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original: ​special interview booklet with IDOL photobook

GANG PARADE The 9 who found balance as a group, while getting close to people's feelings

After 2 name changes and member withdrawing and joining, GANG PARADE just had their major debut decided with the current formation of 9 members. There's the established opinion that the bond between members is the strongest among any other WACK group, so many times they surpassed hardships and worries by facing them together. These 9 members with different ages and joining period each, what do they thing about Idols, and what do they thing about the relation between members? They spoke about it peacefully with Sotobayashi.


I have pride in the fact I'm an idol


- I had a look on the photos but, what is your honest impression?

Can GP Maika (under, Maika): Panties……. (laughs).


Everyone: (laughs).


- Maika-san in panties was also captured (laughs). From a vast archive of photos, with what criteria did Sotobayashi-san selected it?


Sotobayashi Kenta (under, Sotobayashi): The one publicized previously [BiS/GANG PARADE TOUR THE PICTURES] had in it's core photos for the fans, this time with the opinion “how is the other side of idols?”, I thought of making a book more towards the general people. Perhaps I only chose photos that I think show what idols do in the other side.


- I believe there are characteristics to each group but, from Sotobayashi-san's point of view, what is the characteristic GANPARE has differently from other groups?


Sotobayashi: Simply, they are easy to photograph. Although, because there are also times they are aware of the camera, there are times I can't take pictures like I could of other groups.


Yui Ga Dockson (under, Dockson): Is it about turning into a Yey! type of photo?


Sotobayashi: Yes yes. But, it's the easiest to photograph. On the other hand, there's properly the on/off switch, perhaps they have professionalism specially.


- I believe there's a gift to the word idol that is both positive and negative but, how do you capture it and act on it?


Kamiya Saki (under, Kamiya): Ever since the old BiS era I believe there are a lot of things that people make interesting, things that are forgiven because you're an idol. My own look too, it's interesting because I'm an idol so, lately I've been strongly thinking that there are a meaning in being an idol. Honestly, in the past few years, there were times I felt a lot of problems in being an idol but, lately it's like I'm able to have pride regarding the concept that idol is.


Coco Partin Coco (under, Coco): I've liked idols since before but, the word “idol-unlike”, I think has the value of being interesting differently to people. In a good meaning there are a lot of times like “use the word idol properly”. Particularly, like Saki-chan's bald head there's the added value of “even though you're an idol”, I think it could be good to use that a lot.


Terashima Yuka (under, Yuka): Personally, i'm not stubborn about being an idol but, in reality there are times I'm seen like “Are you an idol?”. Even so, when people listen to our songs there are times they opine like “it's not very idol-like”, so like Coco said I would like to use it conveniently. If we use it cleverly, there will be times the opinion will be more plus than normal, so within myself I want to use it properly.


- How about Miki-chan?


Yamamachi Miki (under, Miki): I don't think that much that I'm an idol myself. Constantly I keep having problems with that. Ever since I started, I never declared I was an idol, probably, I think me = idol won't ever be officially completed. But, because GANPARE is idol, my feelings now are quite soppy.


- How do you explain to your family and people around you about what you do?


Miki: My father doesn't know that's what I do. When I took the audition too, the interview was with myself, my mother and Watanabe-san, at first I told my mother but, other than that I never said it myself to anyone. Because my mother told them my relatives know but, I think there wasn't any time I said “I'm an idol” to other people.


Coco: I say it.


Sotobayashi: Like “I'm, an idol”?

Coco: If I'm asked “What do you do?” I say “I sing and dance”. If I'm asked “Idol?”, I say “Something like that” (laughs).


Kamiya: Indeed, I say “something like that” a lot (laughs). I'm often asked by shop clerks “What do you do normally? Dancing?”, “Something like that”.


Maika: Recently, we got on a plain and when we were all doing our makeup, we were asked by the cabin attendant “Would you like something to drink? Are you idols?”, we answered “Something like that” (laughs).


Everyone: (laughs).


Kamiya: I sorted what I wanted to say before, can I? The being proud part. When I was in BiS for the trade period there were a lot of lives with other bands, when I came back to GANPARE there were also more opportunities to play in events with other bands like <SET YOU FREE> but, there, I thought more about what's the difference between bands and idols. Idols, it's not like we're composing our own songs ourselves, right? A lot of people cooperate with us, be making the songs or the outfits, regarding every single thing, how can we work that out is in members hands. There I found the meaning in being an idol. From someone who doesn't really know idols and bands, there're times we'll be seen like “you're an idol after all, right?” but, if we turn that around it will be really really cool, I'm proud in being an idol. I wanted to say that.


