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GANG PARADE “BREAKING THE ROAD” last interview with the current formation

As the gang group of WACK family, the same as BiS and BiSH, GANG PARADE, also known as GANPARE, are running recklessly aiming to the top of idol scene. As the days with Aya Eight Prince end, and a new beginning approaches, a ceremony interview was held. The place is the studio the 7 of them use for practice. From Aya to everyone, from everyone to Aya, all the member’s feelings and tears and laughs (and dirty jokes during the photograph shoot) overflowed.

Participating members:

Yumeno Yua
Yamamachi Miki
Can Maika
Coco Partin Coco
Terashima Yuuka
Yui Ga Dockson
Aya Eight Prince


- From 5/1 last year Kamiya Saki went from GANPARE to BiS and Aya Eight Prince came from BiS to GANPARE because of the rental trade. Since then 10 months have passed, this is the last interview with the current formation.

Coco Partin Coco: MenMen (sobs)

Yui Ga Dockson: Men!

Terashima Yuuka: ShikuShiku (sobs)

Can Maika: Shiku!

- (laughs) Strange enough, before the end of the current formation, Coco Partin Coco challenged herself in a 100km marathon. The other members stayed in the studio playing games and doing a lot of things, how was it actually?

Coco Partin Coco: Speaking about the timing, it was before the end of the current formation and it ended 2 days before the release of the MV of the title song of the last single with this formation, so I think it connected nicely with the release…

Yamamachi Miki: Ah, my stomach…

Coco Partin Coco: It made a “kyuuun” sound… (laughs)

Can Maika: You just ate potato chips!

Yamamachi Miki: Therefore my stomach is working now.

Coco Partin Coco: Ah, it’s digesting?

Yumeno Yua: I see.

-Can you talk about the marathon?

Coco Partin Coco: I’m sorry! Because the new song PV had this feeling of being about the bond between the 7 of us, I think the 100km marathon synched well with that. Seems like 80.000 people watched the niconama stream, and during release events people said “I came after watching the marathon!”, so I think it was a good thing that I ran.

- I was watching closely the marathon but eventually I would check on the other 6 but, while Coco was desperately running the other would get excited while playing the life game, when I saw that extreme difference I thought “this must be a harsh program” (laughs). With what feeling did you basically play games?

Yumeno Yua: At first it didn’t feel that serious, we would obviously cheer on Coco running, but with our own planning, we thought we had to create a program that people watching would enjoy. But gradually Coco showed signs of pain. That’s because the sun set, it became colder and her physical condition fell. Even with that state we had to continue playing games… But because it’s not exactly a suffering game, we had to enjoy it somehow, but we were worried about it and I think the viewers really noticed that difference…

- An Idol must smile no matter what, it felt like this kind of test but Yuyu (Terashima Yuuka) cried in the middle of it.

Terashima Yuuka: Coco was suffering… But we had to continue playing games, and it was right during the corner of looking back at GANPARE’s history. There I had to talk about the song me and Coco wrote together, “WINTER SONG”, and it’s personally I song I have lot feelings put in… a lot of memories were overflowing. I also remembered everything about our time in SiS (the BiS official rival group that Coco, Yuyu and Dockson were in before joining GANPARE)…


- It became unbearable?

Terashima Yuuka: Yes. But because I couldn’t do anything for Coco, it was irritating.

- Dockson’s state was also weird, right?

Yui Ga Dockson: The life game we played the day before was really long. At first we started feeling we had to protect the studio atmosphere but the game was so long! Then for 30 minutes Coco looked unsteady in the little screen but, we didn’t really understand the situation, people watching too were like “What’s happening to Coco?”…

- It was a show that people watching wouldn’t get the info they wanted.

Everyone: (laughs).

- Even during a situation of “If you don’t show Coco now when will you show her?” the footage of life game was streamed.


Yui Ga Dockson: There were niconama staffs to help us if we had any trouble but, that time the game continued endlessly, it didn’t feel like it anymore! We became absent-minded, when I saw Coco’s figure in the monitor people saw me and were like “Dockson, hold on www”. Because it became like a grey area, I reflected that I should’ve done more. Even though we decided “Let’s make the studio atmosphere a bright one!”, we were also exhausted, we saw Coco’s exhaustion, but in one hand I had money from the life game.


