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GANG PARADE First interview with new formation “GANG 2” “I want the 9 of us to stand on Budoukan”

GANPARE’s reformation prime. At the “end of trade ceremony” on Ryokoku Kokugikan on 3/ 4 Kamiya Saki returned, and on the “WACK 2018 group audition” Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Ba Chiin who successfully passed joined to make the new formation of GANG PARADE. We planned to release a series of documentary interviews at the time but, on the half of May when we met the members again we saw the change in their mentality and so decided to make an interview there in a hurry, delivering the updated text now. Without being trapped in the group’s image, while letting each of them show their individuality, we want you to feel the current completely awake GANPARE.


Kamiya Saki

Yamamachi Miki

Yumeno Yua

Can GP Maika

Coco Partin Coco

Terashima Yuuka

Yui Ga Dockson

Tsukino Usagi (new member)

Haruna Ba Chiin (new member)



- On 3/ 4 at Ryoukoku Kokugikan Kamiya Saki returned after the “end of trade ceremony” (Kamiya went to BiS and Aya Eight Prince came to GANG PARADE), and also Tsukino Usagi and Haruna Ba Chiin who passed the “WACK 2018 group audition” joined making the new formation of GANPARE, what kind of group is it now?

Yamamachi Miki: First Saki-chan returned at Ryoukoku, and the one song we performed there was “FOUL”, we thought we had to show “the start of the new formation is here” otherwise the fans would feel anxious, so we changed quickly ‘cause we had to show “GANPARE with Saki-chan is like this!”. That’s why I think we performed “FOUL” with the strongest feeling so far.

Yumeno Yua: Then the 2 new members joined, we had our first live with this new formation at Zepp DiverCity but, I think we were able to show a completely different side of GANPARE so far. There was anxiousness until after the actual live ended, but the audience enjoyed the new GANPARE and said “9 members GANPARE, it’s interesting!”.

Coco Partin Coco: I think it was a GANPARE different from when Aya was here, the new members still aren’t used to it, I think there was some awkwardness (laughs). But including the innocence of the 2 new members, the new GANPARE, I think it was good that it was a live that showed that this indeed is the start of GANG 2.

Yui Ga Dockson: I can’t predict the current GANPARE’s future. But that is really fun. Until now I had this image that “we must do like that”, like we would think what we had to work hard to in order to reach that place but…

- What do you mean by “must do like that”?

Yui Ga Dockson: The previous GANPARE focus was to make one strong color, to make one color out of 7. If we were to talk about ice creams it would be an orange sorbet. Compared to that the current GANPARE is like a love potion, feels like we are making a lot of patterns. There was this flow, when we became a new formation for a while it was also like “We must have one feeling! Now, to do that we all have to compromise”, we had this way of thinking but, now in a good way everyone has their natural posture. By giving oneself naturally what kind of group will it become in the end, that is something to look forward. In that meaning, compared to when we had just become a new formation we are now more flexible. “It’s good that this type of girl is here, this other type is also good”, this way of thinking. When it comes to performance “If there’s someone expressing angry at “Plastic 2 Mercy”, there’s also someone showing a lot of fun “Plastic 2 Mercy”, I think we started to think like that. Because this is the chance we have to make a new GANPARE, I want to investigate this thoroughly.

- By the way, Dockson-san will debut solo on 6/12 with the single “Like a virgin”. You will do a solo live “Like a virgin” on the 10th at TSUTAYA O-WEST, right?

Yui Ga Dockson: Thank you for the sold out!

Everyone: (applauses)

Yui Ga Dockson: It’s just a guess but, everyone has expectations about “Isn’t there something else to it?” rather then my solo live. There’s also the big opening act, everyone is looking forward to things like who will it be. That’s why I need to give my best and make it an interesting live.

- How do other members feel about Dockson, who is being greatly featured in current GANPARE?

Kamiya Saki: The new member Haruna looks up to Dockson.

Yui Ga Dockson: Someone who understands!

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: To me Dockson-san is like a master, I understand everything that Dockson-san is thinking, I look up to all of this way of thinking.

Coco Partin Coco: The 2 of them feel sympathy towards each other (laughs).

- A master and pupil combination is being born in GANPARE (laughs). Maybe it’s this influence, but Haruna Bad Chiiiin, who showed a desperate side in the beginning, have steadily improved her performance. She came together with the groups’ mood.

Coco Partin Coco: I think that too. Haruna comes to my side during “Plastic 2 Mercy” and when we do the “Weei!” and I look at her she’s smiling, this kind of moments is slowly increasing.

Kamiya Saki: Comparing Haruna to the beginning her expressions became a lot better.

Coco Partin Coco: Yes, it’s softer.

- Is GANPARE fun?

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: It’s fun!

- How fun is it?

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: Maximum from everything I lived so far!