Coco: Indeed, if you take the word idol from us there we can't do anything. It's not like we're really good at dancing or sining, we're also not actresses. We are really saved by the word idol, I'm proud of it obviously. I think the possibilities are endless. Sometimes I'm made fun of for being an idol but I don't really mind that. Exactly because I'm proud of it I never got hurt, I believe one day we'll reverse this way of thinking.


Naturally born idol


- It has been around half year since Haruna-san started activities but, how do you see the word idol?


Haruna Bad Chiiiin (under, Haruna): The first time I spoke in front of other people, it was on the first class of first year of elementary school. The teacher asked to count the number of pancakes and I raised my hand voluntarily but, I didn't know the number of pancakes, I was made fun of. This was a trauma, for 6 years, I didn't raise my hand voluntarily once. Even though I didn't want to talk in front of other people, now I sing and dance in front of thousands, I feel it's weird to be doing a work that it's to be seen by others. Lately, a girl from my class sang a GANPARE song, it was like I was being treated like a fool.


Coco: Seems like she sang [Lai le].


- She knows about you a lot then doesn't she? (laughs).


Haruna: [GANG2] played at school once. There's a girl who've always liked GANPARE, so she played it.


- There's someone making fun of you but, there's also someone who properly likes you.


Sotobayashi: I'm really interested but, why did you raise your hand if you didn't know the number of pancakes (laughs)?


Haruna: I had the confidence I could count them myself. I said “I saw that many!” but it was wrong.


Coco: Do you have confidence now?


Haruna: I do! At first I was embarrassed so I thought I didn't want her to distribute them but, I'm now happy mama distributes GANPARE CDs.


- How about Maika-san?


Maika: I like Hello!Pro so, I like people who only their perfect side. The activities we do, because it's the complete opposite of what I know as idol, there are times I feel the gap. That's why more than idol, it feels like I live as the thing that is GANG PARADE. By the way, if I'm asked “What do you do?” I say I'm an idol.


- Is that because you like idols?


Maika: I like myself who is an idol. My root is to act cute, so even at home I'm like that, on the other hand I live wondering when it's the off switch. Even at home, papa won't talk about anything but idols.


Sotobayashi: Meaning you are a naturally born idol?


Maika: It might be the case.


Everyone: So coo!


Maika: That's why there are a lot of things that trouble me for being in WACK. Well, I'm not troubled enough to say it though (laughs). Because a lot of my friends work with entertainment, there's the tendency for them to say “It would be better to say you're an actress!”. Because idol is something that you are if you say so, I'm quite made fun of but, I don't really mind it.


- How about Dockson?


Dockson: I took the audition because I wanted to be a part of entertainment so, it's not really important if I'm an idol or not. I don't really think about anything when people say I'm an idol, I think ah that's it. Because I want to become like Ghibli that touches hearts.


Coco: Sotty-san is looking at me with a face like “What'd going on?” (laughs).


Dockson: Idol too, movies too, music too, if you say it in a vast scope it's all entertainment so, no matter the genre I want be someone to touch hearts.


- Even if people around you say “You're an idol, aren't you?”, you don't think anything?


Dockson: If they think of me as an idol then it's like treat me as an idol please. I don't particularly think of myself as an idol that much so, when I'm troubled I say “Dancer” (laughs).


Kamiya: As expected dancer is used (laughs).


Dockson: But I say “I'm not very good at dance” (laughs).


- Ahahaha. How about Tsukino-san?


Tsukino Usagi (under, Tsukino): When I was in the training camp, I said “I came here because I want to become an idol” but, what is an idol, why do I want to be one, I didn't really know those things. I thought I would understand once I became an idol but, I didn't. Perhaps, there are a lot of times I have an unpleasant feeling by the often used words “Singing and dancing on stage and giving dreams to others”. I don't have the slight intention to give dreams to others. Maybe the choice of words is bad but, people who see that are doing them on their own accord, I'm only thinking about making my own dreams come true. In conclusion, I don't want to build the idol frame myself, I won't end just as an idol. Even so, lately I've been thinking I have to live without forgetting that I'm originally an idol.