Coco Partin Coco: Hahahaha!

Yui Ga Dockson: Eventually it was like “Which one is right?” And among niconama comments there were some like “Coco-chan is suffering, what are you doing?”

- Well, it’s a normal reaction (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson: It’s obvious it would be like that, but I let myself be influenced by it and thought “that’s right”. If I was watching I probably would’ve thought “I want to see Coco”. There was no sound at all.

- Aya had work with BiS so you participated coming and going, right.

Aya Eight Prince: The stream started at 6am but I had to leave at 6h50m, there was nothing I could do but, my feelings were to participate in the whole thing, I ended up leaving almost everything up to others so the feelings of “I’m so sorry” was strong. Because of that I thought that “Everyone must be tired so I’ll enter full of energy!”, but it was just when the life game had started so I was told by the niconama staff “You’ll join after the game ends”, so actually I sat behind the cameras waiting for almost 45 minutes!

Coco Partin Coco: Eh, really (laughs)?

Can Maika: Because she came back right after the game started.

Yumeno Yua: But I thought “She should join anytime now”.

Aya Eight Prince: But I was told “Wait… Now is not the right time”

- Why is it serious just there? (laughs)

Aya Eight Prince: That’s why I waited! Always! I ate while thinking “I want to go back to the stream fast and bright things up!” and talked to a lot of staff. But they wouldn’t let me back, so eventually after 45 minutes they said “It still hasn’t ended but you can join” (laughs).


- While they were at that, Coco, who had stopped running, received an angry phone call from Watanabe-san (WACK’s president/GANG PARADE producer), and from there the climax started but, with which feelings did Coco run?

Coco Partin Coco: At first I started at a good pace so I thought “I can do it”, I ran thinking I could reach the goal in 20 hours but, around the 60km my legs started to hurt, and with that the sun set and became colder, my pace fell all at once. I was also really sleepy. But when Watanabe-san called angry and said “You won’t make in time will you?” I opened my eyes, from there I started to run again but, I started to cry. I cried at the very end of the ekiden of 1 year ago but, this time the tears the fell was of pain. I started to run thinking random things to distract myself like “What should I eat after I return?” but, after I reached the goal and saw the other member’s faces, the tears that fell weren’t of pain but of relief. When I saw the members who gave their best 24h with me, they just came naturally. Everyone cried too… When I saw that scene after going back home I cried.

- One year ago during the ekiden, Yamamachi Miki got angry at Coco for talking all the time and delying everyone but, this time you praised her tweeting “Cool”. At that moment in the goal how did you receive Coco?

Yamamachi Miki: When we ran together 1 year ago, she really wouldn’t stop talking and not run at all (laughs), but this time she kept running to the point I thought “What was all that?”, when I saw her crying like “Ueen” after opening the door, I thought it was really precious! Like “Ah, cute. Nice work!”. I think it was painful for a long time. We didn’t feel it at the beginning but, as expected after running 40, 50, 60km, there was nothing but pain in the last 10 hours, she gave her best alone for all those painful hours, fought, returned to us in the time limit, that’s all her hard work, her strength, I had no other feelings but “This girl is really amazing”. (she sees Coco crying beside her) Are you crying?

Coco Partin Coco: …

Everyone: (laughs)

- To Can Maika how was the moment of the goal?

Can Maika: When she returned to us I was really happy, even while running she would reply “thank you” to all fans comments and support from niconama, even tired she would reply to the phone calls, I thought that was incredible, during the talk with the 7 of us after the goal (even after the goal the niconama continued until 6am) even though she was at her limit she would take initiative and talk more than anyone else, “this person is amazing”, I had real respect. Also, as expected I felt “We are GANPARE because there are the 7 of us, because the mood maker Coco is here”.


Yui Ga Dockson: So? Did you cry?

Coco Partin Coco: … I’m enduring it.

Can Maika: Don’t endure it~ (laughs).

- After passing this marathon that will stay in GANPARE’s history, there’s finally the last one man live on 2/3 at AKASAKA BLITZ with the current formation, then on 3/3 the trade with Aya will end, and in the next day there’ll be a trade ending ceremony at BiS live on Ryoukoku Kokugikan. Now what are your feelings in these moments spent with GANPARE?

