, I started to think about the terror of the short story in a daily basis. We had a two man live with Jigokuguruma-san in the previous day of the Okinawa stage but, that time too I was like “Okinawa…… it's here”, it felt I would perform the live while holding down a lead in my heart.


Saki: You were like “uuuu…...”. What was scary?


Tsukino: I don't know. Fear of unknown? I was going to expose my face like that in front of people, I was also nervous about talking in the short story. Well, now I'm able to embraced the gratitude towards the audience in front of me who laugh. I thought you don't know things until you try them out.


Saki: There's also being cracked, the shell (laughs).


- In this short story Haruna-san's role is to treat the seniors as ugly.


Saki: Because it's Haruna there's a good flavor.


Haruna: The main is Tsuki but, because I have quite a lot of lines I wondered what I should do, everyday I met with Tsuki in the hotel, and the 2 of us practiced together “It's not like that, not like this”. Even now in the songs before the short story like “Hashiru!!” I get really nervous.


- You only think about what's next (laughs).


Tsukino: While thinking short story short story short story


Haruna: Even though the melody is a calm one, inside my head is like Fuwaaa~. I'm dancing to “Hashiru!!” but, it's like there's something “above” that.


- But, once you step into the content it's fun. The “Your selfies always have the same face”, you're dissing the everyone in society who takes selfies (laughs).


Saki: That's it. Everyone says “This is not just about Tsuki” (laughs).





It's a song that makes you feel what is to be a team


- Among that the new single “CAN'T STOP” is completed. This time too the producer is Matsukuma Kenta-san but, it's a song with a different atmosphere than usual.


Tsukino: I think it's a gentle song, one that makes you cry a different type of tears from the previous single “GANG 2”. “GANG 2” was a song that people listening would cry from being overwhelmed when we show our own emotions, actually there're a lot of people in the lives that end up crying. But “CAN'T STOP” it's not tears like that, you cry naturally because you felt gentleness.


Saki: Yes, the singing content is also new, until now there were a lot of words about our own feelings and sending a wish but, this time we can't to more forward together with as many people as possible, the gentle feelings is everywhere, I thought it was a song we can sing while properly facing someone.


Haruna: I want to sing it in a big wide are, I thought it was a song I want a great number of people to look at us.


Saki: I thought the feeling of the first verse fits Haruna very well.


- Why do you think this type of song was chosen to a single now?


Saki: “CAN'T STOP” is a strong title and while you think it's a song with the dashing feeling, it's a song with such kind melody. But, as I said before it also goes with one of the tour challenges, the current GANPARE is at this turn, I thought that feelings of lyricist Watanabe-san of “it would be nice if people can see this side from now on” were conveyed.


- With the feeling you are singing something good.


Saki: That's it. Somehow…. Parts like “You have to be kind to people” are quite unexpected. Well, Watanabe-san is actually nice though (laughs).


- Because is appearing in an unusual and straight forward way.


Saki: That is so. But with lyrics that make you feel what is to be a team, things like “Someone fell, we must help them immediately” or “we'll more forward as 9 members” appear, perhaps he wanted to convey that we should walk while valuing other members and looking at all the fans.


- I thought the current atmosphere of the group was an appropriate situation to the song.


Saki: In the stage of making the song, it felt like the mood between the members became better. This song makes such things. Since we received the demo we thought a lot about the song, perhaps there were things we also realized individually.


- Isn't that a really nice story.


Saki: Ahahahaha (laughs). This time I did the choreography but, that too I was helped a lot by other members opinions. When I asked “What theme should we use?” there were a lot of opinions like “Youth” or “I want to perform while connecting to the audience”, so I made that the main points, because there were a lot of cuts in the MV storyboard we received that were like “Everyone walks while holding hands”, I made that we hold hands all the time during the chorus.


Tsukino: Ah, I would be happy if the audience did that too.


Saki: Yeah. I think it's not a typical choreography but, because it's a wonderful song depending on the choreograph it could reversely become vain, I thought it was bad to do normally. Originally the held hands in the B-melody, then we would separate hands and go to the chorus but, “Ah, here it's better to not release our hands, this will become the main point of the song”, I made it resolutely. This time I didn't want to make it packed, I thought I didn't want to bother with counts either.


- It's also important not to be uniform, you made it with a different view until now.


Saki: Yes. But because it's GANPARE, without realizing it we were uniform (laughs).