Yumeno Yua (under, Yua): I think about that a lot lately but, what is the difference between idols and artists. For the public opinion, I think it's when girls gather in a group they become idols. Depending on that, like Coco said there's an added value of “because you're an idol” but, as expected the prejudice regarding idols, there are a lot of people who are under the impression an idol must be like that, so I think I don't want to be caught in that. I'm ok with being thought I'm an idol but….. (Maika's stomach sounds) You stomach is loud (laughs).


Maika: Because I only drank a tapioca today…….


Kamiya: An idol from basis (laughs).


Sotobayashi: The stomach of as idol from basis doesn't sound (laughs).


Dockson: Should be fine if you say “Kurukuru~” along with the sound of the stomach, right?


Everyone: (laughs).


Yua: It's ok to be though I'm an idol but, I also want to increase the number of people who don't think that way. If we don't increase the number of fans who think “Aren't those girls not idols?”, we won't reach anyone but people who like idols. I want to overcome that as GANPARE. We're idols but we're also not, something like that. Quite some time before, Watanabe-san words “You all are idols” stayed with me, perhaps I can't forget for the rest of my life that I'm an idol.


Maika: Maybe no matter how you put it we can't run away from the fact we are idols, so if it's like that the best is to surpass idol as idols.


Coco: Long time ago, seems like an idol I liked said, “I don't want to be an idol anymore, I want to be an actor”, when I heard about that it was a shock. Personally, I want to do a lot of things without forgetting I'm an idol. People have their own way of thinking but, I want to do surpass that as an idol and do a lot of things.


I think it feels constantly like youth


- Compared to other groups GANPARE gets a lot of focus on the bond between you 9 but, how do members feel about the relation between yourselves?


Yua: Above work, family perhaps.


Miki: There're only people I wouldn't want to be friends if we were at school (laughs). There're only people I definitely wouldn't get along with but, gathering by chance in a group named GANG PARADE, it really goes well. I think it's a relation we built by overlapping coincidences as well.


Yuka: It doesn't feel like family, or friends, or coworkers. Feels like the word member is the most fitting.


Dockson: Family you are perfectly careful to others, aren't you? Indeed we do but, we don't take care. It's like there're things we dislike sometimes, we also accept that.


Maika: During lives and rehearsals, I suddenly think “why am I here with these people?” (laughs).


Kamiya: Did you thought such thing (laughs)?


Maika: It's not a negative meaning though! What I've been thinking lately is, even when I become an old lady it would be nice to meet with everyone. Not as members.


Kamiya: That's why it's a superb relation. We're not a club, we're not family.


Yua: It doesn't seem it would be established if it was a club.


Kamiya: It wouldn't, would it? It's my personal view but, more than the feeling of the 7 before the trade, the feeling as a member now is better. The 7 before I went to the trade, because I also put myself way into it I think it became sorta like a club. It's like the balance of the current 9 doesn't feel like a club. Of course I think there were the good aspects of a club, I believe now just exists because that period happened but, the current feeling, the word member really fits nicely. Because it feels we can't exemplify with anything, in this meaning I believe we were able to become members.


- It's also not business partners?


Kamiya: This is a little cold.


Dockson: Because there are aspects of our personal lives that also get support.


Coco: If we go to the closest then it's family.


- The family feeling became stronger since you became 9, right?


Dockson: The family feeling increased.


Coco: I'm always thinking about the group but, I think it's like I'm doing a cultural festival. I'm the type of person that puts a lot of energy into cultural festivals. There are a lot of things like musicals etc, in a school where everyone was really passionate about it, for the 6 years I was the committee chairman. There were around 30 students in class, because everyone was thinking different things, it was really hard to settle things. There were people who didn't had the spirit but, because you don't want to force them, I thought about how I should raise their motivation and move forwards the same goal. GANPARE members, the environment they were raised and ages are different but, these people are together facing one thing. I remembered summer back in high school, there are times I think it feels constantly like youth.


Dockson: I think it's like Precure. In Precure girls who don't know each other are chosen and with a mysterious baby they fight enemies to go higher. In GANPARE a baby (Haruna) also came, we became like Precure.


Kamiya: In Magic Girls style there's usually a baby.


Coco: Bachikuso is strong.