Aya Eight Prince: First, the “lonely” feeling is big. But there’s also the feelings of not believing it. Slowly the practice with BiS has started, more than before I’m carrying a sense of reality but, now I’m performing lives with GANAPRE, I’m thinking about GANPARE the most now… How should I say it, the Kokugikan day is scary. My mental…

- You don’t know what will happen?

Aya Eight Prince: I might become strange.


- In the previous interview you said “I want to have a major debut with GANPARE”, but right after that it was announced you would go back to BiS, and you passed the feelings of wanting to return… But in sum, “It wasn’t a topic you could easily divide” so, I think you finally arrived at the current feelings but

Aya Eight Prince: That’s right. This feeling, I talked to the members before the “BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR” started but, at first when I joined WACK I auditioned because I wanted to become BiS, I was in BiS for 7 months and then suddenly the trade was announced and I came to GANPARE… After joining GANPARE for a while I would feel sad when I saw BiS members, I think back then I wasn’t really a GANPARE member completely. But then the trade was extended, I talked a lot with everyone, we had a tour with BiS, everyone and myself started to think “Aya is GANPARE”… I’m sorry, what was the question?

Everyone: (laughs)

- In the previous interview you said “I want to have a major debut with GANPARE”, but right after that it was announced you would go back to BiS, and you passed the feelings of wanting to return… But in sum, “It wasn’t a topic you could easily divide” so, I think you finally arrived at the current feelings but

Aya Eight Prince: Ah, that!

Yui Ga Dockson: There was this same patter before, right?

Coco Partin Coco: What was the question again (laughs)?

- Until 3 times is OK.

Yamamachi Miki: How nice!

Aya Eight Prince: So, back then I really thought “I want to have a major debut with GANPARE”, I thought I wanted to stay as GANPARE forever but Puu-chan (Pour Lui / Graduation from BiS at Ryoukoku Kokugikan) announced her graduation, I was shocked. In my mind I thought “Why? It’s particularly ok!” but, somehow I was continuously shocked, I thought about why that was and as expected, there was the respect for her, and I understood there was the feeling of “As I thought, I like BiS”. So when in December during the “WACK FES” the end of the trade was announced… my feelings were mixed up, so I didn’t know what to say and just answered “I’ll give my best no matter the group I’m in”, and then there was this atmosphere from people around me of facing me with two choices “Which one is it?”. So, I myself thought “I want to make it clear”, so I thought about it through December and the new year and talked with the members, I thought I had to come to an answer soon but… “As I thought, it’s impossible”. I got to know both BiS and GANPARE, I know the good points of both groups, I can’t choose one. I reached that conclusion.


- So, you thought what you should do after knowing that?

Aya Eight Prince: I think Watanabe-san had some intention, so he canceled the trade at this timing, so I thought I wanted to try “I’ll go back to BiS” option. As expected there are a lot of things I learned in GANPARE! I think BiS too learned a lot of things when Saki-chan joined BiS but, maybe I want to apply the things I learned in BiS. I thought that.

- So, because Aya herself came to a conclusion of “Returning to BiS”, what kind of days were these last 10 months you spent with Aya? Can we hear about that?

Terashima Yuuka: They were the deepest days in my life so far. The days of GANPARE with Aya are so deep to the point I can’t quite remember the memories of the time when Saki-chan was here. Also, Aya is a little stupid but… I can’t deny she’s stupid but, consequently because she’s stupid there a lot of things she can’t grasp and things pile up. This accumulation is troublesome, it’s something you can’t really do. I think it’s amazing she can do that. It’s something I can’t do so I respect that.

Yui Ga Dockson: I think the GANPARE with Aya has a color like “That’s GANPARE”, something we didn’t had so far and that everyone built together. For example, no matter how stupid it is we can make things enjoyable, lately we receive a lot of feedback like “GANPARE lives are fun”, GANPARE = Fun. I think I could create this aspect. Also I’m the same as Aya when it comes to express trough words. Like I can’t write lyrics. There are things I want to say but, because I don’t know the words to convey it there are misunderstandings. Because of that she was a member I couldn’t leave alone, it was nice to be together with her.