I'll appear dramatically in the final


- As expected (laughs). Now one more song, as coupling “RATESHOW”.


Saki: It was sent to us by Matsukuma-san faster than “CAN'T STOP”, moreover it was sent by Matsukuma-san himself like “It's done”, seems like Matsukuma-san always makes GANPARE's coupling songs with great amusement, it's a fun song that shows his playful heart.


- Lyrics were by Yua-san but, everyone else also submitted theirs.


Haruna: I wrote lyrics about my ordinary self until I became part of GANG PARADE. At first being always at home, then jumping into the night to play, reflecting a little (laughs).


- You reflected (laughs).


Haruna: Yes, a little. From then I worked hard seriously, and in the end became a part of GANG PARADE, I wrote such story. But it's that, the number of words in my mind are few, probably, it turned out a foolish lyric.


Tsukino: I want to see (laughs)


- How was the recording?


Tsukino: It was fun. It was also a feeling like “Do it freely without worrying about the music intervals”. Matsukuma-san had one request to me, I was told “Sing it like the Chinese in Lai le” so I sang, I would like people to listen to that.


Saki: I heard thinking Ah that part is definitely Tsuki~ (laughs).


Tsukino: Because everyone sang freely, it was really fun listening to everyone else's parts.


- Haruna-san also has an important line, a musical like part.


Haruna: I sang imagining I was in a mansion full of bats. In a house surrounded by an iron fence.


Tsukino: Like a haunted mansion.


Haruna: Yes. I had the image of going over this fence and jumping into the nigh.


- Also looking forward to this choreography.


Saki: I said to make it with Maika from now on. A feeling we can show exactly because there are a lot of people, I'm thinking about making it somehow like a real show.


- Ok. Then, how are you preparing to the tour final on 9/20?


Tsukino: It's the first tour to me so, since I think my evolution will be seen, I want to show a completely rebuilt GANG PARADE at Zepp Tokyo.


Saki: Personally I definitely want to surpass the pass, I want to pass over the 1 year magic I was into. As a group since we're touring in a good condition, I want people who come to see us and staff to all think “It's these 9 after all”, I also want us to feel that way.


Haruna: Yes. At the final I'll become “Baby Superman”.


Tsukino: Because the current Haruna is “Summer's baby”.


Haruna: Since I became part of GANG PARADE I've been told a lot “you're like a baby”, I didn't like that so I was making an effort to become “Autumn's lady” but, I thought there wasn't any need to become that, while having the qualities of a baby I'll become an unprecedented Superman. That's why 9/20 will birth a new frame, it's also a birthday. Explosive, I'll originate dramatically.


Tsukino: ……. will it be ok?

I want to see the continuation with much more people


Yamamachi Miki / Yumeno Yua / Can GP Maika / Coco Partin Coco / Terashima Yuuka / Yui Ga Dockson


What pulls GANG PARADE that became a 9 members lineup, is the 6 members elite that build up strong foundations in the period Kamiya Saki was absent from the group. That said, we also heard about how they are facing the “REBUILD TOUR” final and the current situation as well future prospects.


I express my feelings freely right there


- You are on tour for the first time as 9, is there any part you felt change?


Coco Partin Coco: Since there are a lot of aspects that changed physically because the number increased in 2 people, obviously showing the growth of this formation but, exactly because we repeat the same setlist on tour, improving every stage, in a lot of points during the live, trying to implement ideas beforehand, lately we've been doing like this.


- Specifically saying?


Can GP Maika: For example at the Osaka one man the other day, I sing the part in “GANG PARADE” right before everyone starts to shout but, in this part that connects the shout when I finish singing, everyone to shout after I scream first. It might seem trivial when put into words but (laughs), we're trying things like that.


- It's good to increase the live feeling. You're doing those things discussing beforehand?


Yui Ga Dockson: There's that, but for example saying “Yaaay” went you want to, or if it's fun enough to the point of laughing then laugh, because there are feelings there will only happen that live so, we're started to express our feelings freely right on the spot. Like we're now able to value the trying part.


Coco: Because we give importance to the organized performance we thought “if we act freely here it might disturb things so that might not be good”, we're slowly releasing that way of thinking, including the things that show unexpectedly during lives, we try to show our expressions when we want, something like that. Well, if it's absurd then we talk after the live like “that's was a little uncool”, and taking in the parts that were good.


- Was there a cue to start this trying process?