- During “WACK 2018 group audition” you would exemplify everything using jungles, if you were to talk about current GANPARE using jungles?


Haruna Bad Chiiiin: Now it’s Amazon. I will reclaim the 2nd Amazon.

- Meaning?

Everyone: (laughs)

Coco Partin Coco: Please feel it (laughs).

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: I want to make a worldwide jungle. It’s maximum to the point of thinking that. It’s like “Let’s surpass Amazon!!”.



- You’ll surpass Amazon?

Yumeno Yua: After surpassing it there’s a new jungle of the 9 of us. Is it ok like this?

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: Yes!

Can GP Maika: It’s settled.

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: We’ll lose the earth’s seas!

- It became not understandable again (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco: I see! It’s like we’ll make the whole surface of the world our jungle!

- Why can everyone understand it…

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: We’ll make GANG PARADE a jungle. The scale will rapidly become bigger, the fun too will increase!

- Yamamachi-san has a face like “what are they saying?”.

Yamamachi Miki: No, I think it’s good!

Everyone: (laughs)

Yamamachi Miki: The sense is great, isn’t it? With a girl like this it will expand, the groups’s capacity. That’s why I think it’s good!

Can GP Maika: It’s really fun since the 2 new members joined. My papa is a GANPARE wota but, when the live ends and I go with papa to eat Chinese food, he starts talking “I want to feed gyozas to Haruna”, papa also seems to be having fun (laughs).

- Your papa was a Yamamachi Miki oshi, right?

Can GP Maika: He is a Miki-chan oshi but, because he likes GANPARE as a whole, we often talk about other members. Who improved where, etc.


- For example, what does he think of Kamiya Saki?

Kamiya Saki: So sudden (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco: It’s better to just have PapaKyan here already (laughs).

Can GP Maika: Saki-chan already stood on Yokohama Arena with former BiS, right? So he says “You have to respect Saki-chan no matter what”.


Kamiya Saki: I heard this for the first time.

Everyone: (laughs)

Terashima Yuuka: I’m thankful Maika’s papa always come to take a full cheki.

Can GP Maika: Papa praises Yuyu a lot. Everyone is having voice lessons but, he says “Yuyu is projecting her voice”.

Terashima Yuuka: I’m happy.

- From Yuyu’s perspective how is the current GANPARE?

Terashima Yuuka: It really feels like we don’t know what will happen. Before the formation changed we were stable but, we were always getting an average mark. But, since Saki-chan returned, the 2 new members joined so we really don’t know what will happen, that’s why I think the way the audience see’s GANPARE will also change, I think the things that are being demanded also changed but, I want to surprise who is looking at us and thinking that. I want to build a GANPARE that will surpass the image of people who think “Will it be like that?”, I want to make the whole earth into a jungle.

- “I want to make a jungle” seems to be everyone’s common sense (laughs). Kamiya Saki, who returned to this GANPARE. At first the situation seemed a little disturbed, right?

Kamiya Saki: There was a hopeless period. But now I think it was good it existed. It was a situation exactly like “Barely Last” lyrics part “A feeling of letting only important things fall out”. After the end of the trade and just returning I was desperate about each and every thing like “not having my feet on the ground”, I was like “I must do something” while being airy. But, before I would pretend to not notice that and would just run forward alone as I pleased but, this time not only I understand this self I also became able to rely on other members. I think that’s a big thing.


- You were able to go trough the tunnel.

Kamiya Saki: I went trough the tunnel, now it’s about how I’ll move from here. To become like that, BiSH’s Yokohama Arena played a big part on it. I think a lot of members received a lot of hopes from that live but, to me I could remember that I used to think “I want to stand in Yokohama Arena one more time”. After the trade ended, I felt a lot of pain from the things that would happen but, it was not painful because of that, I probably gave up on dreaming, that’s why I would suffer thinking “I have to do something”. By watching BiSH Yokohama Arena I realized something. Until I’m there the members who listened to my stories were a big cause too but, in the end I received a lot of power from music and thought “I had a dream”.


Coco Partin Coco: First time I hear that. It’s a nice story.


Yui Ga Dockson: Nice story!

- What do you think of the current Saki-chan?

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: … like a parrot!

Everyone: (laughs)

Yui Ga Dockson: With this now I discovered something.

- What discover?

Yui Ga Dockson: Kamiya Saki who recovered a human heart.

- And so to a parrot.

Kamiya Saki: Then I’m not a human again (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson: A parrot that screamed love from the center of the world.

- After Haruna Bad Chiiiin joined the nonsense speed up. As a peer, what do you think of her?

Tsukino Usagi: Our places in the group are complete opposites. The things that are expected from us are also opposites. But Haruna seems to be fluffy like that, and it feels like she’s a baby but (laughs), there are times she talks with me about serious stuff. There’s also a mature side she projects. That’s why I can respect her, and sometimes I’m also envious but, I’m glad my peer is Haruna.



