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GANPARE “A future without you isn’t possible” the autumn in which the bond between the 7 of them became stronger [Definitely don’t want to let go, don’t want to be separated] BILLBOARD INTERVIEW

The GANG in the WACK family who has BiS and BiSH, aiming for the summit of idol scene running up recklessly, GANG PARADE known as “GANPARE”. Do you know the story about how the 7 members unit straightened their bonds during 2017’s autumn while having their own struggles?

<The form of existing as 7 of the 7 of them “I wan’t to have a major debut as GANPARE”>

GANPARE’s basic information until summer 2017 was written by the end of the summer but, but if we were to explain what kind of members there are, normally just like a samurai with a straight posture there’s a small girl who desperately aims higher while thinking “How should I change myself?”. There’s also a pierced girl who, while worrying about the future, says “I want to become someone who can pull WACK and GANPARE” aiming to become a reliable leader. There’s also a girl who looks like Danmitsu, who has great quality in dance and worries about her own popularity but keeps saying “Let’s believe in ourselves! GANPARE is great!”, being the hidden emotional support of the group. There’s a party girl who, while being a recognized good for nothing character, will do anything to create an “important place to be” as 7 members. There’s an otter who looks cute and silent but will say things like “Damn, I’ll show you. I don’t wanna lose” during important situations showing of her fangs. There’s a revolutionary who looks eccentric at first but is kind and worries about everyone else thinking “We should be able to have more and more unity!”. There’s a beauty who is in middle of a trade with BiS, wondering where should she go, but who decelerated “I wan’t to have a major debut with GANPARE”.

This is the current GANPARE.

<As the summer ended the emotions were divided… The 8 hour reunion in order to improve their unity.>

Autumn 2017. To GANPARE it was a suffering autumn. After running past the summer waves with all their might with “GANG PARADE’s revolution, we’ll start it again!”, the growth as a group with individual personalities overflowing to the point of not losing to BiS and BiSH, something calmed down along summer’s end, the member’s pace became unequal. During this period the otter Terashima Yuuka said “It became a feeling like I was doing the lives alone, I thought “Everyone is looking in different directions”. For example during the live there’s a part where I meet eyes with Aya but, Aya’s eyes were dead, I thought “Ah, Aya too is thinking about something”, perhaps everyone was worrying”; but GANPARE crossed the period where they overcame things just by their willpower, it became a situation everyone had to understand each other more deeply in order to advance. There the 7 members carried an 8 hour long meeting trough the night on the end of September just before their two man tour with BiS. “Why is every one standing on stage. Why is every one in GANPARE.” they talked together in order to share their stories, the small girl Yamamachi says “Now “Because I lived like that I think like this” or “Because that girl is affected by this part she makes that face on stage”, steadily and rapidly we understood, we were able to unite more because we came to a comprehension”.

Because of that the 7 unity became stronger. It became a group to whom WACK’s manager, agency responsible for BiS and BiSH breaks, Watanabe Junnosuke said “It’ll be OK if you guys can continue to work hard to steadily keep this rhythm.”


<A one man live obtained by the bond of believing that they wouldn’t break no matter what happened.>

And then the one man live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on 11/20. For the bad luck beauty Aya Eight Prince it was a place she saw with complex feelings during the BiS one man live back in may thinking “If there wasn’t the rental trade would I be standing there”. But since that half year passed, in the interview before the live Aya declared “I won’t go back (to BiS)! For the first time I really… finally I really thought that. I don’t want to be separated. I want to have a major debut with GANPARE”. Of course it’s not something she can decided on her own but, it was the first time talking about this clear intention, the members were astonished but delighted. The eccentric Yui Ga Dockson said “I don’t want to waste those feelings”, the party people Coco Partin Coco was overflowed with emotions “I definitely don’t want to let go, don’t want to be separated.”.

With that the 7 were 7, looking completely at the same direction GANPARE’s emotion and sense of unity was terrific, it was obvious to perform with their body and soul no matter the song, dancing and singing making everyone including asobinin (GANPARE fan’s name) enjoy, being in high spirits not letting any doubt show up. Also, the level of the weight in their phrases was different, incomparable with so far. For example in “don’t forget me not” the line “I can’t forget the feelings that overflew I’m not alone Let’s go from now on too”, or in “Beyond the Mountain” the line “If I could go on with this journey What I want to do I’ll always definitely show my smile more”, or in “UNIT” the line “Instead of shooting the safe plan let’s just recklessly supporting each other move forward” and so on, those words resounded as a song of the love and bond of the 7 of them, no matter the serious song or loud songs somewhere it resounded heartfully, causing a chemical reaction like it was a miracle.