Maika: After the first day of the tour in Okinawa, we were told by someone who works in the lives something like “you are too into a pattern”, since then we started to discuss even more.


Yumeno Yua: Because it was the first day we had a talk like “how will we challenge this tour?”, we all discussed before about the setlist and points of the songs and everything but, probably inside everyone there was the feeling of “we must protect that”, from there the “how will we perform” became stronger.


Yamamachi Miki: When each stage ends, we all reflect on “today was like this”, by doing that, everyone's efforts towards the next one changes little by little. I think that by repeating we can see the changes, after reflecting we can add one thing or another so, I believe we can progressively perform better stages.


Terashima Yuuka (Yuyu): There's also the shout that was talked about earlier, the short story also has a great part in one man lives but, we gradually understand where the audience laughs so, even within settled lines we change the nuance a little. Because we look back at every live discussing it together, I believe there are new things we can do.


Miki: Discussing was something we did since we were 7, it's not like it's something that serious though.


- Even so, to the new members to be able to join the circle suddenly, it's because of everyone's open mind.


Dock: I think everyone became flexible. Feels like the reason the humanity and way of thinking about lives became more flexible was because of Tsuki and Haruna joined. For example, because Haruna's joints are soft and flexible there are times she can't just stop. Before for example it was like “this song here the arm has to be straight in a 45º angle. Anything other than that won't be accepted”, so if it was just a little off, everyone would see the footage and be like “this is off. Let's make it right?”. We're moved if we make it look good and exactly the same, we were thinking that trough though.


Yua: Haruna, she probably still doesn't have a body that can stop suddenly.


Dock: If we say in a bad way, before there was the mood that this wouldn't be forgiven. But now we are able to think like “Ok, let's make use of that, and make it enjoyable to the people watching?” I believe it's because of the 2 of them that this amusement increased.


- Talking about this flexibility, there's also the short story you talked about earlier.


Dock: What does the pantyhose founder Maika thinks?


Maika: Wearing a pantyhose during the tour period, it was a really good experience in life. I too more than standing on stage, I think I changed a little as a person. Before it was a perfect doctrine, things like “I have to show this in that way” were strong but, after I took the pantyhose off, my face was all sloppy. Since that happened I could also expose my ugly side, the feeling like “Let's also look at my non perfect self!” (laughs)….. is that right?


Coco: Don't care (laughs)


Yua: Maika from before probably wouldn't make weird faces in front of people but, now she impersonates the cockroach George from “Terra Formars” (laughs), that's becoming a nice character to Maika. More than changing, it's like that's the real one?


Maika: That's it, it feels like I'm now able to show my true self on stage.


- Do you think Tsukino-san is a similar type?


Dock: There are aspects that are like past Maika.


Maika: Uh huh, I think it's a slightly different genre from mine but the perfect doctrine is the same, I think the “It has to be this way” is strong in Tsuki. I wish for her to go over that and acquire something good (laughs).


- Tsukino-san said there's always a pantyhose deep in her heart.


Maika: Ah, still……


Yuyu: I think there's something heavy like a lead.


Maika: I rather think looking at Tsuki wearing the pantyhose “when will I use it again?”.


Yuyu: You already think it's good (laughs).


Maika: Really, if I wear that everyone looks at me. There isn't anything good like that, is it?…… I started to considerate that.


- (laughs) Then, who was the idea of Haruna saying to the 3 (CocoYuyuDock) they were ugly?


Coco: This time we thought the short story by ourselves, and it's the result of a lot of reforms but, it feels like we were the ones that proposed Haruna to say “the 3 are indeed ugly~”.


Dock: If we were incredibly cute it would feel out of place but, we're the exactly right fun ugly.


Yuyu: It's just the right line.


- That's hard to reply (laughs).


Coco: Well well well, that's also together with the feeling of noisy trio of us 3.


Dock: The current era, the uglies are relatively becoming cute.


Yuyu: We also told Haruna “We wont be hurt, say it with all of your heart” (laughs).


Coco: Being said “the 3 are indeed ugly~”, and saying “Oh, good, good”.


Yuyu: In the beginning it was somewhat reserved but, by repeating it it's becoming amazing.


Miki: Osaka was great.


Coco: The accent on the U of ugly was outstanding.


Yuyu: Haruna is a strong type in the real deal, so something greater than the rehearsal comes.