Can Maika: We could grow individually and as a group, we could create a GANPARE “playground” with the 7 of us, I feel we created a GANPARE Platinum Era (Morning Musume. Era when Takahashi Ai was their leader. During times of bad luck, with an outstanding team work to be proud of and performance that would later become a legend. It became the foundation to the second break of Morning Musume.).

Yamamachi Miki: Everyday was a learning day. There wasn’t someone who would bring everyone together like Saki-chan did, because we were in a situation in which we didn’t knew what to do, until we could establish the group called GANPARE, everyday there was something, really every day we would think about something, they were days we would absorb things one thing at a time. Among that Aya, the specification is big but “As I thought she’s good for nothing”, there were times I thought that (laughs). But she continued to supplement all that good for nothing aspect with hard work. She might not be able to think about 2 different things at the same time but, she thinks properly about each thing one at a time, and can move forward after reaching a conclusion, she’s a girl who evolved everyday by her own hard work so I this is something I really admire.


Yumeno Yua: They were days we could finally release to the world the good aspects on each of us. The slightly joke side of Coco and Doku, the serious side of Maika, Miki and Yuyu, because Aya was in the middle of that, it’s not like she had a regulation role given the time and circumstances but, we could successfully take a good balance. We can play when it’s time to play, be serious when we have to, depending on that I think we managed to show each one’s characters.


Coco Partin Coco: I think the reason we could make thing positive instead of filling the place left of Saki-chan, it’s because Aya came with the things she learned in BiS and didn’t hide them, teaching all of it to GANPARE. At first, we maybe didn’t had the notion of comrade but, even so she said “for GANPARE’s sake”, so exactly because of that I think we were able to become the strongest 7… I really think it was a good thing that she came.

- Can we hear how were the days Aya spent with the members?

Aya Eight Prince: Eh? This makes me nervous… What is this!

- Today is this kind of day. Is the last day we can bring the 7 together and talk properly.

Yui Ga Dockson: Talk to us after Akasaka BLITZ!

- I might hear about it lightly but, this kind of ceremony, today is the last.

Aya Eight Prince: Ceremony (laughs)?

Yui Ga Dockson: Graduation ceremony.

- Then, give your best.

Aya Eight Prince: (two hands covering her face) … I’ll cry.

Coco Partin Coco: Tissue!

Terashima Yuuka: Take of your hand.

Aya Eight Prince: … Eeeeen! (tears overflow)

Can Maika: It’s important to show you crying face so don’t hide it!

Everyone: (burst of laughter)

Yamamachi Miki: Your senior is telling you that, so take it out.

Aya Eight Prince: …Ok. Yuyu was a fellow participant in the BiS audition, I thought it would be fairly easier to get close to her. She was comfortable being who wouldn’t say a word and just stay by my side. Next, Doku is… Eeeeen!

Everyone: Hahahahaha!

Terashima Yuuka: This is a crying pattern for all 6 huh?

(*After that she was crying while talking about the members. The memories were overflowing and it became an incoherent talk, to publicize all that it would be extremely long so, we put in order what each member meant to Aya.)

> Yui Ga Dockson - … She put it in words and said to me “Don’t go back to BiS”. I can always play around with her. There’s a side of her that feels like an older sister but she’ll say things are wrong when they are. God.

> Can Maika - … At first (the way of teaching dance was extremely serious) I was afraid. But she didn’t give up on me until the end and kept teaching me. She the same h!p wota as myself, we are both beauties but,  she has a real cuteness and kindness that I don’t have. Virgin Mary.

> Yamamachi Miki - … Easiest member to approach. Even before joining GANPARE I thought she had a powerful expression above everyone else. I like her singing voice. Regarding singing and performance, she was the member who stimulated me the most.

> Yumeno Yua -  … She thinks a lot about the group, and it’s an amazing person completely different of me. But I calm down when I’m with her. She’s someone who we’ll be allies during hard times or good times.

> Coco Partin Coco - … She’s the one with the widest vision, and notices other members states the most. She has interest in others, I thought “I want to become more like Coco”. She’s someone who cried for me.

