GANG PARADE (ex. Planime / POP )

Formation: 2014



Nº of current members: 10

Nº of singles: 12

Nº of albums: 5



On July, at “BiS dissolution LIVE “BiS style Budoukan” held at Yokohama Arena, was announced that former BiS member Kamiya Saki and former Izukoneko's Mizuta Mari would form a duo called Planime. The name came from the hobbies of the 2 of them, animes and cosplay; also Kamiya from eastern Japan and Mizuta from western Japan would join forces to cross over this distance, at the meaning of planimeter the coined word Planimeter(プラニメータ) was formed. They had their debut stage at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014 on August 2nd and 3rs. Their label was decided to be T-Palette Records and later released 2 singles.



On April 1st, it was announced that Mizuta Mari would leave Planime on May 31st due divergence of opinions. At the same time auditions for new members were revealed.

From June 1st the group name changed to P.O.P, from “Period Of Plastic 2 Mercy” and they restarted as a 5 member group. Their abbreviation “POP” was named by Aina The End from BiSH. On August 9th during their Tokyo one man live “Period of Plastic 2 Mercy” at Daikanyama UNIT was announced that Kamiya Saki would enter an indefinite hiatus due “violating prohibited matters frequently”.

From October 5th lifts, dives and mosh pits were prohibited from their lives.


On December 5th along with their Tokyo Shimokitazawa SHELTER one man live “COME BACK MY...”, Kamiya Saki ran a 100km marathon in order to get back to the group. Starting on December 4th 11:30 she left from FUJIQ Highland at Yamanashi prefecture, ran 100km until the goal Shimokitazawa SHELTER within 24 hours and right after arriving she performed at the live. In case of failure she would have to leave the group.




On June 17th the group changed its name to GANG PARADE. On July 20th was announced that Shigusawa Ao would leave the group on TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 due her family not being supportive. On October 1st was announced that Inukai Maaya, who was in a hiatus since September 15th, would also leave the group because of family reasons.

On October their one man tour “Barely Last TOUR” was held in Nagoya and Osaka. On October 2nd at the Nagoya live the new member Can Maika made her debut, the name of the fans was revealed to be “asobinin”, photos and video records during lives were announced to be OK and dives, lifts and mosh pits were again announced to be prohibited.

On October 6th the president of their office, WACK, Watanabe Junnosuke announced via Twitter that the members of BiS official rival group SiS, who had their activities suspended the same day after their debut live, Coco Partin Coco, Terashima Yuuka and Yui Ga Dockson would join GANG PARADE and WACK. Furthermore was announced that their debut would happen on Shinjuku BLAZE on November 13th at their “Barely Last” one man live.

After the live it was announced that they would release the single “Plastic 2 Mercy” with the new 7 members formation, and a marathon competition among the members to happen on December 3rd and 4th. The course was from Tokyo to Atami and then back, in a total of 200km, Kamiya Saki would run 200km alone against the other 6 members who would share the 200km among themselves. Both teams reached the first goal of 100km but as a decision of the staff the 7 of them ran the last 100km together. In a total of almost 40 hours they successfully reached their goal on December 5th.

On December 15th Can Maika joined the Shunkan Young Jump competition “Saki Doll Ace SURVIVAL SEASON 6”. She participated on the gravure publication on the March/April 2017 issue.



On January 27th was announced a WACK joint audition for members for the groups from WACK, BiS, BiSH and GANG PARADE. A training camp happened from March 28th to April 2nd, from GANG PARADE the members Yumeno Yua and Terashima Yuuka participated.


On April 2nd a free event called “WACK EXHiBiTiON” was held at Yokohama to announce the names of the winners of the audition. As a result there were no additions to GANG PARADE. Even so, was announced that a rental trade would happen between Kamiya Saki from GANG PARADE and Aya Eight Prince from BiS, starting from May until September that year.


On April 25th the single “FOUL” was released. The single had the first lyrics written by Can Maika, for the coupling song close your eyes.


On July 7th a two man live with BiSH named “THE DUEL” was held at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM.


On July 25th the first single with the new formation after the trade “Beyond the Mountain” was released. From July 8th until the 30rd they went on the 5 cities one man tour “Beyond the Mountain TOUR”.


On August 6th GANG PARADE and BiSH performed the “SORRY!! NEXT BiS ONEMAN is 10.6!!” due the last stage of the “BAD SOCiAL TOUR”, “IDOL is DEAD” being delayed. It was announced that GANG PARADE and BiS would go on the two man tour “HELL!! CLASH!! BREAK!! TOUR” in 9 cities, and that the rental trade between Aya Eight Prince and Kamiya Saki would be extended indefinitely.


On October 2nd was announced the shuffle unit SAiNT SEX with members of BiSH, BiS and GANG PARADE. The members were Aina The End and Ayuni D from BiSH, Pour Lui and Kamiya Saki from BiS and Yumeno Yua, Yamamachi Miki and Aya Eight Prince from GANG PARADE. On October 18th they released a 2000 pieces limited edition of the single “WACK is FXXK” containing a SAiNT SEX T-shirt and a serial number.