I cried


- Ok, there's the new single “CAN'T STOP”. From the image made when the name was revealed in the beginning, I believe there was surprise about the melody in the first place.


Coco: That is so. Perhaps the first impression was really like that. More energetically “We won't stop, wooo!”.


Maika: Indeed. It had the image of a more noisy type, a song like “We won't stop more~!”


Yua: I thought a lyric like “QUEEN OF POP” would come, so I thought the song would also have this feeling?


Yuyu: Becoming painfully hot.


Yua: It's a good song. Lately we just rehearsed the choreography, even while dancing looking at the members in the mirror I would smile naturally, watching the video from practice like tears would fall. Maika did cry.


Maika: I cried (laughs).


Coco: While we were choreographing (laughs).


Maika: There was a time I watched everyone else dancing but, it was so good……. Moreover, I imagined everyone's figures doing that in the final at Zepp. Doing so the tears just fell softly.


Dock: It wasn't soft. You cried like “BueeeEeeee~ (laughs).


- With such ugly sounds (laughs).


Maika: Not to that point…… (laughs). But I believe it's a good piece, everyone's mood match with the lyrics and choreograph.


Dock: You feel a gentle feeling. Specially if root is particularly malicious (laughs)


Maika: Right? (laughs), I know.


- The gentle melody too, but the lyrics direction was also different. The lyricist had such mode.


Dock: I was also surprised with that, I asked about it. Until now there were a lot of lyrics like being cornered or surpassing something, that fit our feelings but, this time there aren't “mountains of needles” or “damn”, it's not frustrating, it's towards outside. Then when I said to Watanabe-san “it's different from everything so far”, he said “I wrote with a different feeling from so far”. I forgot about minor details though.


Coco: That's the important part (laughs).


Dock: It was this nuance. “Soon this type is good”.


- It feels like saying something good normally.


Dock: To the point of wanting to turn it into a daily rip-off-page calendar.


Coco: The aphorism (laughs). It's a different direction of straight from the straightness GANPARE had so far. Singing such good thing directly, feels like tears fall naturally. Like we don't feel intrude feelings at all.


- As expected there are the 9 of you, it was also impressive the line division being so detailed.


Miki: This time, my line is only one so, I sing putting my life into that part but, in the dance, or the space everyone is singing, how should I show myself, I'm thinking mainly on how should I express myself. Singing is also obviously important but, now it's like I have to think about as a member of the group more than ever.


Yua: During the recording there was the direction to “without putting too much emotions to it, sing at 80%”. Until now there were a lot fo songs we would show 100% like “Beyond the Mountain” so, it was hard to take that strength out. What is it, without straining ourself, valuing, I want to sing every phrase giving them importance.


- Thereupon as a whole it's a pin down way of singing. Why do you think this type of song came to you now?


Coco: That, there were a lot of people beside these 9 that sang GANPARE songs before, there are a lot of songs that show the depth of this accumulated history but, “GANG 2” and “CAN'T STOP”, it feels like it's a song possible because us 9 sing them. Matsukuma-san and Watanabe-san, there are a lot of times they write us songs appropriated to the current situation in the time but, now it's like it's a song that anticipates the future of GANG PARADE “we'll properly move forward with these 9”. These 9 members, the asobnin that come now, the new people who will support us, I think the ideal is to gradually involve everyone and more forward peacefully. That's why I want to believe there's an anticipation of “from now on we'll go with a vigor no one will be able to stop” conveyed.


- Yua-san sings the “I wan't to see the continuation with much more people” part, I also remember you saying “I want to stand in Budoukan” but, there's the impression that for the first time this aspect was clear in a song.


Coco: Yes yes, that is it.


Yua: What is it, it's not only us, also regarding the asobinin, not being too pushy the “let's go together” feeling is really strong. Someday in a big place, I want to sing this song in a place that surpassed the live houses.


- That's why, there's the feeling of an ending roll or ending theme for an anime or a great movie.


Maika: We said that, amazing.


Dock: Amazing. Exactly the same.


Maika: Before Saki-chan started to think about the choreography, we discussed our image of the song and when we said some ideas there was the talk “sounds like it would be in the end of a movie or drama”.


Dock: I thought now we heard this nice story but, now the “REBUILD TOUR” we're in, I thought it's exactly a song for “beyond that”.


- It's also a song to be played after the REBUILD is completed.


Coco: Ah, I'll cry.


Dock: That's right, like the REBUILD end and the next beginning. Now I imagined the Zepp scenery a little.