Yamamachi Miki: (looking at Aya) Your eyes are swollen!

- It’s a different face from the beginning of the interview (laughs). So, how do you want to spend the remaining time with those 7 who have mutual love?

Yumeno Yua: I want to exhaust it. Because it has already been decided that Aya will leave, I want to do everything I can as the 7 of us so in the end I can say “We did everything, the preparations are complete!” and loot at Akasaka BLITZ with confidence. The expectation is high, so I think the audience will be excited like “This is the last one man with Aya”, but there will be also people looking at with more calmly. We have to make it a stage that those people will think “I want to watch GANPARE from now on, I want to continue supporting them”, and leave after effects so Aya herself can gaze at her own future. That’s why I want to do completely. So we won’t have any regrets!


Aya Eight Prince: I want to make a day that will transmit that “Those 7 were the best”, I want to perform so ourselves will think “These 7, we’re the best”, but also “GANPARE is still going”, I won’t be in GANPARE anymore but I want to leave that too. Until 3/3 I’m a member so, I won’t stop at Akasaka BLITZ, I want people to continue thinking until the very last moment on 3/3 that “It becomes better and better”.



- Now, in order to make this real I would like to other members to talk about their feelings too. That said, for the conclusion of the last interview with the current GANPARE formation I would like to ask everyone to send their farewell messages to Aya. Then, starting with Coco Partin Coco.


Coco Partin Coco: Eh?? Ahh… Aya leaving is unpleasant. If I were to be honest, when I hear BiS songs from the time Aya was there… It’s like a boyfriend’s memory of a former girlfriend?

Everyone: (burst of laughter)

Coco Partin Coco: When you see pictures or movies of your ex-girlfriend having fun you feel like “Ahh I don’t like it…”, like when Aya sings BiS songs. That’s why I think these feelings might become bigger after Aya goes back to BiS. Because, if Aya returns to BiS it’s like the ex-boyfriend. You like your ex-boyfriend but because of reasons you broke up, the pain of watching in the shadows your ex-boyfriend in a new environment having fun. That’s honestly hard isn’t it? That’s why it’s hard! But no matter where Aya goes she’ll be loved, and because of that she has a place to go in either BiS or GANPARE so, Aya will be loved for the double of amount that loves her… Well, there’s only a Aya Eight Prince that returned to BiS because of GANPARE.

- Thanks to the ex-boyfriend.

Coco Partin Coco: Yes! Thanks to the ex-boyfriend (laughs). That’s why it’s not like I’m condescending but, in Aya’s veins flows GANPARE’s blood, even going to BiS… Well it’s awkward and I can’t make a good point but, a wall was broken, if she doesn’t apply what she took from GANPARE we’ll be on trouble… Even if we are in a different place everyone will worry about you. We’ll worry, and support you. Obviously you’ll be our rival so we can’t show mercy but, it’s not really like “BREAKING THE ROAD” but, the form is different but the thing we see is the same, so let’s both work hard… And lift up the Idol world. Bye bye!

- Next, Yamamchi Miki.

Yamamachi Miki: I really really love “UNIT” I sing with Aya. I like Aya’s voice and her dance. The things we did so far, they became a good experience to everyone and to myself, there are a lot of points we could change because Aya came. So it’s a great deal that such person came to GANPARE, on the other side I think it was a good experience for Aya too… it might become the same as Coco but, there’s part of me who wants her to take this experience and give her best in BiS, after 3/04 I’ll go after BiS to crush them so, I wont say nice things then. Eh… Well, I’ll crush it!


Everyone: (laughs)

- Next, Yui Ga Dockson.

Yui Ga Dockson: The day I remember the most was when Aya said “Godoukin” when referring to Midosuji. There was a lamen restaurant I wanted to go in Osaka, Aya said she would come with me but, because it’s the 2 of us we just looked up the station name, “There it is!” so we just entered and the train went to the other side. In a normal situation it would become serious like “Ha? We must hold up!” but, because it’s the 2 of us, we didn’t decide anything and just started to laugh, we eventually did get to the actual place without going elsewhere but (laughs), among that Aya said “Godoukin!”… I’m sad when I think we wont be able to do things like that anymore. But, we are in the same WACK. It’s not a permanent bye bye. So far we were aiming higher in the same group but, from now on BiS and GANPARE will become rivals but, this too will turn into someone we’ll aim higher with, for a while Aya will be the only one to see thing favorably, I want Aya to sing happily. Each other, let’s give… hmm… But I want to go eat lamen together. … The end. Love.