- So, I want to know what other members think of Tsukino Usagi, from Yumeno Yua’s view how is she?

Yumeno Yua: She’s a really serious girl. Regarding dance she has an absorbing power more than anyone else, she’s also able to look to the group as a whole, she’s been improving in a great speed so I think “I can’t lose”.

Tsukino Usagi: I’m happy. But I really wont become the ace. Eyes just go to Haruna naturally, right? But because I’m not someone who attracts eyes… I want to be in a position like “Ah, that person, she was important” once I’m gone.

Everyone: (laughs)

Tsukino Usagi: But I don’t plan on going anywhere!

Coco Partin Coco: I know, I know.

Tsukino Usagi: I want to become this “actually important” existence.

- Exactly like the moon.

Tsukino Usagi: Clever!

Coco Partin Coco: “Exactly the moon.”

- It’s embarrassing so don’t repeat it please (laughs). Now reversely, from Tsukino Usagi’s view which kind of person is Yumeno Yua?


Tsukino Usagi: Before I joined GANPARE I had this image “she’s really cool” watching her live performances. But looking closely she’s absurdly girly and cute.

Coco Partin Coco: She has always been cute though.

Tsukino Usagi: But because I saw the most recent GANPARE…

Yui Ga Dockson: The Ikemen era. You were watching exactly the period she said “I want to become hot”.

Coco Partin Coco: Before that she was PuaPuaPii-chan.

- What is PuaPuaPii-chan?

Coco Partin Coco: She would say “PuaPuaPuu”…

Yumeno Yua: I never said that (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson: We sang a fairy tale like song with Yuapippi as theme.

Yumeno Yua: Everyone around would just sing them as they pleased.

Yui Ga Dockson: There was this image. Like “I will eat, a pink sugar. PuaPuaPuu”.

- Now since PuaPuaPuu what self do you want to be?

Yumeno Yua: I want to be rock. More than anyone else.

- Specifically speaking?

Yumeno Yua: I want to value the emotions. I think rock bands value the emotions. That’s why I’ll laugh when I want to, I’ll cry when I want to, I want to keep valuing those feelings.

- Like that, GANPARE has a lot of individuality that explodes during lives in a good way but, what kind of group do you aim to be from now?


Yumeno Yua: I want to make a GANPARE as the 9 of us to the point we can assert that “This is the current GANPARE!” after the summer national “REBUILD TOUR” and the 9/20 one man at Zepp Tokyo. Because I think that will become a completely different thing from GANPARE until now, I want everyone to look forward to it. Also, I want to make this to be the last REBUILD.

Coco Partin Coco: Because 2 new members just joined, I want to take advantage of that. I think there are characters that came out because the 2 joined. For example, Maika’s mama character. That’s why I want to make a plus that the 2 of them joined and show this on tour, doing that, I’m looking forward the interesting thing that the 9/20 Zepp Tokyo one man will become.

Tsukino Usagi: Before I joined GANPARE their team power was amazing, I want to perform in a way people will be able to see it. But at Zepp DiverCity first live with new formation, for good or for worse I think there was something missing. I think the reason for thinking “There’s still room for growth” or “It’s the beginning” was also due the fact that we (Tsukino & Haruna) had joined just 1 month before, and because the Zepp Tokyo one man was scheduled on next tour but, I think that what the fans are most excited about is our growth. That’s exactly why I want to make a live that will respond to… (tears overflow) what the 7 of them had build so far.

- Why are tears falling…

Tsukino Usagi: Yes! It’s like that!

Everyone: (laughs)

Coco Partin Coco: It was interrupted (laughs).

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: I too want to show a figure that grew more since Zepp DiverCity. To the point of doing thing with all one’s might will disappear…

- Giving your best will disappear?

Coco Partin Coco: To the point of a lot disappearing a lot.

Haruna Bad Chiiiin: Yes! I want to be renewed every single day. To be able to do things today that I couldn’t do yesterday, my current objective is to make people think “Wasn’t it good today?” every day. That’s why I’ll make sure the same day won’t be repeated. And so I’ll continually change, I want to show a figure with a lot of growth.

Can GP Maika: To continue renewing the best each and every live. That’s something I’m always saying but, I want to make it feel like everyone will think “These 9 are the final form”.

Yamamachi Miki: It has been over a month the new members joined, I think the things demanded from the debut live are continually changing, I also think that with that the expectations are getting bigger, in the middle of that I want ride on the flow steadily and stand on the landmark that is Nippon Budoukan… I know it’s something difficult but, I want the 9 of us to stand on Nippon Budoukan. To do that I’ll aim to these 9 to be fit to Nippon Budoukan!

Interviewer: Hiraga Tetsuo

Photo: Jumpei Yamada