On November 21st the first album after the increase in members “GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!” was released. On the same day, a one man live with the same title as the album was held at Tokyo Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.


On December 6th the album “WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS” with artists from WACK, BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE and EMPiRE, and SCRAMBLES, lead by their sound producer Matsukuma Kenta, celebrating their 3rd year together. The CD had 8 songs from BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE in shuffle units, “WACK is FXXK” from SAiNT SEX and EMPiRE's first CD recording. The CD would come with a serial number to vote on the WACK General Election, that would rank all members from WACK groups and give a solo debut to the 1st and 2nd places.


On December 8th the WACK event “WACK FES” was held at Tokyo Zepp DiverCity. SAiNT SEX performed “WACK is FXXK”. After the live WACK's president Watanabe announced the disbandment of SAiNT SEX. This was also the last stage of the unit. It was also announced that the rental trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince would end on March 3rd 2018. On March 4th GANG PARADE would take part on the BiS one man live “BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR FiNAL WHO KiLLED IDOL??”, and a ceremony of the end of rental trade would happen.


On December 30th the results for the WACK General Election were revealed and only the first 15th places were announced. From GANG PARADE the ranking was: 14th place Terashima Yuuka, 12th Can Maika, 11th Coco Partin Coco, 8th Yumeno Yua, 6th Aya Eight Prince, 5th Yamamachi Miki. Later as a surprise it was revealed that Yui Ga Dockson, who ranked 16th, would have a solo debut from WACK indie label.



On February 7th Coco Partin Coco ran a 100km marathon from Atami to Tokyo within 24 hours. During WACK General Election Coco announced she would run a 100km marathon if she got either last place of 1st place. She eventually ended in 11th place but ran the marathon nonetheless. A 24 hour niconama special happened along with the marathon with other 6 members waiting on Coco's arrival.


From February 16th to 20th the coupling song of “BREAKING THE ROAD” single “toro ikura uni tabetai” was played in the center of Shibuya as part of the BGM. A collaboration campaign with the sushi chain Sushizanmai was also made. Until March 11th if you ordered the special collaboration menu you would get a photo card.


On February 20th the last single with Aya Eight Prince “BREAKING THE ROAD” was released.


On March 4th at the final live of the “BiS 2nd BEGiNNiNG TOUR” the rental trade between Kamiya Saki and Aya Eight Prince ended.


On March 6th a new WACK audition was announced along with the free event “WACK EXHiBiTiON”. From GANG PARADE Can Maika participated in the training camp in a battle for points between WACK members (Pan Lunaleafy, Peri Ubi and Momoko Gumi Company). During the exhibition was revealed that Maika ended in last place, leading to a change in her name as a punishment. Her name was changed to Can GP Maika, and according to Watanabe she would carry GANG PARADE with her forever. Also in this event the winners of the audition were revealed. The candidates RisoRiso (Haruna Ba Chiin) and Yokoyama Hina (Tsukino Usagi) were announced to be the new GANG PARADE members.


Their debut live “GANG 2” happened on April 17th at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO.


On May 29th the single “GANG 2” was released. The limited edition came with the groups first footage of a live from the “MAKING THE ROAD” live held in Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka on February 23rd.


On June 12th Yui Ga Dockson's solo single “Like a virgin” was released.


Their “REBUILD TOUR” started on July 1st. The final was held at Zepp Tokyo on September 20th. A Blu-ray of the live was announced to December 11th and an album to January 8th.



The album "LAST GANG PARADE" was released on January 8th. On January 10th, the first day of Going Going WACK TOUR, it was announced GANG PARADE's MAJOR DEBUT from WARNER MUSIC JAPAN. Their label is a joint venture by Warner and WACK called Fueled by Mentaiko. Their major debut release will be on April 17th. An outdoor venue tour was also announced with lives in Osaka (May 19th) and Tokyo (May 26th), their biggest venues so far.

During WACK Exhibition on March 30th was announced that Naruha World from WAgg would join GANG PARADE, her debut being on May 26th at Hibiya Outside Concert Hall in Tokyo. 

On June 19th the digital EP "THE MUSIC AND THE GAME CREATES MAGIC" was released. The 4 songs were made specially for the game "MAGIC AM I" released on 6/26.

Their "PARADE GOES ON TOUR" started on 9/7 and its final was held on 11/4 at Nakano Sunplaza. 

The 1st Major Album "LOVE PARADE" was released on November 13th. 



On January 1st exactly at midnight the double A-side digital single "Namida no Stage/FiX YOUR TEETH" was announced to be released on January 29th. It's a collaboration between famous idol producer Hyadain and GANG PARADE's sound producer Matsukuma Kenta. 

The "MY FIRST HALL TOUR" will happen on spring with 2 days final at Nakano Sunplaza.