- Ahahaha. What does Sotobayashi-san thinks about GANPARE relation by looking at the mood between members?

Sotobayashi: I think even in undersurface they are the most settled. I thought that was like a club. GANPARE has that feeling of everyone riding the bus together in a practice game. It's not like they are responsible, but I think they behave constantly aware they have to do it properly.


- When there are 9 girls, it's not a faction but, I believe it's not unusual for small groups to be formed but, it doesn't seem there's this either.


Sotobayashi: I never saw it become like a girls school a clique.


Tsukino: The 9 here, doesn't seem like they like this type of clique. In school there were people who would unconsciously try to split but, I really thought these 9 doesn't seem to have this awareness.


Kamiya: It changes from time to time but, people who want to be alone, people who want to talk, it feels like the balance is really good. Even if there's someone who wants to be by themselves, they definitely won't be alone. It's know like we're conscious but, I think it's naturally a nice balance.


Everyone was like a futon


- Doing activities with 9 members, isn't there something you find hard or painful?


Yuka: Time like this we discuss it. Not being friends or coworkers, we properly say the things we must say. If we were friends we would only talk behind one other's back, wouldn't say I dislike this about someone but, because we're members everyone discuss it because we want to improve.


- Members from other groups all said unanimously they have to be frank and discuss but, GANPARE is the group that does it promptly. For an instant, saying what you want to, even if there's a fissure among members, having to do things also as a member, I think you did a good job saying your true feelings.


Dockson: It took a while to say things properly.


Coco: It took time to adjust the environment.


Yuka: The time we were 7 with Aya, it was also a time the mood of the group improved with that, regarding that it's something we achieved because it took time.


Kamiya: When I came back from the trade, everyone was like a futon. It was a love that wraps you (laughs).


Yuka: Because Saki-chan went to the desert (laughs).


Kamiya: During the trade period, the members movements might have changed, I thought so after returning. I thought they came to a good balance between how to be as a group, while approaching people's feelings.


- Did something happen to Saki-chan during the trade period?


Coco: I think other groups are the same but, in this spot you avoid establishing. Without avoiding that, we crushed everything one by one. Even if we discussed, there were lots of times it would end before it came to its core, regarding that we discussed many times without running away. It's not Haruna's pancake story but, we tried to make the “If I say something people might think that” uneasiness disappear. Myself too when I listen to other people's stories, I have my own opinion but, if for now I just listen, there are quite some discoveries. We started little by little to have discussions like I understand your opinion, but there's also this one. It was like we could slowly spread this environment. Things Tsuki and Haruna can't say, Saki-chan worries since she came back too, listening to everything, I believe we made an atmosphere better than before that it should be ok to say what you are thinking.


Kamiya: It feels there's a mood that makes it easier to speak. There's a high degree of acceptance.


Tsukino: When Haruna and I joined, because the other 7 built this mood, in the future I believe I'll think how blessed I was, even now I'm very thankful.


- Not just about the group, do you also talk about your private life?


Kamiya: Occasionally. Not everything though.


Maika: We also talk nonsense like who is hot (laughs).


Kamiya: What kind of show we are into now.


- Worries?


Yuka: I might say a lot. When Coco and I come back from our hometowns our mental is dead. In times like this, I rely on members.


Coco: When we go to the countryside, you become nostalgic, don't you? For example, grandma's posture is more curve than before. My grandma isn't like that but (laughs), there are times I feel the gap with Tokyo in similar things. When I return to my house in which time stopped I absorb it all at once.


Kamiya: Recently, I was told “I met the members for the first time in a while!” but, we had met just the day before (laughs).


Coco: We met the day before but, we only were as 9 for about 1 hour. When I go back home, there are times my voice wont come out (laughs). Because I'm always talking to the members too much, just by not meeting them for a while my throat closes (laughs).


- GANPARE is becoming a foundation.


Coco: I think it's a waste. Because there're lot of times I meet them the most, I have the feeling I have to make this the easiest environment to be. In Tokyo there's no uncomfortable or comfortable place. Watching other groups, there might be times it becomes strained just because girls are gathered but, there are times I think someone should just make the movement to transform that in a good environment. It would be good if everyone just was compromised. It feels like they are wasting it.


If 10 years from now all 9 are happy then everything is fine


- I asked this to all groups but, what do you each think you'll be doing in 10 years from now?