- Next, Terashima Yuuka.

Terashima Yuuka: When Aya joined, honestly I thought “Someone from BiS”. But at some point I started to think “Not from BiS, she’s GANPARE”. So to go back, I know Aya auditioned for BiS but… No, but she’s GANPARE. Because I think that… Now it’s lonely. Since Aya joined, we have a lot of dance formation together because of our height is close, I hate that this will disappear. Uh, uu… (tears overflow). The GANPARE for me is the 7 of us including Aya. That the trade will end, I thought about it since the last interview, I want to think that if it was in the current situation the end of trade might not happen but, I can’t quite believe that. Now I still can’t believe it will just be “The end”. Aya is also practicing with BiS, we are also practicing with Saki-chan but… I think “What are we doing?”. But I want to fight, I also want to make Akaburi stimulating… One thing might end but, when the GANPARE with Aya ends it wont be like “Ok, that’s it”, GANPARE can continue because there was that, I want Aya to continue that after returning to BiS.

- Next…

Terashima Yuuka: Ah, as I thought I can’t. I really hate to say “Go back to BiS with the things you did in GANPARE”! (clings to Dockson while crying)

Yui Ga Dockson: I know. It’s sad. You don’t want to say that.

Terashima Yuuka: Yes. I don’t want to say “Even returning to BiS”… Because I hate that I know it will end, I think I want it to just end it already. Without saying anything. It would be better to just be told “Ok that’s the end” in the day. … But, she’s already going back. It’s not like I wont meet Aya for the rest of my life so, I still want to perform a live with Aya but, the end is the end… Until the very last time I want to continue leaving something behind. With Aya. The end. Love.

- Next, Can Maika.

Can Maika: Lately I’ve been playing around with Aya saying “Just be a concurrent member” but, I actually… really think that. I honestly think “There should be a way since this is WACK, right?”, that’s how much, Uh… how much I hate that Aya is leaving! (tears overflow)


Yui Ga Dockson: Ooh!

- It’s weird to say “Ooh!” when someone starts crying (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson: Ah, it’s unusual…

Can Maika: … I still think there should be something to be done so we can still be together, I honestly didn’t think much about Aya leaving but, lately, even though Aya is using a GANPARE account she tweets “Listen to this BiS song”… It’s not like she can’t do that but, when I listen to that song I couldn’t stop crying back home… Originally Aya’s voice was my favorite among BiS, when Aya’s voice came to GANPARE I was really happy that GANPARE could improve, somehow I hate when I think “I won’t be able to hear this voice again”. Uuh… Uuh… Uuh… So in reality I don’t want her to go but, it can’t be helped, so from now one the wota that Aya brought to GANPARE… There are some wota that were the same so, now I’ll go full intention to make them all my own… Be prepared! -kind of feeling. But… Because I’ll work hard so GANPARE can go to bigger places first, Aya too give her best, it would be fun if someday Aya could return to GANPARE (laughs). The end. Love.


Yui Ga Dockson: It’s a chain of “Love”.

Yamamachi Miki: Can you please add a “Love” in the end of mine too?

Everyone: (laughs)

- Next, Yumeno Yua.

Yumeno Yua: Previously I gave an interview with Aya and there was a talk about if Watanabe-san tells Aya “Go back to BiS”, “Oppose to it” “Say “No””, wasn’t it? That time Aya said “Yeah”. After we gave that interview, about one week later? Soon enough the talk of the end of the trade came… I thought “What will Aya do?” but, because I actually believed in that interview, in my heart, it’s not like can be resolved just by saying it but, I expected her to say “No” to Watanabe-san… (tears overflow) That’s true. The next day there was a chance to become just the 2 of us in a talk show, I wanted to talk to her no matter what, we kept talking inside the train, right? That time I also heard about Pour Lui-san… There’s nothing I can do if Aya is prepared to go back, it’s not a matter of what we say but, but, as I thought! It’s sad that she’ll go back, actually I really hate it… There’s the feeling of “I want to continue like that”. That’s why, Maika also said it but, when I heard BiS song, the moment I heard Aya’s voice among BiS members… I thought “Aya will really become BiS, won’t her”, it because really painful. But there was no place I could show this pain so, I put Aya photos in the instagram story…

- So that was message.