Thinking back now, it started with Planime with Kamiya Saki and Mizuta Mari, from there Yumeno and Yamamachi joined and POP was created, then until reach the current GANPARE there were incessant partings and meetings, they continued running trying to fill the void in the heart of “it’s still not enough”. It’s a story to repay this impression but, the 7 of them came together form different places embracing different worries and frustrations and now it’s heartwarming…. Coming to a place full moments you can’t help but feel enjoyment, happiness, preciousness. Of course the girls want to aim even higher, from now on there will be a lot of challenges to GANPARE, it could be there’s a future in which the current 7 of them can’t be together anymore. But even so, this current moment, those 7 reached a place in which, in the ideal world they once dreamt about, a group in which they can go on living like themselves, no matter what happens a group that wont break because of it’s bond. “From now on GANG PARADE, and asobinin too, let’s go over that high mountain together!” they could scream with their chests full of hope. There’s no mistake in continue to strongly support for the future of the 7.

Yamamachi Miki
Yumeno Yua
Can Maika
Coco Partin Coco
Terashima Yuuka
Yui Ga Dockson
Aya Eight Prince

The real moment in which the GANPARE of the 7 of them was completed. In order to bless and welcome this the sing along “BODY&7SOUL!” resounded. They sang the message from the 6 of them to Aya, at the same time from Aya to the other 6 of “A future without you is a future I can’t see, impossible”. The enthusiasm from that which was born that day, they put together the highest euphoria so far on this journey from Planime to GANPARE.


<Anyhow it was a GANPARE stage in which “fun” kept overflowing.>

Thus still evolving towards being another strong group GANPARE started a release event for their new album “GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!” the day after the one man live. They created a daily playground which made the above mentioned euphoria explode even more, watching the music video together and noisily talking, originated from Hachiouji Aya talked about Takao Mountain “A song appropriated to Takaosan” destroying the common view of “Beyond the Mountain” (laughs), the tension during the special talk didn’t lose to the live making it feel like “That, everyone will get into. Exactly a playground”. Also the new songs in the album compilation, their choreograph too was humorous, the girl who looks like Danmitsu, Can Maika said “Because it’s always said that GANPARE has this euphoria, I added some folk dance, and consciousness added moves in which members would naturally make eye contact. Like that GANPARE’s fun feeling came naturally, it would be nice if that reached the asobinin, becoming an even more enjoyable atmosphere.” conveying her feelings, it was born a phenomenon in which no matter the stage it felt exactly like that.

Such GANPARE stage that keeps overflowing with “fun”, will release a new single on next year on 2/20 titled “BREAKING THE ROAD”, and start the “BREAKING THE ROAD TOUR” starting on January 2018 going to 8 places over the country. As the tour final a one man live on 2/23 at Tokyo Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka named “MAKING THE ROAD” will happen. To people arround the world starving for “fun”, I would like them to attend. Under, the interview with GANPARE who overcame a whole week with release events every day after the one man live at LIQUID.

<“GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!” interview after the release events rush>

- A week full of waves, thank you for your hard work! Please let us hear your mental state after the ending of one man live and release events, such as your enthusiasm toward the activities from now on.

Yui Ga Dockson: I feel like I felt something like hope at the one man live and after that… It feels like that but! In order to transform this hope in something one can see, I will work harder and harder. … (suddenly loud voice) Still not enough!! From now on too I’m counting on you! Next is Coco!

Coco Partin Coco: Until now there were a lot of release events that culminated in a one man live but, this time we could do the one man live before the release events, everyday doing new songs, everyone’s excitement toward the album and new songs were transmitted. I was happy the asobinin (GANPARE fan’s name) were trying their best to heat up while fumbling. Personally I couldn’t visualize ahead before doing the one man live but, I could see a little? It was a week I thought we started moving one step at a time towards the Akasaka BLITZ one man live. From now on we’ll keep raising the songs GANPARE holds… (suddenly loud voice) We’ll make a storm! Thank you! Yuyu~!