Yua: I want to become like SMAP.


Coco: We'll disband (laughs).


Yua: Not like that (laughs). Even growing older they still were active, right? But it's frustrating we can't do that as girls. Even becoming older we can stay pretty, adjusting our own motivation and the environment around us is the most important thing but, if we can innovate a lot of actions, I have the hope we might be able to continue even 10 years from now.


Coco: Age appropriate.


Yua: I think there're definitely good things of age appropriate. If there are times doing variety together, one would do radio, act in a play, I think it would amazing if we could consist in 9 each with their own weapon. It would be nice if we could continue as a group like that. If we could continue with those members.


Coco: In that sense I've always said I want to become Arashi ever since I joined (laughs).


Kamiya: SMAP side and Arashi side (laughs).


Coco: The thing we want to say is the same, Arashi are really close friends. If our friendship infiltrates and we build naturally a fun mood, offer this to people, everyone can build a happy mood. I feel like GANPARE can also say that, in this sense I want to become Arashi. What I wanted to say is the same as Yua-chan.


Yua: There are differences between female and male idols but, I believe there's a possibility.


- In a real question, for example in a situation you got married and have a family, you can also manage both things.


Yua: Isn't there the premise that female idols must quit when they marry? I have a huge problem with that. Because there are things you can only build with time and age, I believe it should be fine to build this type of future. I think it would be nice if there was a way of support because you like that person, in a direction that isn't love.


- How about other members 10 years from now?


Kamiya: I want to keep doing something related to the stage forever. Now choreography is the first but, I want to do something related to expression. WACK members too continue do increase like children, I believe from now on too interesting beginnings will continue so, I want to convey WACK soul and things I want to do on the stage, be it dance, choreography, it would be nice if I could return to that without discontinuation. As long I don't become an elderly nuisance (laughs).


- How about Yuka-san?


Yuka: I think it would be good if everyone could be doing what they want 10 years from now. Marriage if that's it, if the 9 are happy 10 years from now then anything is fine.


- Something you want do to that makes use of this activity, is there something like that?


Yuka: If there's something I can use from this I would like to. If I can make use of it now, 10 years from now I want to do even more.


Coco: It's not the Arashi story but, doesn't everyone has their own jobs? When it comes to female idols if the situation of “Only 1 has a lot of works!” is born, I think there are cases the group declines. I think that this balance, continuing as a group, is really important. If 1 goes up ahead, I think there's no other option but everyone else to go there too. If you can achieve 120 points of individual strengths and group strengths equally, 10 years from now are not a dream.


- How about Miki-chan?


Miki: I think that tf we can make something with these 9 it'll be an interesting future. But, even if we go separate ways, I think it would be nice if we were connected even if by something really specific. Personally, if I'm necessary to someone, I would like to continue as a performer. It connects to the previous “idol is” but, to be as an idol is because the group GANG PARADE exists built by people around us, the staff too, and also the fans who support us so, these people 10 or 15 or 20 years from now if they stay just a little, I feel I want to continue as a performer forever.


If I marry I want to spend time in Mongol with the person I like


- How about Haruna-san?


Haruna: I never thought about 10 years from now but, I want to do interesting things forever. When I become an old lady, I'll want to open a Chinese food restaurant.


Kamiya: Before, wasn't it a Cake store (laughs)?


Haruna: Because I like gyoza now.


Coco: The store aspect doesn't change (laughs).


Sotobayashi: 10 years later?


Haruna: If I write a book there are a several chapters right? I want all of them to be interesting. First one is a sudden emergency, second one is joining GANPARE.


Kamiya: Sudden emergency, it's about the real birth right? (laughs).


- You don't think about continuing activities like GANPARE?


Haruna: I want to. Because I don't know what I want to become.


Sotobayashi: Wasn't it a restaurant (laughs)?


Haruna: That's when I'm 50 years old!


Kamiya: Sotty-san has a lot of questions (laughs).


Haruna: I also want to have a Chinese restaurant.


Dockson: Cake and Chinese.


Haruna: Also, if I get married I want to spend time in Mongol with the person I like. Just the 2 of us in a place words won't work. I don't want to be said anything.


- How will Coco-san be 10 years from now?


Dockson: She looks like she would go abroad.


Coco: Maybe I never thought I want to go abroad. It doesn't feel like I'll marry. I really don't think about the future.