Yumeno Yua: It’s sad to that point, but I think “I must accept it”, I want to protect GANPARE, I want to sell more and more with GANPARE, I’m prepared and decided “I want to become someone who’ll pull GANPARE and bring it to Budoukan”… I will work hard in GANPARE but! It’s just… No, that’s why I’ll crush BiS! But I also want to continue being friends with Aya so… Let’s play!


Coco Partin Coco: Even though you’ll crush her?

Everyone: (laughs)

Coco Partin Coco: I’m sorry, there’s something I have to talk about here no matter what!

- Go ahead.

Coco Partin Coco: A little while ago we went to see BISH’s live at Zepp Tokyo but, because Ayuni-chan and Hashiyasume-san debut was in Zepp they had an MC like “We have a lot of memories in this place”. When I heard that suddenly thought “Why is it that these people continue a story as 6 and we can’t say “From now on us 7!”?” BiSH can make you think “It’s ok with the current 6” but, I became frustrated as to “Why can’t we?”. Before I didn’t had this confidence, we were inferior to BiSH, there were a lot of point we lost to BiS too, but now I can say with confidence “GANPARE is the best group!”. So, the reason I could start to think like that was because Aya came, I couldn’t say it so far but… Thank you for joining.

Yui Ga Dockson: (small voice) Where’s the “Love”?

Coco Partin Coco: Love.

Everyone: (laughs)

- Now, lastly, a message from Aya Eight Prince to everyone in GANPARE.

(*As the reader can guess, Aya was crying this whole time)

Aya Eight Prince: Everyone… Everyone is! They say the GANPARE of now exists because I joined, I’m really happy to hear that but, even if I wasn’t here, if there were the 6 of them, I think it could become like that too…

Coco Partin Coco: Stupid, you!

Yui Ga Dockson: It wouldnt! You moron!!

Everyone: Bao!!!!!! (*probably the junction of baka and omae)

Aya Eight Prince: I think I’m used to it~~~~! (today’s greatest cry)… Now really is the best, it’s fun, hearing everyone’s words, from my heart more or less I think “I don’t want to leave GANPARE~!”, the Asobinin too, everyone in the staff too, I really… Love you, love you, everything is unconditionally lovely, I love you. Honestly I didn’t think at first it would come to that, I’m anxious… as to whether I can surpass this feeling in BiS but! But, but, as I thought I must become stronger… I want to take back everything the currently and best GANPARE teach me, and I’ll make a BiS better than the current 7. Because I think I must make it! That’s why, I’m not dependable, I’m not good with words, there are a lot of things to work on from now on, I’m nervous crying in a place like this but, I could be in this GANG PARADE, the days I could spend in it, in my life, it’s a time I can be proud of, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that but, until 3/04 I’ll sob and sob but! When I return to BiS… I’ll properly, crush, GANPARE.


Everyone: …….

Aya Eight Prince: I love everyone!

Everyone: (burst of laughter)

- And so, the interview ends!

Yui Ga Dockson: Ah! Ah! There’s something I want to say…

- Ah, it ended in such a nice way though (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson: This is something I want to say to the Aya after 3/04 but, Aya should make her motto to smile in any times, this might be troublesome to BiS and not go well but, that flourished in GANPARE… So trust yourself more!

Yamamachi Miki: Mother?

Yui Ga Dockson: Aya’s smile is a good smile you can trust. The reason GANPARE flourished has to do with Aya’s motto. So, give your best.


Aya Eight Prince: I’ll give… my best??

Everyone: (laughs)

Yui Ga Dockson: Let’s go on!

Interview: Hiraga Tetsuo / Photograph: Jumpei Yamada (interview) and Uchiyama Naoya (100km marathon)