- Yes, now one more song, the coupling “RATESHOW”. It was a collaboration lyric work of Yua-san and Matsukuma-san.


Yua: Yes. Since the temporary stage lyrics of Matsukuma-san there were a lot of GANG PARADE-ish words being sang, that's why since there were words like “playgroung” or “cheers”, from there I imagined GANPARE and asobnins, because the melody had a night feeling, I wrote thinking about that.


- A slightly suspicious feeling. How was to sing it?


Dock: It was fun. I've always liked musicals, it's a melody like a party the girls dance, like Broadway, like something I've seen in a movie, I imagined a scene with casino coins flying around. Because I like this type of world, it was fun to also be in this kind of atmosphere.


- I thought you were into the character of the second half of vocal speech (laughs).


Dock: That's right. This time I properly established a character to each part, I sing it completely turning into them. The first “Welcome here to our playground” I have the image of a demon tempting someone. Then, the “Welcome~” part, I created a slightly evil but not hated old man that runs a casino or a show. Before we enter the song climax, it's an old man to heat things up before the climax.


Coco: So specific (laughs).


- I believe is the first time for as song with this swing. Differently from “CAN'T STOP” everyone sings freely.


Miki: Because my peculiarity is strong, it was easy to do it (laughs). Comparatively I have a singing way that goes better with this kind of song, so because it was like “it's ok to sing freely in the way I want to”, while showing my peculiarities, I sang it having fun.


- “Lai le” from “GANG 2” too, every time the coupling song has a free feeling.


Miki: Seems like Matsukuma-san has fun every time making our coupling songs. This too, a few weeks after “GANG 2” was released, he said “I made the next coupling song”.


Maika: It was really fast.


Yua: We received the song in quite fast stage, considerably earlier than “CAN'T STOP”. Now seems like he's anticipating the next coupling song (laughs).


- By the way, it's not “LATESHOW” but it's with an “R”.


Yua: Yes. There's a ration, proportion meaning to “RATE”, right? Not restricted to GANPARE, depending on the situation and mood of people who watch lives, I believe the value is subjective and changes so, also having the night “LATESHOW”, both meanings are included.


- That's nice. Because “RATE” also has the “rating' meaning, you all do a work in which you are always watched and compared to someone, right? I thought there was also this sarcasm I it.


Coco: I see~, let's also include this explanation.


Yua: I'll use that in the next interview (laughs).


- Also there's that, I was also caught by the part Coco-san talks “a watched pot never boils”.


Coco: Ee~, wait, lyricist Yumeno Yua-san, could you tell us the meaning?


Yua: It has a meaning like “Don't be impatient” (laughs).


Maika: Eh, so that's it.


Yua: There's a proverb like that.


- Staring at the pot wont make it boil, don't be impatient. Exactly GANPARE's situation, like a hidden message.


Coco: I see, amazing.


Dock: From now on let's say that too, with a smug face (laughs).


Beyond is the beginning of continuation


- Since this release 10 days later there's the tour final at Zepp Tokyo.


Dock: Within the tour in a good meaning we still haven't made clear “Let's make such GANG PARADE!”, making a lot of detours, we're BUILDING it while thinking but, at Zepp Tokyo I want people to watch the transfiguration of Tsuki and Haruna, also enjoy other member's changes, even watching pure white feelings you should be able to have fun, I want a lot of first time people to come, people who saw us somewhere in the tour, I want everyone to feel something at Zepp.


Coco: New released candies saying “It's really good so try it” it's hard for people to be like “Ok, let's try it”, right? Even so we can't say anything else towards Zepp but “It'll definitely be fun so come”. Touring like that, people who have only enjoyed by MV and live footage, people who came to see the debut live of us 9 at Zepp DiverCity, people who saw us somewhere in the tour, because we'll show you something completely different at Zepp after passing trough a lot of changes, I want everyone to come play at the final.


Yua: Well, new sweets, girls specially will want to buy it (laughs).


Yuyu: Yes. Exactly the people who haven't come to a GANPARE one man before, I want them to come for the first time to Zepp and eat the new release. Not like a sample food, I want them to taste a big emotion since the beginning.


Dock: Yeah. While it's also the first live for the current 9 of us, I'll be confident it'll be the beginning. The continuation ahead, looking forward imagining the scenery ahead, I believe it'll be the live of the beginning. I want everyone to see the beginning.