Kamiya: It's about if we don't continue as GANPARE but, if we say “let's reunite” she'll be the first one to cry (laughs).


Coco: One should cry (laughs)! Especially if it turns out in a situation when I'm 50 I'll think that but, I really don't know about 10 years from now. But, I want to do something that uses what I did in GANPARE. Find out something I want to do using GANPARE origin, it would be nice to do that.


- Everyone seems to resolve things after talking to Coco-san so, how about a WACK counseling job? (laughs).


Dockson: Coco's room!


Coco: I think all the time that would be fun. Since I was in high school, when I thought about what I wanted to do in the future, I thought I wanted to do something that sells myself. I don't become the product but, isn't idol like that? Now it believe I'm learning that but, even if it's not in the form of idol, I think it would be interesting to continue like that.


Constantly, I want the now I'm living in to be my golden age


- How about the idol from the core Maika-san?


Maika: I want to get married. Then I want to become a mama talent. Because I can't imagine myself outside of GANPARE, I think I'll also stay in GANPARE.


Dockson: How about you make about 2 children to join GANPARE (laughs).


Maika: The Morning Musume. OG feeling might be good too. But, it doesn't seem like I'll marry…….


Coco: I think you can marry, if it'll last, that's another story.


Dockson: That might not be happiness.


Maika: But I want to become a celebrity too! Not a dazzling celebrity. Like a natural one.


Sotobayashi: It's not dazzling but, it looks like you have money.


Maika: Then while attached to GANPARE, my husband will be hot.


Sotobayashi: There aren't many hot guys who also have money.


Maika: Then I'll save on my own! Because I want to do everything I want, I want to make GANPARE big enough so I can live without restrains.


Sotobayashi: Can, she's the most realistic to really continue as an idol (laughs).


- How about Dockson?


Dockson: I don't know but I decided I want to live weirdly and interestingly. Because now is the most fun in my life, I think I want to continue singing forever. From now on too while doing a lot of things in GANPARE, I believe the things I want to do will increase so, I want to continue doing all of them.


- How about Tsukino-san's 10 years from now?


Tsukino: I don't really think about it but, I don't like the idea of making the now a victim for future's sake. Even if there was proof that the future would be good if I endured now, there's no meaning if now is painful. Constantly, I want the now I'm living in to be my golden age. If GANPARE continues 10 years from now, I want 10 years from now to be the golden age, I think it would be good if GANPARE itself was like that. Because saying that some period was the best is frustrating. I don't have a clear vision but, I believe it'll be nice to always stay in the best situation.


- How about Yua-san?


Yua: 10 years from now I want to be making music. If GANPARE continues then obviously I want to do it in GANPARE. Watanabe-san often says “You don't' know until when the idol job will last, so it's bad if you don't find your own weapon” but, I'm not searching for that. Finding that weapon will also be good to GANPARE, I think it's a way to go in an even better direction. Because I have nothing but music, it's ok if it's in the backstage I want to continue working with music. Because I really like the staff around WACK, I think it would be nice to work with them 10 years from now, I want to be someone they'll want to work with. To continue singing, I can't do it just on my own, because I think myself in 10 years is connected to being in GANPARE now, as I said I want GANPARE to continue.


- Lastly, is there something Sotobayashi-san want to ask?


Sotobayashi: There really isn't but, Tsukino with this age is growing so reliable. There are a lot of girls the same generation as Tsukino but, she's pulled together.


Tsukino: Really?


Sotobayashi: Muro for example, more than Haruna before there were a lot of things she wanted to do. Like solve a puzzle, win wanko soba, climb the Fuji mountain (laughs).


Tsukino: Do it now (laughs)!





With the concept “everyone's playground”, a 9 members idol group formed by Kamiya Saki, Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Can GP Maika, Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuka, Yui Ga Dockson, Haruna Bad Chiiiin, Tsukino Usagi. Formed in 2014 as a duo called Planime, after two name changes and member coming and going, in 2018/4/17 they had their start with the current lineup. On 9/20 of the same year they succeeded their biggest one man live for far at Zepp Tokyo, on 2019/1/8 released their first album with this lineup “LAST GANG PARADE”. On 4/17 they'll have their major debut by the WARNES MUSIC JAPAN sub label “FUELED BY MENTAIKO”.