Asobinin – name of GANG PARADE fans. Roughly translates to playboy/party people.


Aya Eight Prince – Originally a BiS member who, in a rental trade with Kamiya Saki, was a GANG PARADE member from May 2017 to February 2018. Looks like she could be a model (and has been one!)


Baby Superman - Haruna Bad Chiiiin said she would become Baby Superman by the end of REBUILD TOUR 2018, meaning a new and stronger version of herself.

Beyoman - Abbreviation for “Beyond the Mountain”


Can GP Maika – GANG PARADE member who joined on October 2016. The only member to specifically audition to GANG PARADE. Usually has part of her hair tucked behind one of her ears. Color: Orange.

Cheki - small polaroid photo you can get with them after lives by buying CDs.


Coco Partin Coco – Former SiS member who joined GANG PARADE on November 2016. Short, energetic, and has long dyed red hair. Color: Red.


Dan Mitsu -  Japanese talent famous for her erotic personality. Maika used to be referred as the group’s Dan Mitsu you can play with.


DekaTin - from Yui Ga Dockson's solo song "Like a virgin".


Ego-search - special skill mastered by GANG PARADE members, especially Coco Partin Coco. The art of searching yourself on google, twitter, etc.


Emoji tofu on fire 📛 - https://twitter.com/COCOpartin_GANG/status/1068552460594118657


Fat tiger - Aya Eightprince’s obsession. Literally tigers that are overweight.

forefore - asobinin who uploads every GANG PARADE live to his youtube channel.



Furuki - GANG PARADE’s former manager from T-Palette. Still occasionally makes appearances, despite no longer being their manager. Wears glasses.


GANG PARADE - best group in the world.


Haruna Bad Chiiiin – GANG PARADE member who joined on April 2018 after passing the WACK training camp audition. A little crosseyed. Color: Yellow.


Inukai Maaya – Member from POP era, left on 2016 shortly after Shigusawa Ao. Color: Yellow.


Kamiya Saki – Original member since Planime era. Went to BiS during the rental trade with Aya Eight Prince between May 2017 and February 2018. The bald handsome member. Color: Blue.


MARIETOKYO GEGEGAY member responsible for choreographing Playhouse.

Matsukuma Kenta - GANG PARADE’s sound producer.

MC - short for Master of Ceremonies, refers to the talk part during lives.

Mizuta Mari – Member from Planime era, left on 2015. Joined Natsu no Mamono as Kendo-chan and later changed her name again to Izumi Mari. Color: Red.


Naruha World – Originally a WAgg trainee who was promoted to GANG PARADE after passing the 2019 WACK training camp audition, debuted on May 2019. Has blunt bangs. Color: Light green.


NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS - Watanabe Junnosuke’s fashion brand. Members can often be seen wearing it.

Nemoto Shuko - Writer of Playhouse.

Nishizawa Hiroo - Reporter who often interviews them.


Pantystocking - GANG PARADE’s rite of passage. During short stories MCs a member considered cute uses it as a way to show they can be an idol no matter what, always proceeds the song WE ARE the IDOL. Used so far by Can GP Maika, Tsukino Usagi and Naruha World.


Planime - First name of the group between 2014 and 2015 with the duo formation of Kamiya Saki and Izuta Mari. Short for Planimeter.

Playhouse - Musical play with GANG PARADE as its main cast. All songs used were GANG PARADE songs with new arrange and choreography.


POP - Second name of the group between 2015 with the 5 member formation of Kamiya Saki, Yamamachi Miki, Yumeno Yua, Inukai Maaya and Shigusawa Ao. Short for Period of Plastic 2 mercy, reads PiOPi and was given by Aina the End (BiSH). They decided to change because it was hard to do ego-search.


SCRAMBLES - Matsukuma Kenta’s sound producing school.

SE - short for Sound Effect, refers to the song that plays before every live to announce the show will start.


Shigusawa Ao - Member from POP era, left on August 2015 due family issues. Color: White.


SiS - BiS official rival group created after BiS 2016 audition with girls who didn’t pass. Had its debut on September 2016 and disbanded the very same day. 3 of its members joined GANG PARADE shortly after: Coco Partin Coco, Yui Ga Dockson, Terashima Yuka.

Sotobayashi Kenta - Photographer and responsible for the outfits.

Sushio - animator from Studio Trigger who often draws fanart of the girls and has collaborated with WACK before for official goods.


T-Palette - GANG PARADE’s label from indie era.


Terashima Yuka - Former SiS member who joined GANG PARADE on November 2016. Tall and blonde. Color: Purple.


Tsujiyama - GANG PARADE’s manager. Has a long scruffy beard.


Tsukino Usagi - GANG PARADE member who joined on April 2018 after passing the WACK training camp audition. Tall and photogenic. Color: Light blue.


WACK - Office GANG PARADE is attached to.


WACK EXHiBiTiON - Live that happens right after the training camp audition with all groups and ends with results and announcements.


WACK training camp audition - One week hell streamed 24h via niconama in which girls battle for the chance to join WACK.


WAgg - WACK’s trainee group.


WARNER - GANG PARADE’s major label.


Watanabe Junnosuke - WACK’s president.


Yamamachi Miki - Member since POP era, joined in 2015. Small and has green highlights in her hair. Color: Green.


Yumeno Yua - Member since POP era, joined in 2015. Has pink hair. Color: Pink.


Yui Ga Dockson - Former SiS member who joined GANG PARADE on November 2016. Wears glasses. Color: White.

Glossary Parade