Terashima Yuuka: I felt more heat coming from the audience until now, it increased the number of people I thought “This person, is their first time seeing them”, I was really happy. Even coming for the first time everyone did their best to enjoy, I was happy!


Coco Partin Coco: Ah, It’s not like Yuyu to say something like that.

Yui Ga Dockson: Unusual.

Terashima Yuuka: I don’t say this much but, I’m happy. Also on 2018 I’ll awake! I said during the LIQUID MC but, I will awake while believing in myself! An otter you haven’t seen so far, a real otter, no, I might not be an otter anymore.

- What will you become?

Terashima Yuuka: Lion!

Everyone: (laughs)

Terashima Yuuka: I’ll become the king of all beasts! Continuing, Yua-chan.

Yumeno Yua: After those 3, I really don’t want to (laughs). There was a week of release events, I was really happy I could see the asobinin playing with all their energy, it was reassuring! The relation between GANPARE and Asobinin is becoming something really good, I think the bond is deep. Because of the current asobinin, and the people we’ll meet from now on, GANPARE can become stronger, I think we can still go even higher, I have such confidence in GANPARE team to think that. GANPARE won’t lose anymore, we’ll make a story about going and winning! Best regards! Next is Miki-chan.

Yamamachi Miki: During the period before LIQUID the number of new fans increased, after finishing LIQUID during this one week too there were a lot of people who said “I came for the first time!”, I think it was a period full of new encounters. We have to treasure the people who were already there but, to have new people to have interest and like GANPARE, it was a week that made me thing that we have to do more to make them completely absorbed. But really I’m happy. So far we didn’t had an evolution we could in fact see, the number of audience wouldn’t really increase but, like that we can see it “Today the audience is big”, the moments we think that also increased, it’s a really good thing, I want to continue working hard in order to not destroy this momentum! Next one is Aya Eight Prince!

Aya Eight Prince: It feels like we ran swiftly this week after LIQUID ROOM but, before that it felt a little like “What’ll happen after this?”. But at LIQUID I could see a scenery I’ve never seen, we felt ourselves that GANPARE is moving towards a good direction, I think this too tied everyone’s confidence. So, from now on too I want to have self-confidence and do something even bigger. GANPARE won’t stop like this and will keep running, make Akasaka BLITZ full, I’ll show an even better scenery than LIQUID ROOM! I myself still have a lot of imperfect places but, I love GANPARE! So, from now on I will work harder in order to everyone to think I’m necessary to them. And, I want to take everyone to happy spaces! From now on too please. Lastly is Can-chan!

Can Maika: I finally feel relieved. During LIQUID one man live we only did 3 new songs but, after that during the release events it felt like announcing a new song everyday, I was always nervous. Everyday before the release events everyone would go to the studio and practice, the days continued like that, just before I would say “As I thought, I want to do the moves like that” and change it, even so everyone dealt with it. Because of that, I’m relieved those days are peacefully over. While doing the choreograph my sleep was superficial, I was naturally driven to a corner and my skin was incredibly dry, but I was released from there, the fans told me “Thank you for doing such good moves”, that made me really happy.


- Your thought on now on too please.

Can Maika: Every since parting my bangs people stopped saying “cute”, instead they say “sexy” or “erotic”, I’m really happy. If I make my dance to come near that it increases the time people say “My eyes were carried there”, I want to go decisively in that direction. I really don’t like that it feels I’m a character you can’t tamper with, so during the LIQUID one man I became Ebisu-san but, I want to show I’m not a character you can’t tamper with. A Danmitsu you can play with.  

- “Danmitsu you can play with” as a word is indecent (laughs).

Coco Partin Coco: From now on please keep steadily playing with!

Yui Ga Dockson: There’s still something I want to say!

- Go ahead (laughs).

Yui Ga Dockson: During this LIQUID and release events I thought but, before one could notice, the people who see us with pitiful eyes disappeared. Before that, it was fun coming to play but, the fans voice too like “please reward them!”. At that time that became an encouragement but, lately is purely “GANPARE is fun, I like them!”, I noticed it increased the number of people who say that. At some point, at some point, it became a comedy instead of a tragedy. That makes me happy. So from now on too I want to expand this happy atmosphere!

Data and text: Hiraga Tetsuo

Photos: Jumpei Yamada